Aug. 17, 2014 (#1456)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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"To Win the Game, Reclaim Your Brain"

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 17th, 2014.  Iíve always said that crisis is great for change, for planned change especially of course, and thatís why we have so many crises on the go at the same time, at least weíre told theyíre crises. During these crises people are distracted by all the wars, the rumors of wars and all the things which are always here, and they donít notice whatís happening in their own country sometimes. They tend to dismiss their own findings or observations because the media doesnít mention what theyíve observed, that comes from the chem-sprays in the sky, it comes from the prices of food going up for instance, constantly, constantly. No one asks why, because the media doesnít mention it.  In other words, they only think about something in a crisis mode if the media tells them to think about it, and sure enough thatís what they prattle about the next day, as Brzezinski said in the 1970s would happen.  The people have been trained to allow the media to do their thinking and their reasoning for them.  Therefore when they actually see something for themselves or notice things happening they tend to dismiss it if no one else is making a big deal about it at all.


Back in, I think, the 30s and then the 40s and then the 50s Lord Bertrand Russell wrote about this and he said that we are training the public to listen to experts only. He also meant authority figures, media figures. And we certainly have been well-trained on that. We donít trust ourselves anymore in fact, in so many different areas. You think about for instance how long weíve been on the planet.  Weíre given a whole bunch of stories on how long weíve been here, how long man has been here, and they all conflict of course, even though they teach these in basically universities, and evolution is absolute fact, even when they keep changing their stories.  Itís quite amazing that they still call it a science, isnít it, and they have doctorates in this and so on. 


But itís quite a joke in fact in a way. But thatís what weíre run in. We live in amongst a bunch of jokes, taught as reality, and as science took over from religion we get a lot more jokes.  Because even when they have all these massive theories taught as fact, and often taught for many years, and students go through university and do their thesis on them and so on, and they get through, they donít take them away from them after they find out that all they wrote was nonsense because they were based on false theories, etc. It really is a bit of a joke isnít it?  They should have a different name for these things rather than sciences. Good guesses perhaps, the good guess club would be one of them. Or you get a doctorate perhaps in good guesses, in-house guesses, in-vogue guesses perhaps. Iím sure you could do a little contest on that with a whole bunch of different people sending really good ideas in, if you send them off to universities, to see what one gets picked, and maybe someone gets a little prize at the top for coming up with a good one.


But the fact is, weíve been here for an awful, awful long time. If you look at so-called primitive man, whatever he was, heíd be more of a natural man living in small communities, even before that in the cave supposedly in some areas.  And I donít think you could pull a flanker on him, a flanker, a con on a caveman.  If a bureaucrat came around and started to gesticulate and measure his cave, then demand something from the caveman, the caveman I think would reply with his big club there and go ugg and that was the end of that.  So it was all dealt with rather simply and naturally. Because after all, stealing from you is stealing, isnít it?  Itís not until language comes into use and you have a leisure class, who invent a lot more words and fancy words and terminologies to bamboozle you, and to belittle you actually, that they can actually convince you that you owe something to them for nothing that theyíve done for you. Itís quite an interesting system that we live in, indeed.


But I have talked so many times about the cons that go on, and the marketing that goes along with every con that there is.  Weíve got lots of books written after World War I, for instance, and some of them applauded by one of the guys who helped to convince the American public to join into World War I, he was paid to do it by the US government. That was Edward Bernays, the big conman marketer, who despised the public because they were just too easy to manipulate once you understood the basic psychology of them. They came out with the books after World War I and boasted on how they had conned the whole country into not only paying for it all but going off and fighting for it and so on. Of course big corporations always benefit in times of war. They supply all the goods and military equipment, etc.  They get the research and development money thrown at them to build tanks and all the latest stuff, right down to uniforms and every bullet thatís fired. Itís very lucrative indeed. And they often get little prizes, little prizes at the end of the wars, when the winners get together and they divvy up the country they have conquered. Itís quite lucrative indeed.


But I was thinking too about the cons used today through marketing, to take things off you and put you back to a peasant stage, where literally everything, everything you need to survive, food, water, shelter, heat, clothing, etc., all these basic things, are going into the hands of a few, if theyíre not already in the hands of a few. And I think the few are really, the few companies that youíll see, in this area or that area, are really just one consortium, like they did with Standard Oil when they were told to break it up, the big monopoly of it.  All he did of course, old Rockefeller, was to put subsidiary companies and even haveÖ It was so well done that it took years for folk to go through all the different books and papers, even governments, to find out that the guys who apparently appeared as the CEOs or owners of these small companies were actually employees of the Rockefellers. Itís the same con going on today as they go after your food and your water and everything else, the meat industry, the big packer industry, etc. Itís quite astonishing to live through it and watch it all happening.


