Feb. 23, 2014 (#1426)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"Reports of My Death have been Greatly Exaggerated"


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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on February 23rd 2014.† Sorry for the long hiatus but Iíve been very busy. This has been the worst winter, the worst winter Iíve experienced here in Canada. Some of the old-timers in the area say that itís the worst one theyíve seen since the 60s. It was fairly normal, this weather, lots and lots of snow, very low, subzero temperatures in the winter, and itís back again for a little while at least. But this year has been incredibly cold, way too much snow.† If I was doing the shows every night in fact I couldnít have done it all because there was so much shoveling, daily shoveling; itís still going on by the way.† Incredible amounts of snow and drifts and storms blowing snow, whiteouts, that kind of thing, and sometimes down to -35į, -40į Centigrade at night; -42į actually.


So this has been the kind of weather Iíve been putting up with and if I was doing the show at the same time thereís no way I could have done it all. Itís bad enough just clearing the road.† This isnít just a pathway I have out to a main road; Iíve got a few hundred feet to shovel including over a railroad track so itís a lot of work and itís a full-time job. So rather than have a break this winter, as I hoped, Iíve been working harder than ever but itís been mainly manual labor and trying to keep warm in a system which is very, very cold.


So Iíve been doing a lot of thinking naturally. Iíve been working on different books. Iíve also been thinking about the format because I donít like to go along with mainstream.† I even classify a lot of patriot radio as mainstream radio today, or TV; itís all the same thing, with the same formats, the same scrolling items beneath whoeverís talking on the screen, etc. Itís all copied straight from mainstream. Because youíre conditioned to watch mainstream, thatís why it works.† But everyoneís really repeating the news. Iíve always said that.


What Iíve done in the past is try to give you the news, tie it together with other articles to show you that things are really related. Thereís clusters of news items that all come from the same sources. Because information is the way that your mind is formed Ė itís IN-FORMING, itís IN-FORMATION.† It forms your mind, your thoughts, your opinions.† And of course propaganda has always gone after news, therefore, whatever you give the public by a dominant minority is what becomes their reality. They all chat about it. They give them emotive topics to fight about and argue about. But itís really irrelevant, that kind of thing.† The rest of it is often done to prepare you for big changes which the elite have already planned.


Now, itís been out in the open for well over a hundred years, there is an elite, for goodness sake. This democracy thing never really existed; it was a placebo. Democracy now, supposedly, is rights for special interest groups or people on the fringes.† As opposed to the big changes that affect the whole world, and affect all of us individually as well, with the planned changes into austerity, expert management from birth to death, all of that kind of stuff, talked about a long, long time ago, before we were born, and even into the 1800s, published in various articles by big combinations, as they called them, or cartels, special interest foundations that were set up. Iíve gone through that in fairly good detail over the past years. And everything ties together.


I often refer to HG Wells who came out with The Open Conspiracy.† In other words, thereís always a conspiracy. History is full of conspiracies.† Thatís what you got taught at school in Europe, about the Kings and Queens that plotted to take over other countries, even their cousinsí countries, and that was the standard thing; and you would be ordered off to war and that was it. Very simple stuff. But plotting always went on, thatís why they had the Gunpowder Plot, a conspiracy, things like this, and different factions fighting for power, either religious, political, often combined together type of thing. Because you cannot separate, unfortunately, in Western cultures especially, you canít separate the economic factors from the religious factors to an extent; they all go together.


One tells you to obey the system and concentrate on the spiritual, which makes sense as well because itís very, very true that even in very old times with dominant minorities, powerful, wealthy people, you always had the underdogs, which were often the many, as opposed to the minority. Itís never really been any different. The camouflage of the system has often changed because it prevents big revolutions.† This is what they learned in the Middle Ages, that they could waylay or divert or even stop rebellions from forming if you always pretended to give them a new system.†


But even as a very young boy Ė itís interesting to see that others have even copied my bio in some senses.† But when I was a wee boy I just tried to figure all this out. Because looking around me nothing made much sense, as to why folk accepted the situations, or the system they were living in, in poverty. And Britain back then was a fixed system. It was a fixed system where you had the same schooling system basically, but there was one private and one public.† Again, even to mislead the general public across the world, they called the public schools in Britain public, but they were actually private.† The other system is comprehensives basically for the general public.† So two different systems and one would go into the managerial class for the system from the private schools and one went into basically the laboring classes, mining and all that kind of thing. But most people in Britain back then were taught to be employees. That was very rigorous through all the schools:† employees, employees. It wasnít until you got into the private schools you found out they actually advocated the systems of private businesses and how to participate in them.†


So when you go up higher and higher, and I realized that very young too, with a pretty well fixed income, with the experts once again who take, they used to call it, time and motion studies where they would go into factories and watch how people would work, move this from here to here, the time it took, that kind of thing.† Now they have different names for it today but itís basically the same kind of thing, efficiency studies, etc. etc, where they try to match man with the machine, you see. The machines would be made to go faster and faster with technology but man was expected to keep up too, for big profits.


Things havenít really changed, to an extent.† Itís more competitive today even in the private sectors or in big businesses, or people who are employed in big businesses, thereís always that competitiveness. Thereís less and less in bureaucracy and thatís why so many folk from the middle classes, the wealthy middle classes go into it, often intergenerationally, because itís a great job.† The servants of the public always get more than the public as a paycheck and more perks, etc. and itís almost impossible to get fired.†† Thereís no high stress and massive deadlines to meet as you would think of them. And they keep the system going on behalf of the dominant minority. Thereís always a dominant minority.


