Donít Give Up!Take a Stand!


This is the last excerpt in this series we began 13 April 2022.Alan Watt talked a lot about evil and ways to recognize it.Sometimes people criticized Alan for not offering solutions or a program for how to fight this ancient agenda.But he offered many suggestions over the years: think for yourselves, be your own champions, look after those near to you.

He also gave us a few things not to do.Donít worship people.Why bother voting?Donít join groups.

This last clip we entitled ďEvil Gets ConqueredĒ.What an important thing to remember.But it gets conquered by us, so our choices and actions matter.We are in this war, like it or not.We donít just choose a side, like which team do we want to win, Good or Evil?Once each of us recognizes there is a war (waking up) we enter The War.

What we donít like to think about is that we enter the fight every morning when we open our eyes and have our first conscious thought.If we are sentient beings and not creatures of instinct, then all day long every day, we wrestle with what is evil in ourselves.We donít give in to every urge or whim.We think about others before ourselves.We notice that we are quite willing to complain about The Powers That Be, but we are less interested in overcoming our own weaknesses.

Some of the key points that Alan made in this excerpt: You donít crumble and give in.Evil is powerful and all around us, but thereís an antidote.You take a stance.The very reason youíre here today is because somebody who came before took a stand against it.†† You have to stand up against it or it gets worse and worse.When youíre seeing folk being killed, thatís you, because one day it will be your turn.Stand up when it is happening to someone else.

Learn to communicate with real people again.Everyone matters because what youíre experiencing is real history.

Donít give up.Evil gets conquered, remember.It always does.


Weíll bring you a new mid-week series soon, so be on the lookout and stay in the fight.You matter.