But weíre in the time, as Carroll Quigley said, of corporate feudalism, the CEOs are the new overlords, the feudal overlords. They have more power than countries. Actually, a lot of them have bigger bureaucracies in their corporations than some countries have, they certainly even have bigger budgets. But the idea was to turn everything into public/private partnership deals. Iíve done talks on that way back in the late 90s onwards through the last 10 years or so, to do with these public/private partnership cons, that suddenly came out in vogue, which means thereís already a global government to make it all happen, and theyíre put in place across the European countries and North American countries, etc. The idea basically is that all the institutions for survival, to maintain your country, to make sure thereís food there at a good price, a gas supply, heating supplies, these kind of things, things that you really need as a people and a nation were sold off to private companies, who then give you the tab or the bill for the maintenance for their infrastructure basically, we pay for the repairs for the roads, we pay for everything pretty well, and they reap the profit. Itís awfully wonderful, isnít it, to just bamboozle the public with terminology. Some of them even use the term environmental corporations. It sounds wonderful, environmental corporations, as they basically take over your whole water supply, your freshwater supply, and then sell it off for high profits, not just back to the people, but also exported abroad, and also they bottle it for the big companies like Nestlť and the cola companies and sell it off too, at a good price at that, all the water.


Now the thing is, no one asks, well who gives any Prime Minister or President the right to do this? Because after all, arenít they collectively supposedly all your people that represent you, and if theyíre selling off the infrastructure of your country, the vital necessities that you must have to survive as a people, who gives them the right to sell it off? No one asks the questions, you see. And by the way, they wonít be asked on the mainstream because they are part of the big establishment group that want this international globalist system of a few corporations, or maybe even one, running the whole world eventually. So theyíre not going to upset the apple cart, they do what theyíre told.  Last week I was talking to a woman up my way in a store and she had just come down from her camping area, they go camping, and sheís Native American.  She said that the river going past them is half its depth that it should be.  And with all the rain weíve had here, itís been raining all summer here, itís a precursor to Noahís Ark, really, everybodyís depressed, thereís nothing but clouds all the time, and lots of mosquitoes mind you.  Itís awfully depressing, and rain, rain for days sometimes, and days and nights at a time.  Very little sun, in fact I can count the total sun on my one hand, what theyíve had, literally, since spring. It came right in from heavy snow right up through spring and deep cold temperatures, and right into rain and pretty well itís been that way since. So you get thinking about all these things, and yet here are rivers with half the water disappeared. 


See, we donít know whatís going on. Weíll never know whatís going on, or where even the water is going.  Itís going somewhere, but itís highly secretive.  And when you dig into the water corporations that have made these public/private partnership deals with your governments, they arenít going to tell you either where itís all going, or where theyíre taking it out of either. We live in secrecy.  Itís like martial law, isnít it? Just mind yourself, mind your nose and stay in your place, and donít ask questions, because you have no right to know. Thatís the average citizen today, theyíve literally been trained that they donít need to know anything, itís not their place to know anything, when their countries are being sold out from underneath them. 


So Iím going to just touch on that for a minute tonight because itís very important to know something about whatís happening.  A lot of it beganÖ  As I say, Iíve gone through the whole long, long system of world government from Britain, the whole idea of the empire run by private feudal systems then even, as it was, with Lord Alfred Milner and his group from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, thatís what it evolved into. Itís an unelected group of course who advise all members of government and all departments of government.  Their counterpart, cousin actually, its branch if you like, in the US, which is called the Council on Foreign Relations and anybody whoís anybody is a member of it. You canít simply go and join it. They suss you out to see if youíre their kind of guy, who will keep their mouth shut, and say the right things, and know what not to say, and then youíre asked if you want to join. That means youíre bought and paid for once you do, because the sky is the limit, youíll certainly profit, a lot of business and work will come your way, and lots of other perks as well. Thatís how the world is really run. And yet we go on voting for democracies.  And the big boys who have no intention of having democracy know that itís awfully important to give you the idea that itís all done for good reasons, itís democratic reasons that weíre selling off your food supply and weíre selling off the water supply, to help people across the world, because we care about them. 


Thatís what theyíll tell you, which is a big lie of course because the corporations are in there for massive profit. And weíre living in the age of ultimate, ultimate greed as itís never been seen before, where things that used to be made of metal, like vacuum cleaners, even expensive ones now, are chintzy thin plastic, brittle plastic thatís going to break. Personally I looked at some of them last week in a store, and itís popular, itís been made popular, because you know you can make people popular and make them stars by marketing and constant repetition, and you can do the same with any article or product. And this company has been, oh yeah itís the greatest one out, blah-blah-blah. I saw the darn thing and it was such chintzy, thin, thin, brittle plastic, all of it, I thought, they should really give you a big tube of, you know, the airplane model glue to go with it to fix it because itís going to get cracked in no time, and maybe about 10 rolls of duct tape.  But I canít believe that this is how theyíve trained the public, step-by-step, to buy this junk. And mind you, thatís all you can find now, is just cheapo junk.  Cheap to make, high price to buy, massive profit.  Theyíre maximizing their profits in every possible way possible.  And then a generation will grow up with this thinking itís all quite normal, you see. Thatís how we adapt to everything.  Itís just astonishing to me but the same thing happens with the conology to do with taking your food and your water supplies away from you as a country, gouging you. You watch your prices going up and up and up. You see the prices of meats, oh forget it; hamburger is going to be the new luxury, if you can afford it. Everything else has gone out of sight. Why?