I laugh even watching this whole nonsense on the TransPacific Partnership deal thatís going on right now. It takes a few days or a week for their photo-ops, the Three Amigos again, as they go to the next step from NAFTA into all the Trans partnerships of trading blocs. This goes back to the 1800s, this plan, with Lord Milner and the groups who set up the idea for a unified Europe, the Americas, and a Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim region as well, and they have followed this plan ever since.† Thatís so well documented it cannot be denied, especially when the same organizations which morphed from the Milner/Cecil Rhodes foundation, etc, and others, big banking fraternity, they merged together into the Royal Institute of International Affairs.† So they have the big economic boys at the top who own the worldís money supply and they also have the top politicians as members of the CFR in America, and itís the Royal Institute of International Affairs for Britain, and itís often CFR across the whole world for other countries as well. Once in a while they change their names when theyíre being talked about too much, and people forget what it is Ė one of the branches in Canada is CIGI, you know, for global governance basically.


They will deny, of course, it would be a conspiracy because you can find the data, if you look for it, therefore itís out there; so they are very legalistic in a sense. If you ever question what theyíre up to, etc. at the top, why are these things happening globally, why are these resource wars going on?† They are not for nations, by the way.† The nations will pay for the wars, etc. but the money tends to go to the private international corporations who then utilize it. They donít bring oil back to your countries; theyíre basically selling it across the whole world, and selling it to China even, so private business has always used nationhood and the nations for its own ends. Collectively we are the business, you understand. The big boys look at nations as a collective business. Thatís why you have gross domestic product, for instance; you are all factored into it, the gross domestic product.†


And nations are very profitable sometimes to buy over. We see that with the top boys like Soros and so on.† You have a few families at the top slushing around billions and billions of dollars every day on the stock market and they can sink countries or raise them up, at will. This is nothing new actually. Youíll see the same thing down through history as the dominant financial elite move from country to country, raising up empires, using them, and then crashing them behind them as they all took the money out and left to the next Empire.† Now you have the final Empire which is global, you see. Itís always been their goal.


Iíve mentioned before how they use all the parties. They use all groups:† working class, middle class, upper class.† You get used along the way... thinking youíre going to bring in some utopia and each one sees it from their own perspective.† Iíve mentioned about the Club of Rome quite a few times and how they said themselves how the new system would turn out to be, a nondemocratic authoritarian system Ė and luckily many other hosts have picked that up and theyíre running with it now and pushing it and getting the word out there. Because they said themselves there are too many conflicting self-interested parties to have any agenda which could go forward with any particular plan, even for the good of any particular country, nation or region etc, too many, so therefore itís authoritarian.


Now getting back to the TransPacific Partnership.† You have the Sherpas. Iíve mentioned Sherpas Ė if you go into the archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com,† youíll see that the Sherpas are sent out in advance by the involved countries. These are top-level ex-bureaucrats generally; some have never been, really theyíve worked with governments but never been part of government, think tanks, etc, theyíre specialists in their area. They are kind of like high-level diplomats who are unfettered by government restrictions and they go across the different nations that are going to come together and sign these pacts and treaties for integration, years in advance. Between every annual signatory to this thing, where they integrate us even further, starting with the Free Trade agreement for the American union, and NAFTA, and now itís into the TransPacific Partnership.† They do all the legwork and go back and forth with all the papers, for drafting, for working out other details, then going back and forward again and again and again. So when the Three Amigos meet they simply go there for their photo-ops, for their little very superficial and often very misleading press releases, and then they sign it; itís a done deal. It was a done deal a year before they even come to sign it when the Sherpas are sent out.


So youíre living in an agenda.† Itís interesting, too, to watch those at the top of the system, and the ones beneath them, the hard workers, the ones who run around getting paid awfully well, getting an awful lot of perks and privileges that other people canít get, but living on blind faith that those above them know what theyíre doing. Itís kind of a religion you might say. But self-interest definitely comes into it. Everyone likes a peer group and the very ambitious types want to get into the upper peer group. Thatís what Julian Huxley talked about many years ago when he was up at UNESCO. He said that many will think they deserve to come in and that theyíve got the right to come into this new order theyíre bringing in, this new system. And he was talking about a complete eugenical, scientifically led, or run, system. He said they will be in for a great disappointment, many of them. These are the ones who see themselves in the middle and maybe even upper middle level, and theyíre going to be denied entry into this, all the top favors, perks and so on.


So I always was fascinated by the dynamics of the group and how they are utilized, so perfectly understood by those who have been studying them for thousands of years. Because archives of power are never thrown away; you never throw away power. Dominant elites always collect the histories and techniques of power down through the ages, itís just not taught at the average university, or even the better ones for that matter; itís higher than that. So you have a terrific history of manipulation of dominant minorities using all possible methods of controlling the populaces, and getting them to work for them because... And Marx was right on this, and Iím certainly not a Marxist. But Marx was right on the fact, because many people knew it before him, all the economists knew of his day, that we live in a parasitical system and those who are the wealthiest live off the people beneath them. The feudal system in a sense is alive and well.


Weíre all serfs basically serving this system and we have no say in the matter. The serfs didnít have the cash so they lived on food and bartering. But the Lords who owned the land took a big chunk off them, generally 40%, in a time of non-intensive farming; they didnít have all the chemicals and so on, they had to leave fields fallow, etc. for a few years sometimes. You find that the greatest part of their produce was taken from them by the Lords who would give it off to the guys who lent money to the Lords who lived high on the hog. The middlemen who then owned the food supply would often export it abroad, even in the Middle Ages. So everyone lives off the guy who produces from the bottom level and thatís just the way it is. Itís always been the way that those who manage those beneath them, through law basically, and taxation, live in a far, far higher standard than those who do the actual production and the physical labor, etc.