Well partly itís the ongoing integration through treaties.  That was the old idea that Lord Alfred Milner came up with, they would bind countries together with treaties, they would then form trading blocs, and out of the trading bloc they standardize their laws and then theyíd have a superparliament running a whole bloc of countries.  Thatís how they created the European Union, which nobody wanted, except the ones who planned it.  The North American Free Trade Agreement has been going on for 20 years now, itís still plundering ahead, and at the same time itís moving into the area of the TransPacific Partnership, and thatís part of the NAFTA deal now, the TransPacific Partnership deal is now part of that, and so is CETA, CETA is another one too.  Thatís basically the one for amalgamating European countries with that of Canada; I think the States has got their own version of it.  Itís a free trade deal where they can sell basically all your meats off, and even your water supplies off, abroad to these countries under their trade deals. 


But thereís a couple of articles here that Iíd like to read here.  This one here is from the Huffington Post. Now, the Huffington Post, Iím sure, is always on the side of environmentalism and a whole bunch of other things of course, and all the cons games that go with that, weíre here to help you, to save the environment, the price has gone up four times, things like that.  Anyway it says hereÖ


Why is Harper (Alan:  Öthe Prime Minister of Canada.) Selling Canada's Fresh Water Supply to French Companies?

(A:  And this was in 2013.) / Posted:  10/18/2013 Updated:  01/23/2014


Prime Minister Harper has just signed the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), and Canadians who care about our freshwater heritage should be deeply concerned for three reasons.


First, the massive increase in beef and pork exports that have been negotiated will put a terrible strain on our water supplies. (A:  See, so they hit it again for the environmental side here because thatís what the Huffington Post does.) Beef producers can now export close to 70,000 tonnes of beef to Europe and an undisclosed but higher amount of pork. (A:  Öand not just to Europe by the way, because remember, the TransPacific Partnership came in as well, where we can do it to other countries as well, which is a great con because a lot of these poorer countries, you see, will get our tax money subsidizing the cost to the meat producers that are going to export across the world to keep their prices up, to give it at a cheaper price, sell it as your price in those countries.  Itís a win-win-win situation.  Anyway, youíll pay for it all.)  Meat production is highly water intensive . . . (A:  Öand so on.)


Already Alberta's dwindling water supplies are over-taxed by a beef industry that is rapidly expanding and expected to double its water footprint by 2025, according to an assessment done before this deal was signed. Intensive hog operations in Manitoba are killing Lake Winnipeg . . . (A:  Again itís the environmental stuff and yada-yada-ya.)


Second, this deal will give French companies Suez and Veolia (A:  Öthe two French companies.), the two biggest private water operations in the world, access to run our water services (A:  Öin CanadaÖ) for profit. Under a recent edict, the Harper government has tied federal funding of municipal water infrastructure construction or upgrading to privatization of water services. Cash-strapped municipalities can only access federal funds if they adopt a public-private partnership model, and several cities have recently put their water or wastewater services contracts up for private bids. (A:  See, everythingÖ We live in an incredible age of corruption where money changes hands between elected officials and so on and the corporations, right down to your local level.)  If Suez or Veolia are successful in bidding for these contracts (and under the new deal, local governments cannot favour local bidders) and a future city council decides it wants to move back to a public system, as municipalities are doing all over the world, these corporations (A:  Öthese foreign corporationsÖ) will be able to sue for huge compensation. Private water operators charge far higher rates than public operators and cut corners when it comes to source protection. (A:  So they can sue, guess who they sue? They sue the government. The government takes your tax money, the millions and billions you get sued, and pays it to these guys, if you want to turn it back to owned by your local area and so on, and your councils. Quite amazing isnít it? And we take this all for normal because you see, we havenít been asked our opinions on it or given any votes on something as vital as this.)


. . .The same "investor-state" clause contained in the Canada-EU deal poses the third threat to Canada's water. The rules essentially say that if a government introduces new environmental, health or safety rules that were not in place when the foreign corporation made its investment, it has the right to compensation, which a domestic corporation does not have. For instance, an American energy company is suing Canada for $250 million in damages using a similar NAFTA (A:  North American Free Trade Agreement) rule because Quebec decided to protect its water by placing a moratorium on fracking. Moreover, transnational corporations are now claiming ownership of the actual water they require in their operations. Another American company successfully sued Ottawa for $130 million for the "water rights"; it left behind when it abandoned its pulp and paper operations in Newfoundland, leaving workers without jobs or pensions.


But that leaves the taxpayer to pay off this $130 million fine, right. You understand, we get suckered and suckered and suckered, and yet the public are unaware of whatís even going onÖ whatís even going on. Itís just incredible. It really is. It really is incredible. And youíve got to laugh at it too, though. 


And also, itís interesting too because this came out in 2014, this oneÖ


Veolia, Suez deny merger talks / PARIS  Apr 16, 2014


(Reuters) - Veolia Environnement (VIE.PA) (A:  Öone of these companies, from France) and its peer (A:  I bet itís just one corporation, oneís a subsidiary of the other.) Suez Environnement (SEVI.PA) (A:  See how they even use these terms to con us, marketing termsÖ oh, itís for the environment. No itís not, itís a private corporation meant to dig as much cash out of you as they can.) both denied on Wednesday that the companies are in talks on a merger or even studying such a project.


Shares in Veolia closed 4.3 percent higher and Suez closed 7.1 percent higher following an Exane BNP Paribas research report which said the "stars are aligned" for the French waste and water companies to revisit the idea of merging. Volume in Suez stock was the second highest in more than a year.  (A:  However, theyíre denying theyíre having the talks of course, which they donít really need talks since, I guarantee you, theyíre both the same company giving you the appearance of competition, and it will be all the same top shareholders in both, you see. Thatís how it works.)