In fact, itís frowned upon, physical labor.† Even Kings and Queens, right down to some of the pharaohs, despised the scribes who did all their writing for them and sent their tablets off across to their empires and so on, because they were workers. Anyone who had to work had to learn things. That also gave rise to the literate class, who became dominant; they could keep the King in the dark. They could lie to the King and the King wouldnít know any better; he was arrogant and silly and you had to pamper him and he was quite happy with you. So that did happen as well. So you had the rise of the intelligentsia and brotherhoods forming, including the priesthoods of ancient Egypt; they were brotherhoods. So whenever you have a collective who have privileged positions, who live better than the peasantry that they are lording over, you always have brotherhoods and cartels, call them what you want.


Today we have foundations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) even, working for what they think is the greater good, some of them. Other ones know darn well what it is. Itís the Bernard Shaw type of socialism, which again Julian Huxley talked about too. You will have to go to them to tell them why they should keep you alive, in this big system. No dead weight as they call it.† If you donít pull your weight and do the production for them you simply wonít live. That was also the basis, really, of the communist system. In the communist system they always boasted to the West, there was no unemployment. Because if you werenít employed, you simply didnít eat; there was no welfare for you. You had to serve the system. Itís amazing too, to some people that is, that when the Berlin Wall went down Ė it was all pre-planned long before that Ė that, oh, thousands and thousands of multimillionaires, some billionaires, flooded out of the Soviet Union, who were managing the whole system all along.† So everything is a faÁade.†


Academia of course is a big part of it, because you always must bring in a new working middle class who will work for the system, again, on blind faith and self-reward, and must believe to an extent in the nonsense that theyíre pushing. Youíll find too, that psychopaths have an even better capacity to self-justify whatever they do.† Even if theyíre caught in the act of something horrendous they will rationalize it in the most absurd way, not to make you believe them but they must protect their own ego, because they will never see themselves as a bad person. Thatís why horrors happen in the world, over and over. People like to feel good about themselves and itís much better when you belong to a system which is pushing and changing, which is going to cause incredible fallout, and you can rationalize it. Well, itís for the greater good, and the long-term good, the end justifies the means and so on, regardless of the casualties or even slaughters on the way.


Thatís what the wars are, of resource wars. Itís not for the nations who pay for all these wars and pick up the tab and supply the cannon fodder. Itís for the big corporations, the international corporations that get all the deals. Nothing new in it, thereís nothing new at all. The British Empire built, the taxpayers built railroads all across India to unite India into a country, remember. The big boys, even the Rothschilds had relatives, if you look through the Lieutenant Governors of India and so on youíll find the Rothschilds were some of them. They were in charge of all the trade then, and the railroads, which were built for free, including the exports out of the country to these private businesses, which they ran. So everything works cozily for the dominant minority. Because no one has ever figured out a new system for finance.


A long time ago, when I was about 12 I think, I read a science fiction book where some people land on a planet.† They crash there, they need some power thing to get off the planet again so they went looking for local people, natives, and they couldnít figure out what these natives were saying. Because if they asked them for help in any way at all the native would say, what obs are there? In other words, what obligations do I have to help you?† That was their commercial system, it was based on obligations, you see. Someone helped you, youíre obliged to help them. But if someone hadnít helped you, you had no reason to help them, etc. etc. Well, that is the financial system again too.


We live in a time of course for total control where experts are to run the world, from everything that you need just to basically survive. International corporations are buying up the worldís freshwater supply.† The energy supply for other big corporations, and power, all the rest of it.† Food of course, a big cartel for food.† And theyíve got you where they want you then. Youíre back into complete serfdom and even the produce that you make will be taken from you and they will make a profit off it and they will sell it back to you at an incredibly high price, if you want to live in the system. So thatís control. Everything boils down to control.


Now, what is true, as the Club of Rome said about the conflicting parties Ė thereís so many conflicting parties and competing parties today and self-interest groups, you couldnít have any particular democratic way of working through things and get anything at all done.† They would do nothing but argue and demand as each group wants grants and benefits for themselves, always at the expense of someone else.† So they said theyíd have an authoritarian system. Now, to get an authoritarian system through, apart from owning all the things you need to live by and on, and resources, etc., they also want to train your children, which theyíve already done, not to participate and even be aware, or care, whatís happening around them. Not just in the world, but in their own immediate environment.† They are taught to be egocentric, which they are.†


Again, Iíve gone through the history of the philosophers who said and were given charge of bringing in this new culture, in the 1960s and 50s and 40s.† They were given charge of creating a new culture, separating initially one generation from the parents, which they did very successfully through the 60s, and then the state would give them their new moralities. Bertrand Russell said weíll make them egocentric and narcissistic. Well, we have all of that today. So in other words, theyíre not involved with whatís happening around them, or really to others, as long as they are okay... Iím alright Jack, everythingís fine.


This is the dilemma that weíre in today, where we have the society taken down step by step in every particular area, End of the family unit, everything that was alternative to the family had to be promoted. They said that back in 1910; here we are. Itís all been accomplished, all these things have been pretty well accomplished. The devaluation of life had to be done, according to Julian Huxley, too. Thatís been very successfully completed.† Starting with supposedly emergency abortions, and then rape abortions, and now itís just commonplace; itís just a nuisance. Then they turn for the elderly, and oh, the cost of taking care of the elderly is too much.


In other words, weíre completely looking at, we are being taught... WE are being taught, near the bottom level, to look at life in an economic fashion.† Not in a human fashion, but purely on the basis of economics. Is it worthwhile keeping these people alive? What value do they have to the system? Because you see, today, and theyíve even trained the public into this term over the last 15 to 20 years, weíre all human capital. Weíre capital, human capital. Whatís your earning potential? Whatís your taxable base going to be for the governments and so on.† And even the corporations that get all the grants from the government, what value you are to them. Thatís what you are. Youíre an economic unit. Human capital. Thatís what human is now.


So weíve gone through a lot of the big changes. Weíve got more to come. The crashes that they had in 2008 across the world were planned that way. They knew it was coming, years before that; it was all exposed even in the mainstream press over the last few years.† The big boys lost nothing at all, whatsoever. But itís training us that we canít go on like this, you see. Itís training us. Thatís what itís for too, to train us to get ready for managed changes where youíve got to give up any last rights that you have, for the greater good, etc., into austerity, communal living, communitarianism, The Great Society as Cameron called it, all planned a long time ago.


This is the final merging of the more advanced form of where communism was supposed to go with capitalism, you see.† Youíll be run on a socialistic basis as I say, which is really communistic, collectivistic, for the greater good. Theyíll still have the dominant minority taking care of all the worldís finances and the dishing out to countries, of basically rationing the goods, at very high prices.† And youíve got the scientific and academic group on board with them, because Julian Huxley went through the system in his talks. He said that he himself and his family lineage belonged to the scientific group. Not the high economic dominant minority, but the scientific dominant minority, that helps create the new society, through psychology, training, education, etc. etc. Itís all been pretty well done.


And you donít have to simply get it all from academia. Academia works with the culture creators that give you your entertainment, which is always pretty well weaponized. Lots of articles are out about that over the years. One great one from, I think it was in Argentina or Brazil where they said that they were using soap operas to get cultural value changes, including abortion, things like that, through drama, you see. It works better than telling folk to do this or do that or donít do that. Drama is better. Plato said the same thing. So nothing is new at all. Thereís nothing new under the sun. These techniques have always been used, including music of course, because Plato talked about licensing musicians at the time, and actors, etc. because they could have such a revolutionary effect on the youth, in the wrong hands, in other words by those who had an agenda. Well of course, itís always been the same.


Anyway, thatís a summary basically of whatís been going on. Thereís no point panicking about it, you see. Remember too, that weíre all studied, minutely, individually, from birth to death by the way. Even before the times that you thought they had computers weíve been studied from school onwards.† Now of course they have their rectifiers, I call them rectifiers, these advocates for children that the government appoints to every newborn in Scotland and England Ė different names for the same system Ė and other parts of Europe are bringing it in. Therefore they can start testing babies basically from the age of two months onwards, and that advocate, as that child grows up, will always go through their development. Anything that needs tweaked or cut out of their way of thinking, has to be attended to. Then theyíll create their perfect society. In other words, total, complete scientific social engineering. And we call this the new freedom. So we know all this.


Remember too, that because we are studied minutely, and the crowd and the masses are studied minutely, you canít do anything in this without understanding behaviorism and crowd dynamics and individual dynamics and group dynamics.† Then, like Cass Sunstein said, you know, even what seems to be the opposition, you can disarm, and actually you could use, you can use opposition, often willingly, and sometimes unwillingly. By giving them certain information, encouraging them, apart from putting plants in amongst them, also encouraging them to put out high-power fear mode information, rapid, knowing that the average person can only handle maybe one or two crises at the same time, simultaneously; any more than that they break down, they become neurotic and break down. So information overload, especially in diverse topics, especially topics where you have no control whatsoever, is weaponized.† Itís weaponized information.


Iíve always said the people must think for themselves. Youíve got to think for yourself. You have a mind to use. You have your own world experiences to use. You will definitely be contaminated Ė thatís the term thatís used even by the communist system. Yuri Bezmenov and other writers talked about the contamination of their indoctrination. You will believe, especially if you go through university and college, in all the social causes, and global warming, and anthropogenic global warming, itís man-made global warming, too many people, too many of the wrong kind of people as George Bernard Shaw said.† And you will believe it all because itís presented with the omission of any other parts of any particular story. Thatís how you lie to people, from the top. Not by just basically lying, but by omission and then you will be led to a conclusion that was preplanned by those who gave you that limited one-sided information. And yet they come out of college and university thinking they know all there is to know, taught by the best professors, who are part of the act of course. Because some of the top professors that teach all this stuff are members of the same organization, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs and various other names for the umbrella group. So they know what theyíre doing.† They, again, will say itís okay to deceive the people, and the students, for the greater good.


They often say that man is a political animal. Technically itís true. And if you are you can easily be used... easily be used. And Yuri Bezmenov said too, the contamination means that their indoctrination has been so perfected that it doesnít matter what you say to them, youíre talking to a brick wall basically.† And liberals, as they love to call them, and Khrushchev called them that too. He said, in America we donít call them communists, we call them liberals. But Bezmenov said, you could take these people over to the Soviet Union, when it was the Soviet Union, and if you took them to a prison camp and a gulag theyíd refuse to even see it, even if theyíre standing in front of the wire. They wouldnít believe it until the boot hit them in the rear end and basically knocked them in. Thatís the perfection of indoctrination, through idealism, selected, very selective information, brainwashed into them until they believe it all, like a religion, a fanatical religion.† Again, against all odds.†


Because the Club of Rome, as I said, says there are too many conflicting parties you could never have harmony on anything. And thatís why Margaret Thatcher also said the same thing when she was in. Actually when she retired from so-called politics she said, now I belong to basically a super elite of ex-heads of state who know each other and can work with the other exís, and even previous generationsí heads of state that are still alive, to continue this agenda, behind the scenes and not be responsible to the public, to get the big world system complete. Thatís how itís really done. Thatís how itís done.