But this isnít just water and so on, itís your food too, with all of these trade deals. Itís just astonishing how weíre told nothing. These little articles appear as paragraphs here and there in the back pages of newspapers, and nobody reads them anymore, so itís so easy for them to do, isnít it. So easy. Just so darned easy.


Thereís also under the CETA text, that I do have from the European Union, itís got, The Directorate General for Trade and Trade Policies and it says, Note, for the intention of the trade policy committee.  It goes through all the rules and regulations for this agreement that Canada has signed with the EU, but so has of course the US under a different term, a different name, the same number. But remember too, youíre all wondering why your meat is going up in price. Itís because theyíre exporting it all now, for a fantastic profit, and theyíre leaving less at home. It was always understood with nation-states that one of the first duties of government was to protect the people, not just against enemies foreign and so on, but also they had to protect the state, the citizenry, to ensure they had an adequate supply of affordable nourishing food. Well, thatís thrown out the window today and itís hell-for-leather for full profit. And of course they use supply and demand and they say, well you see weíre exporting most of the stuff and so itís getting rarer, therefore you have to pay four, five, six times the price. Itís that simple folks. Itís that simple.


And if it ever gets to the stage where the people do wake up and demand that this all stop, then those companies, with all the legal agreements, can then sue your government, which is you the taxpayer, for their billions of lost revenue money and so on, income.  So weíre shafted every way we turn, we really are, even in our sleep when we donít know weíre turning. So itís going on, and going on, and going on, and going on. But thereís your water supply getting sold off abroad. Interestingly enough too, thereís articles in the French newspapers to do with the fact that theyíre pulling out, some of the places there are pulling out, these companies, and just I guess paying their fine or telling them they ainít got the money for it.  But it saysÖ


Paris's (A:  ÖitselfÖ) return to public water supplies makes waves beyond France

(A: And thatís this year.) / Jul 8, 2014 / Geert De Clercq


* Paris's move to take back water supplies inspires others (A:  Öother regionalities to do the same.)

* Veolia, Suez margins fall as towns negotiate discounts

* EU anti-privatisation trend pushes water firms abroad

* Private water firms grow quickly in developing countries


PARIS, July 8 (Reuters) - Nearly five years after Paris took the management of its water supply back into its own hands, the move is inspiring other cities at home and abroad and hurting profits at private water firms Veolia and Suez Environnement.


In 2008, socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoe ended the contracts with the two firms that had operated Paris water distribution systems since 1985 - Veolia on the right bank of the city and Suez on the left bank. (A:  They love to bank water, donít they, because they own the banks altogether.)


Publicly owned Eau de Paris, which took over from 2010, has since become a model for a string of French and foreign cities and a threat civic leaders now use to force down prices.


That is posing a big challenge to Suez and Veolia. While they have responded by focusing more on their waste and energy activities and looking for industrial clients, they still rely heavily on water. In 2013, water accounted for about 45 percent of Veolia's 22 billion euros ($30 billion) of revenue.


"The success of the Paris remunicipalisation, our ability to make profits and lower prices, has convinced many other cities, whatever their political colour, that public water is an option," Celia Blauel, new head of Eau de Paris, told Reuters.


Since the move by Paris, with its population of more than 2 million, other French towns with a combined population of about 1.4 million people - including Rouen, Saint Malo, Brest and Nice - have also decided to go back to public water management, (A:  Öin other words, manage their own water.) according to EU public water lobby Aqua Publica Europea.


The group expects more authorities representing a combined population of 1.9 million - including Bordeaux, Rennes and Montpellier - will follow suit between 2015 and 2018.


So it just goes to show you that folk are sick of this gouging, gouging the public. And of course itís always sold to the public when they privatize it that itís going to be cheaper, like everything else, like your electricity was going to be cheaper when they sold all the companies off, into one giant corporation, gave you Smart Meters and jacked all your prices up. You always get lied to. Donít you get fed up being lied to? I mean, donít you get fed up with that, folks? Youíre taught as children to avoid people who lie all the time, and yet you watch them every night on television, giving their promises and their great speeches, and looking so respectable with their big business suits on, and the politicians with their glowing waxed faces and all that, and they lie, lie, they always lie, thatís what they do.  You can find going way back in the books what people said in past times and ages about politicians, they were conmen basically, you couldnít trust them.  Theyíre in there to feather their own pocket, and they take contracts and theyíre always lobbying for these big corporations, not for you.  So the whole idea of protecting their own people first and giving them a decent food supply and keeping the prices down is out the window with all these free-trade deals.  And itís got to stop. 


It really has got to stop because weíre getting gouged.  The meat now when you see it in the store is just out of sight, especially in Canada, and itís going up that way in the States now as well. This doesnít affect just Canada, you see, Iím talking about the whole world here.  All first world countries are being completely gouged as they privatize everythingÖ until basically, as I say, thereíll be no government as such, it will be a completely privatized system, and technically your government is a corporation too, itís registered as a corporation, and they will own everything that we need for survival. Thatís where the move is going, by the way, total purchasing and buyoffs of everything that you need to survive personally. Thatís what itís all about, folks.  And they will get far more done when youíre begging for this and begging for that for your basic survival. Theyíll get far more done with their changes and integrations, etc. than they ever could by having any semblance of a democracy. We know thatís true.