Youíll notice too that theyíre keeping politicians, top politicians, or the head ones you might say, out of the news as much as they can now. This is also part of the new technique of weaning the public away from even trying to follow the nonsense weíre given and get them to accept, and lots have. Thereís a massive majority that already accept not to participate in any way possible, just leave it to the experts, go and play. And thatís happened. That really has happened. Theyíre constantly studying us individually and en masse and thatís pretty well been done. Thatís why all their different statistics departments for governments are so vital to them, to keep their tabs on how things are working, what needs tweaked, whatís gone overboard perhaps and they have to tune it back a little bit, things like that. Thatís how scientifically we are run. Itís good to see others, too, talking about the scientific dictatorship that I came out with a long time ago, using Aldous Huxleyís works again. So weíre there. And Bertrand Russellís as well. Russell said... Remember that he was given the scenarios to bring in this new system and he said, if there is to be a dictatorship then I hope it will be a scientific one, scientifically run from birth to death, every individual, except those who are doing the manipulation, pulling the strings.†


So we live through massive changes, preplanned changes, thatís why itís so darned boring. It really is boring. Reading the news is boring because you know whatís coming next and next and how theyíre going toÖ And you see how theyíre presenting it to the public. You know how things to come will be presented to the public before they happen too, because these are standard techniques that theyíre using. Sad, isnít it? Therefore youíre left with what? I always tell people, donít follow, if you follow youíre going to be used. And because people say the right things along whatís happening, I mean, the right things but in a panic mode, and in big business, donít fall for that either. Donít become neurotic, cave-in and want to go and bury your head in the sand, you know.† See, the elite have already thought of that too, as they hammer you with the bad news and expectant catastrophes to come. And they give you massive fantasies.† Thereís never been an entertainment system throwing out and dishing out so many fantasies for you to escape into an unreality as today.† All well discussed long ago.† Well discussed, long, long ago.


Control has to do ongoing studies on massive scales to maintain control. And do you think any dominant minority is going to hand it over one day? because they get a change of heart or something? Once again, power never gives itself up, never gives itself up voluntarily.† And if you want to overthrow them, which some folks do, the far left is still on the go, the really radical ones still havenít caught on down below.† The guys who run them know, but those who follow donít. You just end up with a different tyranny. Tyranny is tyranny, it doesnít matter what brand they give themselves. And because of all this rationalization and studying all of this kind of thing the elite who use academia have academia telling the students this, that basically the problem is within man, therefore man must be altered. Man must be altered. Thatís why they have these advocates appointed by government for every newborn child in countries like Scotland. Thatís the idea behind it.


And here it is, something they talked about a hundred years ago and everybody says, no darned way will that ever happen. Here it is. Itís done. Because the cultural values, the family values, everything that made a reality back then, is all completely reversed now. Thatís how long it took to work on the public to get them to a stage where, oh well, you know, itís oh well, what can you doÖ† I often think of the Rolling Stones song, the one thatís Tribute To The Devil I think it was, and Time is on My Side, that was part of that; that was Satan of course. Basically thatís the technique, Fabian, you see.† Fabian style, like the other branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs that run the left wing through the Fabian Society, after the General Fabian, as you know, who took long-term strategies to defeat an enemy, many different kinds, including undermining their confidence, creating fear amongst them, and that way often you didnít even have to have a battle; theyíd capitulate long before anything happened, using psychology.


Others have gone too, that belong to the big think tanks, talking about the reason for the think tanks. The think tanks are intergenerational. They recruit, they use their employees, their employees retire, new ones come in, and therefore you can set the goals 100, 200 years in advance if you wish to, and those foundations continue to move towards all their resolute goals. And they can accomplish them regardless of the time factor. We think in a very short-term span, for instant rewards, close rewards, etc; women are better at long-term planning than men. But the men that came up with long-term planning through foundations had the right idea.† The workers for these big foundations are paid incredibly great salaries, and they know theyíll never see the end, up until about now Iíd say, of a lot of the things theyíve worked towards. Itís incremental, incrementalistic changes.


Now, the elite academia which pushes group involvement, and uses the groups of course, trains them, gets them ready for groups, especially in the left wing, green parties, all the different groups that theyíve put out there...† Whatever you think you belong to mentally or socially theyíve got a group ready-made for you to join. Generally through whatever schools you go to, theyíll direct you into that particular group and that becomes your way of thinking, for the rest of your life, therefore youíre not a threat at all. Youíre working towards a goal you donít even understand, you think you do, and youíll be lied to, copiously. But the fact is, youíre being used.†


The idea, too, is to stop you thinking as an individual.† I noticed especially in the left wing, and youíll get the same in the right wing with their particular spin on the agenda.† The left wing with their networking brings in ALL disaffected fringe groups, people who canít fit in because their lifestyles are so bizarre or whatever to the majority. They bring them all in. And when you join it you must go along with all these almost Stalinist type quotes theyíll give you to learn, these almost ritualistic formulas of what to say. You must be for each thing 100 percent, even if you donít participate in that thing that those folk are into, whatever it happens to be. What kind of choice is that? How come you have to swallow all the poison pills to get the good part of the benefit of that particular formula?† How come? Why is that? Think about it.