But thatís how it is, folks, and weíre kept in the dark about it all. Weíre kept in the dark about everything. As I say, thereís water going missing from the rivers here and I guarantee you, weíve been flooded this year, just incredible rain like never before. But folk just donít know where the water is going as the rivers go down in some places. Itís a mystery, because itís secret.


But I have spoken a lot about conology, this ancient art of conology, often given scientific terms to give it a sort of legitimacy and importance, rather than the low status it should have. Because we donít really like conmen, do we?  They put them into the movies of course, and to make you like these characters, but conmen are conmen, who lie to get a personal benefit from people who generally canít afford it. But weíre run by them.  Everything you get is a con and a lie, and even to attach something like environmental company, Veolia or whatever, this water company, theyíve got nothing to do with the environment. But you put these terms on things, itís like green, itís a green corporation, and folk have been brainwashed, just put the term to it now, and they donít think any further than that.  Itís quite astonishing, isnít it, how weíre rather thick today.  Weíre rather thick, some more thicker than others, and others as thick as bricks. Thatís how bad we are, because weíve had a perfect engineering to our brains and our minds, not to use them ourselves in fact, not to even trust your own observations, like I said at the start of the show, and we do, we disregard what we see.  Itís just amazing, isnít it?  What I used to notice too, that when gasoline went up maybe 5 or 10 cents here in Canada the folk would bitch and complain, and oh dear. You know something, that hasnít happened for about 10 years or more.  It just suddenly stopped, even when the gas was going up 40 cents a liter, you know, it just suddenly all stopped. 


When you look through the different social engineering books that the big boys put out they talk about how to do this to the public, how to stop them from bitching.  It can be done with fear too, people will shun away from the unpleasant and seek pleasure.  Thatís why itís very easy to give us what appears to be choice, if you do it this way it may be a bit harder, if you do it this way it will be easy but hereís the consequences. Egosyntonic, egocentric behavior, that Russell and other ones talked about back in the 20s and 30s, that they would bring this in. Itís happened. It came in, too, with Freud as well, who said that everybody whoís perfectly happy, going around with a smile on their face, and rutting around like rabbits having a big sex life, and working again and spending money is now healthy and cured. Cured from what? The very system that collapsed them and broke them up in the first place. So as I say, weíre taught so much of insane stuff and utter nonsense.  But we are taught that. And we do become insane when we start to believe all the stuff that theyíre telling us is true. We truly do become insane.


But the trick today too is to convince the public that theyíre helpless.  What can you doÖ Oh well, what can you do, you know, what can you doÖ And what you can do, it always has to be on a personal level. Groups get infiltrated, taken over and they often end up working for the group thatís screwing you. So youíve got to do things personally. Stop buying so much gas; donít run all over the place when you donít have to run all over the place. Hit them where it counts and thatís at the gas pump.  Donít buy the damn stuff as often as you do, donít waste it and pay the extra cash. When you pay the extra cash, instantly theyíve got the pulse of the people, they know how much theyíre spending, per hour, across a nation, and they know just how much to gouge a bit more, for instance.   But when it starts to drop it gives them a scare because then their shareholders bitch to them and theyíve got to start dropping the prices. Thereís many things you can do.  Iíve often said if everyone stopped going to work for a week or two and just stayed at home, just stock up beforehand and stay at home, youíd soon get action on your demands.  Youíd soon get action, believe you me, on your demands.


But they wonít do that collectively, which again, when you look at all the different studies the behaviorists have done on us all, they understand this, people will never act in unison. Never happen. And itís never happened down through history. They even talk about the revolutionaries in the US during basically their war with Britain, and they say about 3% of the population at that time, of the able-bodied males only 3% or so fought in the revolution and stood together to the end.  Which tells you it doesnít take a lot of people sometimes to get the change they want through.  Today people are more complacent.  People today, honestly, are far more uniform in their mentalities and their makeup than ever before, because theyíve all had the same heavy indoctrination through the same school system, and then itís taken over by their work and propaganda that comes from all medias, which they all get, at the same time, which conditions a uniform mind.  So theyíre much the same.


When I was small in parts of Scotland they didnít have television till much later.  You found people living in crofts around the Highlands and things like that.  Those people would have various books they collected over the years, and they read them. They were incredibly well educated and informed. Theyíd listen to a bit of radio here and there just to keep up on things. They were no fools either, they knew the cons and rackets going on, way back then.  But each one of these characters was a character, thatís the whole key to it.  They were a complete personality.  A person, youíve heard the expression, coming out of left field.  Youíre trained in such a linear fashion, and by the majority, again, opinions, because you want to have the same opinion as everybody else, unfortunately.  You shouldnít have that, thatís an abnormal thing for human beings with all of the personality types. But theyíve managed to get us to that today. And with political correctness and all the rest of it.  But the people that came out of left field, the real characters, whoíd thought their whole lives for themselves, would suddenly come out of left field and it shook you up to hear what they were saying. It kind of really rattled you initially until you realized, you know I never looked upon it that way before, what theyíre saying. Theyíre showing a whole newÖ Itís like getting to a different level, of looking down at everything and analyzing it again and seeing the real reasons that things were happening and so on. And these old characters knew all this stuff, they had figured it out because their brains were working properly. They were using their own studies, their own observations on things and their own intellectual rationale, you see, and came to their own conclusions.  


People today do not come, generally, to their own conclusions.  Sometimes youíre given what appears to be a choice of conclusions but youíre still guided towards those choices, and they all benefit generally something thatís often no good to you. So choice has really gone down the tubes.  People who can see things as they really are have either died off, and the last few are in the process of dying off, thereís very few now, because of the incredible indoctrination of social indoctrination, as Russell called it, thatís being taught in the schools, for all these years, which is uniform indoctrination.  Thatís so perfectly well understood and put across today, until they turn out basically peas in a pod, everyoneís the same, we believe the same, have the same kind of logical functions, the logic will work the same way with them, theyíll be far more prone to believe authorities and experts than previous generations ever, ever have. 


And when you look into all the scientists today that keep telling you about, oh youíve got to give up everything to save the planet, yada-yada-ya, theyíre all living on grants put out by big foundations and the governments to do just that. Theyíre utter prostitutes.  And the ones who will not take the bribes and so on, the payoffs, for an easy job and an easy life, are simply not getting jobs at all. Theyíve been ostracized, a lot more of them than the ones who join, by the way. So different opinions are not welcome in this day and age. The authorized opinion and opinions are welcome by the masters who run our brains for us, our minds for us and so on.


Now Iíd like to talk now about peopleís addiction to fantasy through their movies and all their sci-fi that they watch on cable televisions and so on. Itís incredible how people are addicted to entertainment and they canít get enough of it.  Itís a human trait obviously.  We love to use imagination.  But youíre supposed to also use your own imagination.  Today you donít have to.  In fact, I donít think people can to an extent because itís all done for you. As Iíve mentioned before, lots of folk, especially in cities, get up to the radio alarm clock going off, and the talking jocks yapping away there, media jocks prattle, prattle, prattle about the dayís road conditions, etc. and then putting on some awful song.  Then they go through their breakfast that way and they rush off to their work in their vehicle, and they have got the radio blaring away again, about the road conditions, etc., and the talking head, and the awful music. Then they go to their workplace too, and they often even have some kind of background music on at work.  But the thing is, youíre living in someone elseís thoughts all the time. Youíre conditioned always to have some other production going on for you, and youíre getting downloaded with it all the time, and youíre not using your own brain.


And silence does scare a lot of people today, it truly does.  Lots of folk canít sleep without the radio or television left on.  Theyíre terrified to have their own thoughts. Silence frightens them in fact, because all the little bits that theyíve downloaded through the bits and bytes of scary news theyíre always fed in this particular era, which is constant scary news because thatís how you ram changes through, when weíre all scared you see, becomes overwhelming to them.  And in the silence, when thereís not been a happy, happy entertaining thing that theyíre listening to or watching, the silence frightens them. Because these little bits of scary things hit themÖ oh what will I do, what will I do? And so being egocentric and egosyntonic, again, they shy away from things which are scary and unpleasant and look towards the pleasant instead, more fiction and fantasy, other peopleís produced thoughts.  People who work producing thoughts for you, and getting well paid for it, run your brains for you. Itís quite something, isnít it, in this day and age. Quite something.


But you know, and Iíve gone into mythologies so many times, I was thinking about it on a show I was on this week in fact, that in ancient times we were understood then, too, by leisure classes who studied the people, the workers and so on, our little habits and traits, and we like to have little festivals after harvest, you know, the little-people-that-we-are sort of thing. And theyíd watch this, keep the little people happy, and we could toil for the rest of the year as long as we had other little festivals on the way too, it made life less monotonous.  During those festivals theyíd put on traveling shows; even ancient Greece had them too. Troubadours came around and put on the latest approved, authority-approved play.  Everyone had to turn out in ancient Greece to watch them, by law, because they were to give the morals to the citizenry as to how they should behave, within the story of the play, you see. Itís very easy to do. And certain music was played alongside them too, for tragedy or hope or whatever it happened to be, and it helped to augment the imagination as you watched these plays. Itís far better today of course, itís more perfected, and many techniques are used upon the public, who are completely unwitting as to whatís being downloaded into them with political correctness and social approval and disapproval on various topics, through fiction.


But in ancient times too, donít confuse legends and mythologies with fact. Donít ever confuse the two together because remember that man started off hunting animals, and animals were a basic part of his life. They looked at the traits of animals, the qualities of different animals and species and often turned them into deities, for instance. The Egyptians would put animal heads on human figures and these were different gods who had the traits of, say, the bull or whatever it happens to be, for strength etc. So there were animistic type religions which they had then too.  During the show that I did during the week I mentioned a legend to do with the Black Sea area, how it was flooded on purpose, an ancient, ancient, ancient legend, because the gods, or, as I say, the scientists of the day, were practicing mixing animals with humans until they began to cannibalize each other and they drowned them all and flooded that Black Sea, in ancient legend.