You see, the idea is to get you working collectively and to eradicate the individualistic quality that you have.† You will only grow through being an individual. You will only get wise or some wisdom by being an individual and pondering everything for yourself, not by anybody elseís. And you donít have to go into the philosophers, that are quoted like gods, and that was the purpose of them, especially in the 1800s and so on. They were all put out there and funded by special interest groups, generally often just one at the time, to eradicate the old order of things where the old religions, as they call them, had run the world for a long time, and to replace them with the scientific elite, you see, those who are logical, rational and all the rest of it, etc. etc.


Thatís why we had the communist slaughter of about 80-odd million people, and even Trotsky boasted, weíve wiped out an entire class; very proudly he said that. And then of course we had the same thing in Germany as they wrapped Darwinism together with the writings of Fichte and others, and Nietzsche, etc., to bring in existentialism and so on, for the super elite, that man could become Superman, etc. through science.† And of course eugenics is all part of it today, itís alive and well, and itís never changed, you see.


So large groups are always used for someone elseís purpose, to the detriment of those who could possibly still come along, and may not come along because of the damage done by these massive groups; so an individual can think for himself. And if you worship philosophers... and you worship them for what? For being an individual? Well, why donít you be one yourself?† without quoting them or following what they said? and go along with their form of existentialism, where you come to your own conclusions by your own observations and whatís happening to you, your own life experiences. Why donít you do that rather than have to quote them and quote them like theyíre some kind of gods?


Because after all, life is about yourself, isnít it? And if you understand some of that you can cooperate better with other people around you. You can also shun those who are detrimental to you. Any other animal species would do the same, for its own survival. But to swallow a whole bunch of stuff you might not want to, that actually makes you feel uncomfortable, to get the one purpose across, what crazy person are you? Youíve lost your brain. I always remember Lenin saying, we shall win by slogans. And slogans are also used in critical theory and so on in examination where you say something or you try to say something and they simply use one slogan to smear you, in a category that theyíve trained the public to hate, even though you donít belong to it. Everything is weaponized. Everything is weaponized.† Everything.


Everyone knows if you want to get on well in academia and get your little gold stars and your little scroll, you just repeat back to them what theyíve told you.† Even the professors will tell you eventually what to put down for your thesis; theyíll guide you into it. Thatís why they all go to see the professor, and heís telling you whatís the okay thing to go along with, guaranteeing you to get through.† Thatís your quality approval stamp. They have now dumbed you down enough to work for them in their system. Youíre no threat.


Iíve mentioned before, and again, other hosts now have picked it up and run with it Ė they never mention where they got it, mind you. But the fact is, Charles Galton Darwin said the same thing. Sir Charles Galton Darwin in The Next Million Years he said, we must remain the wild men at the top, who are not conditioned, who can think for themselves, who are taught to use their own thought processes, to come to their own conclusions, because they will be steering planet earth. The rest of us, you see, will not. Weíll be serving them. For the greater good, you understand.


Now I also know all of the academic arguments that they have to do with promoting collectivistic action, societies, etc., opposed to, say, the individualistic approach. I know all of their arguments there too. Part of it of course is naturally valid, you canít throw out everything, and thatís why itís hard for the average person to figure things out. Itís hard for the average person to see that the people who they often worship are multimillionaires, or even billionaires, or very successful actors and actresses...† They didnít get there by being sweet and nice. It doesnít happen that way. Technically many of them could be put into the category of the individual which would destroy everything for their own existence and betterment. Thatís one of the arguments they use in academia to promote collectivistic thought for all of you, while those at the top can work in a form of individualistic fashion, BUT they also come from different societies, very old societies, some of them, that are collectivist in a sense, that they can work together as a people; thatís the origins, you see.†


They can work together very, very well collectively to make sure they collectively survive, but they have a balance too of becoming extremely wealthy through their associations, working together with their own kind of people, and they thrive that way too, to the detriment sometimes of others. History is full of this kind of thing going on. A lot of the aristocrats in Britain basically became aristocrats and nobility because when the Catholic Church was being destroyed, from Henry VIII onwards, and then back again, Queen Elizabeth the 1stís time, thousands of Catholics lost their property and they were plundered by these up-and-coming minor nobles or aristocrats who became awfully, awfully wealthy with massive estates from the churches and the churchís lands that they were confiscating, you see. So collectively different folks can work together for their own betterment, to the detriment of others.


Again, once they come into power they give you a tradition. You always have founding mythologies, good Queen Bess and all the rest of it.† And yet even the Stasi were taught the history of spying during Queen Elizabeth the 1stís reign.† There was never such a spy network that existed before. It was set up during her time, as Catholic institutions were vying to get back into Britain, etc., and across different parts of Europe. They set up the greatest spy agency, thatís never gone away, and Britain was used as an example as they trained these people in power structures on how to manage nations, etc., and spy networks especially.† Itís quite amazing to see what goes on. I think it was Sir William Cecil, often pronounced CŤcil, he was the guy who was first given charge of starting this whole spy network up. 30,000 Catholics were put in prison, a lot of them died. All quiet in the history books, the general books, but you get taught that in Oxford, etc, if you go into the older parts of libraries and so on. So nothing has really changed for dominant minorities who can work together collectively, for their own dominance and preservation of their dominance.


Now, Iíve been scattered across the place. I didnít intend to do this tonight.† I meant to come on and tell you what Iíve been doing [Alan chuckles.] but there I go again, eh. I have to thank lots of people too that have been keeping in touch this past while. Some of them even asked if I was dead. I thought, well, Iíve always wanted to use that Mark Twain quote, the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Mind you, itís been close to it with all the shoveling and sometimes you wondered if youíd ever get out at all when you open the back door and thereís no sky, thereís just a wall of snow there. Thatís how bad itís been.


But I hope to come back and, as I say, take a route where I can go into information which will help. I find that most things that are out there donít help, they destroy. They destroy by creating anger, animosity to other groups as well, and often itís done for self... well, tremendous profit for some of course. Remember too that marketing looks at every field where thereís a gap but a big audience thatís waiting to be filled, to be buying things and every technique is used, unfortunately. Thatís the economic system and weíre all trained into it, because weíre given no alternative.† Itís all money based and fear driven. If you donít have money, you die. Very simple. And it shouldnít be this way at all.


No one will tackle that. The guys who run the system will never tackle that because they use this system to dominate all of you. You see. They have no problem knowing and being taught in their higher courses, and I mean the higher courses that are outside universities, they do exist, that slavery is a normal feature.† As Charles Galton Darwin said, thereís always been slavery in one form or another and weíre simply in the process of creating a new more efficient form of slavery. Itís a form of slavery that most folk donít even know they are slaves. Theyíre quite content; you can buy a lot of cheap junk, that will keep you in LaLa land forever entertainment wise, but youíre disabled then, you see. Youíre out of the picture. Youíre no problem to anybody, and youíll never be a problem. And what you are getting downloaded with is weaponized, to again, bend your opinions to conform to those that your master wants you to have. And, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, will collapse you. Collapse you.†


Spies during the Cold War, for MI6 and MI5, literally had departments right up until the laptop computer types were running, or the desktop.† They cut out newspaper articles from across the world, all the different papers, foreign papers, domestic, and they would find patterns to find out who was doing what and so on and the reasons behind things. Today of course itís all computerized. They have instant access to all your data, everyoneís data, except of course the elite that are blocked from that; they have their own network, different, youíve never even heard of it. So everyone is studied minutely. Weíre all studied minutely, categorized. People say, why donít they kill you? Well, youíre really a curiosity to them; theyíre not worried about you. It would take more than one person to say something. You see. Theyíre curious as to why you ended up like that, thatís all. They study you minutely, more so in fact because youíre a curiosity to them; thatís all. Thatís all you are.† It would be different of course if you were in one of their own divisions, as we found out from various whistleblowers that had untimely deaths in different countries during the Cold War up to the present, because they have something from the establishment to show the public, you see, and thatís rather taboo.


The Soviets did disclose, and of course donít forgetÖ You understand, if one side discloses how their technique was run, it means the other side was run on a duplicate fashion. It still is actually. So the most studied people in the Cold War were those who worked for the governmental system. Thatís why George Orwell had that in his 1984. They werenít studying the proletariat, the proles as he called them.† As he said throughout the book, they donít count. It doesnít matter, because theyíre dumb, stupid, theyíre kept happy and singing little songs turned out by the machine of the culture industry. Thatís where theyíll stay. They believe what theyíre told. Weíre at war with whoever theyíre told weíre at war with and they go along with it.† Because why would the media want to lie to you? Why would your favorite newscaster, whoís almost falling off his chair heís so old, thatís why they keep them there, you grow up with them like daddy or granddad. You trust them. Everything is psychology. Thatís why they keep them there. Why change a formula when it will always work? Because they understand human nature so well.† We are formulistic types of societies and peoples.


Anyway, this is just a little blurb to let you know that Iím still kicking. Iíve been wondering and pondering whether to just do the full-time thing; Iíve got offers to do full-time radio. But Iíll tell you, if youíre doing it yourself it will destroy you trying to keep up, as I say, as a substitute for old cutting out of newspapers; now youíre doing it all on the Internet, searching the world for stories, to connect the things that are relevant, and to show you that these things that seem dispersed over the world are all guided from a common source.† Once you know that why keep doing it? Itís not going to change. And to go into deeper things because people are collapsing with fear these days.† As I say, fear disables you.† Thatís the purpose of creating fear. Fear is used as a strategy in psychological warfare. Overwhelm them with fear topics which theyíre completely helpless to stop, and thatís that, theyíre goners. Very simple techniques.


So think for yourself. Donít be terrified, because itís going to happen anyway. Whatever happens thatís planned will happen.† Because these massive movements, as explained by professors down through history, cannot be stopped. Theyíre all encompassing from a thousand or more sources, all working together, in tandem.† Every facet of society you could possibly imagine is under one control, towards the common goal. And nothing could possibly change if you got the same con of money going on anyway, backed by nothing, run by privateers, and collectivist privateers at that, some of them working together across the planet.† How can you possibly have any kind of equality? Not this gay rights or whatever they give you. These are all side, emotive topics to take you off whatís going to happen to everybody, including them, at the mercy of the elite† ...to divert you from the integration of the planet under a government that none of the public are going to get to vote for, or even vote in. Thatís more important, isnít it?