Now, a good novelist, and you have disguised novelists todayÖ  This is the point I really want to make. Disguised novelists started maybe back in the 60s and 70s, as historical novelists, they would write in drama by using basic themes of an era and things that actually happened and weave in a story of romance and intrigue and all this kind of stuff with it too. They became awfully popular, until people were getting their historical history from drama, fiction basically. And they took lots of liberties. Whenever you see a movie or a novel that says Ďbased oní, well, a little, 1% maybe is based on the truth or the facts and the rest of it is the novel and the fiction.  Thatís the liberty the artist is allowed to take. However, these guys caught on very quickly that they were onto an awfully good thing, an awfully good thing.  Letís be honest too, most folk donít want to read history, they say itís dry and boring.  But you make it into an exciting novel, you see, and you say itís Ďbased oní, itís a historical novel, then itís very exciting and you want to know what happens next, and will the guy eventually get the woman and vice versa and all that stuff.  Thatís all wrapped in it, all the things that we are curious about, and how we watch other humans about, but itís always to do with us, you see, whatever we watch itís to do with humans, us, us, us, us, you see, and the big boys know this too. 


The problem is now, in this day and age, they take the old myths and legends, and thatís why, as I say, even from the legend of the Black Sea, itís a nice myth and a legend, because it doesnít mean itís true, donít forget that, it doesnít mean itís true.  Because the early man wrapped up animals with humans and made half humans and half animals, the Greeks did the same thing in their mythologies too. But you get a good con man, and thereís lots of good con people out there making a killing churning out books pretending to be factual, and taking the myth and making it into fact, through a lot of skullduggery, and making fortunes conning the public, who then believe it all.  And you can hear them on certain talk shows at night and stuff like that, thereís just one after another plugging their book, and taking absolute rubbish, actually, and mythology, and embellishing it like you wouldnít believe, and selling it off as fact. And how they keep a straight face and stop themselves from laughing on these shows, I donít know.  Maybe itís the thought of the incredible profits theyíre going to rake in.  But donít be conned and fooled by these. 


And Iíve gone through, at website archives youíll find where I talked about the Annunaki, the real origins of that kind of thing, and how one man basically took it and wrote a whole series of novels, and presented them almost as fact, and the public wanted Ė and hereís the key Ė they want to believe that is the truth. They want to believe this is the truth because the things that are happening on the earth cannot be done by man, thatís what they believe. We are very simple creatures. Normal people, weíre very simple creatures, we have all things in common.  Normal folk say, I couldnít do that, therefore they canít be pulling such an awful stunt.  So you want to believe them, you see. Adolf Hitler said the same thing, for lies. He knew that people could see through the smaller lies, and you should see through the smaller ones from governments too but you donít now, unfortunately, most of you. Adolf Hitler said, if youíre going to tell a lie make sure itís a really big lie, because the public will say, no one could ever, ever be so audacious to tell such a whopper, such a massive lie.  And unfortunately that whole tradition has become normalized now and thereís all kinds of conmen out there selling you and flogging you all kinds of rubbish, and people are believing it, and swallowing it, because itís put across on talk shows as fact, you see.


But these are really the novelists that caught on, as I say, early on, historical novelists that caught on to the money to be made by bringing out utter fiction, bamboozling the public and presenting it all as fact. And in an age, in an age where your religions have been thrown off to the sides, to the outskirts somewhere, and science has replaced them, you just bring the science in with it and it must be true. Because now you really believe that science, and you believe truly in science, because science really is a religion, you need a lot of belief to believe in all the stuff that they tell you, since a lot of it has social purposes for change.  Itís political in nature, itís for social change, a lot of the so-called scientific studies they release are to tie in with sustainability, depopulation and all the rest of it.  So stop being fooled because your imagination likes what itís hearing.


In an age, as I say, when religion is put off to the side, you can take man from religion but you canít take religion out of man.  Youíll look for another one and youíll go shopping for a religion, and thatís why there are so many gurus out there selling their particular brand of New Age religion, which is all the same rehashed Rosicrucian and Theosophical stuff that was put out in the 1800s. Thatís all it is. Itís a very easy job because all they have to do is copy the old books. You donít have to make up anything new, just sell the same old stuff, tell folk to learn how to be pure and vibrate higher, then theyíll vibrate out of this world, and people actually believe that. Quite amazing isnít it, hey. But thatís the sad state of affairs.  Donít be fooled.


As I say, if all myths were true then you truly would have centaurs and titans and all the rest of it, and we donít. Even the Greeks who used to storytell those things a long time ago didnít believe in them either. It was a story and they became awfully popular stories.  You go into Ireland, for instance, and they talk about the early Milani that came into Ireland, through Hibernia as they called it, or Iberia, Bernia, and they had to fight the Feurbog.  The Feurbog were a kind of hairy people, all hair, kind of like Cousin It from the Adams family.   Eventually after all these fierce battles, with them, the Feurbog went into the mountains where they eventually disappeared literally through, into or inside the mountains, they just melted through them like ghosts into the mountains.  But again, you could take that same old story and embellish that and make bestsellers out of them, if you have no scruples and you donít have a moral guideline at all within your own self, and make fortunes out of it, amazing and astounding people about the battles that the various leaders and heroes had. But these were beautiful legends, you see, that were told, and often told as fairy stories to the children, and they were obviously not meant to be believed. But your imagination could take a ride, you didnít have TV and radio or books, and you liked a bit of a storytelling at times; we enjoy getting that little thrill. But today weíre overwhelmed with the massive persistent churning out of garbage movies that have as much political correctness embedded in them as what comes out of the mouth of ten hundred NGOs and the politicians.  Itís all in there because they get paid to put it in actually, and to change your behavior and your perception towards certain things, to allow you to accept things that perhaps you shouldnít allow, which arenít as wonderful and nice as they say they are.  So the best of things and the worst of things, can be sold to you by slick people, and behaviorists and neuroscientists and psychologists, all working together.  And they are sold to you all the time, on a continuous basis.