And donít worry, once they advocate a social worker for every child born in America Ė which will happen, it will come; itís almost already there with a lot of single mums and so on Ė where the children, and some people have written to me, from the ex-dads or whatever, if they visit, their children are on first-name terms with, they call the social workers, their best pals.† Itís already there, implemented in many ways. Their job will be to guide that child into the correct kind of citizen as they grow up. It wouldnít matter what their inclinations this way or that are. In the future weíll all be one.† Whatever they have decided for us all, that will be the way it will be.†


So donít get lost in emotive topics that are meant to get you arguing and fighting and angry, you see. Even the churches are all compromised, unfortunately. Because that was at least one way out for some people, in all times, with the idea the worldís always going to be pretty evil and therefore look after the spiritual side of things; thatís all youíve got left. And of course, in some churches they say thatís all there is anyway. Technically they are right. Because I think the only time people had freedom was probably in the Stone Age. Youíd find a cave for yourself, there was no taxman to come in there and measure it. You had a big club there and that was it, you know. You didnít know language as such so he couldnít talk you out of it and con you as to why you should pay him money. You know. Once language came in we languish in language, our thought processes are conned so easily by conology, the art of conology.†


Anyway, this is to keep you up-to-date on the fact that Iím still alive and kicking. As I say, full-time, Iím thinking about it, but Iíd have to take staff on if that was the case, because it kills you. From eight in the morning till 2 AM the next morning youíre stuck at the computer and then youíre running off to post offices or God knows what, or the mail, which is not next to the house, believe you me; I have to travel 2 or 3 miles to get to it. Things like that. And youíre eating like a crazy person, stuffing it down, and then back to work. Thereís no breaks in it at all. Itís deadly, very deadly. Then youíre going by someone elseís deadline all the time, not your own. So you either have more staff or else you do it, and maybe in a more effective way, by cutting through all ďhereís the updates on whatís happening today.Ē If you want the news for the day youíve got a billion sites to find it on, including all the mainstream, where most of it is culled from anyway.† Then you get the different interested parties that will give you their particular take or spin on it, which only reinforces the fact that everything is rather overwhelming, isnít it?


So understand the techniques, of course, that are used. And when you understand techniques youíre not fooled by them anymore. It also means you might be isolated from other people because they canít understand how you come to these conclusions, how you know this stuff. Because theyíre still so well-conditioned Ė itís called perfect conditioning Ė that the thought of being lied to by their favorite newscaster is absurd. Itís like telling them their daddy is an evil person. Thatís perfect conditioning. And most folk have had it. Weíve all gone through the same process. A few were unscathed by it, very few. But yeah, youíre isolated to an extent because most folk cannot communicate with you. And you canít get through to them either. So you learn to play the game with them and when they talk about whatever it is theyíre talking about, you smile and go along, and quip a little word in here and there, and then they accept you. But as soon as you open your mouth about something else that matters, the eyes glaze over.† Thatís how the world is.


Everyoneís caught up in their little bubble, as they term it at the top. They give you a bubble and inside that bubble you have your circle of influence. Thatís who you know, this is what you do, hereís who you communicate to, hereís your friends, what do your friends and you do? Thatís how you value your life and the purpose of life and you value those around you, in your little bubble. Youíre running, youíre scurrying to get through work, a job you often hate as an employee because thereís no meaning to it often, shuffling papers around or whatever. And then you either get drunk or party or get stoned, a lot of people get stoned.† Theyíre pushing stoning too because youíre going into the Huxlian phase now of Soma, where big Pharmaís already got a lot of folk drugged, and the rest comes as stress increases, through legalizing various kinds of drugs. Because they use both sides.† Iíve always said, you understand, the same people run the illegal and legal sides of everything. Itís the end that matters, you see.


So stay tuned to the website. Iíll probably give a couple of talks at least this week, maybe more. And keep in touch. And donít get down and depressed like crazy, because you have to live, you have to survive. You mustnít mentally collapse with everything. And start thinking again for yourselves, because thereís a pleasure in understanding things.† Thatís one thing you have.† Itís one thing you actually have. Youíve got to understand something for yourself.† Donít just parrot someone elseís stuff or get caught up in the tactic or whatever theyíre pushing. Think for yourself. Because thereís a bit of a lie in, the truth shall make you free. It can free your mind. Itís a double story actually, itís got a truth and a lie involved there. It doesnít make you free from all this hell that weíre pushed through at times, and economic depressions and wars and all the rest of it that we have nothing to do with generally. But it does free up your mind to understand it all; itís the one thing youíre left with. Thatís the freedom that you have. Thatís what youíre left with.


So I hope youíre all doing pretty well out there and surviving. We know there are tough times to come, thatís how it is. And you have to find something worth living for, of course. Thatís very, very important. And donít devalue yourself as an individual, whatever you do. Because thatís what we are, weíre individuals. We have certain things in common with each other but we all have specific aspects to our personalities and our thought processes that are different from other people too, and you canít let them take that away from you... and make us all conform into conformity.


And by the way, Hamish is doing okay, the doggie. Tough, though, he hasnít had the same kind of walks with this deep, deep snow. But who knows? It depends how the Masters that be, that manipulate everything including weather of course in this day and age with all the aerial chemical spraying thatís going on.† And itís no conspiracy theory. Thereís too much documentation out thatís been declassified over the years, up to the present time by the way, on this.† Thatís another thing to always consider, that nothing, nothing just happens today by chance. Nothing would destroy this system or change it except something outside their control altogether, that doesnít come from humanity. Thatís why theyíre always churning out these asteroid movies. Mind you, FEMA always comes in and saves the world, or they send Bruce Willis off to space to destroy it. This is the nonsense weíre fed of course. Because the elite actually worry about these things, because they are control freaks. Things that they couldnít control terrify them.


So from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, where itís still awfully cold and snowy, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.


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