My whole story is not defeatism at all. I do tell you how so well and perfectly youíre understood, never mind monitored. But Iíve told you too, the only way you can beat this is to reclaim yourself, and definitely reclaim your mind for yourself, and think for yourself. People who want to be accepted constantly by their peer group and others, forget it, Iím not talking to you, because you are quite happy with your updates and getting along, because you need, you just definitely have a craving for the company.  Iím talking to the people who are genuinely puzzled and looking forÖ  Because they have a feeling that all things are just not as good as theyíre portrayed to be and they want to know why things arenít.


For instance, hereís an example, itís been hammered into us by TV, bits and bytes, and newscasts, of how the money system runs.  The whole thing is a crooked racket and it was from the beginning. But they bring on experts, again.  If any of them were experts, how come the banks always crash us at least twice a century and plunder us?  And then get up and we bail them out, and they do it again and again? How come those same bankers are living awfully well with their million and sometimes a billion-dollar/pound bonus, how come theyíre constantly rewarding people who plunder you? Thereís nothing nice and right and decent about that. And that tells you too, they donít want to change the system because they want to do it again in the future. Theyíre never going to stop it. Because the whole money system is a crook system.  Not just crooked, but a crook system.  Every single government is running off borrowing money like crazy, doing things you could never do, because you would lose everything that you had if you canít make your payments on your credit cards or your debts, but governments do it constantly, and they put you down as the guarantor.  You see. Whenever they talk about balancing budgets, in any country, theyíre talking about paying off, for that year, the actual interest thatís due for that year; the principal amount is never touched, never. So it constantly accumulates with compound interest, constantly. Thatís why, since the beginning of time, basically, your money is constantly being devalued all the time. 


Look at all the old black and white movies, or Sherlock Holmes for instance, things like that, and they bring out this pound note, thatís about a foot long, a big white thing with lots of wonderful, you know, itís almost like a handwritten thing with the old calligraphy on it. And they bring out a pound note with a flourish, because very few folk had seen it, the working people had ever seen a pound note.  That was a big thing.  Look at the size of it today, you see. But look at the buying power of that pound way back then.  You could have a family and feed them well and pay your rent or your mortgage and all the rest of it, with 2 or 3 pounds in the 1920s back in Britain and live awfully well. You can get a coffee and a couple of cakes for that today. You might not even get a full coffee for it in fact, I donít know.


Because the inflation system is a racket and no one is going to change it because at the very top of this pyramid is the money structured system, folks; the private system runs the world. Not democracy. Not your government. The private system runs the world and they tell governments what to do, believe you me. And any country that tried to go back to do its own money again and they would sell the printed money to the banks who then loan it into existence, the selling it off, by the way, 10 cents extra, pays for its creation and so on, and then the banks loan it into existence Ė theyíll never go back to that. Itíll never happen, folks. Theyíd have wars before they allow that ever to happen. So we live in an utterly crooked manipulated marketed system and all reality, as weíre taught it, is completely marketed to all of us all the time.  Itís a racket, folks, a racket. 


Eventually your currency will be like the peso, youíll need millions of them for a coffee, and that will be normal.  That will be quite normal eventually one day.  Itís all a racket. And the crooks are never punished, and we bail them out.  Remember, in 2015, January 1st, itís been signed into law for Canada, the States, Australia and other countries, along with the World Bank, you see, theyíve all signed it into law, this Treaty, thatís when the bail-ins start.  Thatís where the banks can legally now rob your money from your accounts and not pay you back for it, they can keep it. Itís just legal theft, itís been made legal for them to steal.  You canít do anything like that but they can do it, because itís made legal. Thatís what they do at the top, you see, is tell the politicians, put this through and make sure itís going to be legal, and they pass a law, now itís legal, that they can steal your money. And you want to vote for this system? Do you really want to vote for this system, folks?   What happened to your head? What happened to it?  With politicians and their promises, and this party nonsense?  But unfortunately there are lots of people who will keep voting. 


The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over and over again expecting a different result, the exact same things over and over and over again. This system was never meant to work for you. It never has worked for you.  And people, really, when they say, somethingís got to be done, what they want to say is, donít make it any worse than it is right now, leave me right now with what I have, donít take everything else away from me, donít make the meat any more expensive, donít make blah-blah-blah any more expensive. Thatís really what they want. Because as humans we donít like change, we donít like it at all. But now unfortunately people cannot get together with a common purpose and stand up, properly, without being infiltrated, taken over, or else made to argue amongst themselves with provocateurs in amongst them. They canít do it. 


The governments and the big corporations and the foundations, have their own perfectly trained spies that have all worked for the military and intelligence and theyíre now working for them too. They will infiltrate you and have you fighting amongst yourselves, and strangling each other, before you know it. So the only way you can get through this is by, as I say, reclaim your own mind.  Reclaim your brain.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your gods go with you.




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