Oct. 16, 2014 (#1466)

Originally Broadcast Oct. 16, 2014 on awakeradio.co.uk




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Neil:  Welcome to Reality Bytes Radio on the 16th of October, twenty past three Eastern Time, twenty past eight in the UK.  Sorry about the delay there were technical issues with the system again.  Letís welcome Alan Watt to the broadcast again and I was talking to Alan off the air about the use of fear as a weapon if you like to control the masses and how it was used in ancient times, how itís used in modern times, and then comes the Ebola thing thatís going on.  And I mean how far back does this actually go Alan?  I mean I donít know but Iíve discussed the aspects of how they induce eclipses or things like that to instill fear in the population claiming that they have control of the sun and they could block it anytime they wanted to, to punish the people if you like.

Alan:  Yes.  You also have it in the Middle Eastern countries as well with Zoroastrianism, things like that where you had the sun priest as well basically too and various cults and religions.  Initially you see to start off to get a powerful system going which we today call government you must, it starts off generally with families that slaughter other families and take over lands.  And then you have the problem of maintaining the hold over the people and so in comes the intelligentsia, the hired intelligentsia who then know instinctively, intuitively, how to put across fear to get the people to obey.  Itís much better to rule people by having them comply with your obeyance and be obedient to the system rather than fight you all the time or rebel.  And so this is a very ancient technique.  And youíll find even today in the modern times so much money, all through the 20th century up to the present time, has been in sociology, etcetera, and behaviorism, has been into the study of all the histories of this plus into human nature itself because the one thing thatís on rulerís minds, it doesnít matter what kind of ruler you want to believe or rulership you are in, whether itís democracy or whether itís fascism, or communism, whatever it happens to be, they all used the same systems and they are all really front systems for the moneyed elite above them in all systems, even in the communist system.  And therefore the same systems that work will always be used.  They are all formula as Plata said even in his day.  And therefore fear they found is the best way to have people to comply.

We find in the Green Party in Britain for instance only about three or four years ago the women who was ahead at that time came out on the news and said that if only we could get the public into a war mode as they were during the Blitz in London, World War II, because everybody when the whistles went off and the sirens went off they ran into their shelters.  They were crammed into those shelters.  They were already on incredible rationing you know in Britain that lasted about ten years or eleven years.  People donít realize that rationing cards were still issued up until 1951 and but the people all complied because they were all believing that if they didnít comply theyíd all perish and so fear is the greatest motivation of all to get people to simply comply and be obedient.

Now the studies on behaviorism, and hereís the thing because itís really interesting, the experts today in behaviorism and neuroscience understand the fear mechanism perfectly well and theyíve also done extensive surveys into what worked in ancient times all through history to the present and including when a country was under attack from maybe three or four sources or they could have a plague ongoing, be at war with a foreign government, being threatened with invasion and so on.  And they found that people can only logically think, even the average individual, if you have no more than two major crises on the go simultaneously at the same time.  If you have any more than that you begin to break down and you look for answers from what you think are people who know.  So someone who comes along and says Iím an expert obey me, donít worry and they are very quiet and complacent and so on, you will trust them and you will give all your obedience to that person.  Thatís the system we are under today, yeah.

Neil:  And... "Neither a man nor a coward nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear."

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  Itís an emotional argument about any subject.  And of course fear is one of the greatest emotions. 

Alan:  It is.

Neil:  And then they are not thinking rationally or sanely.

Alan:  Yes itís a primitive, primal, emotion because itís to do with survivalism.  If you donít comply you will perish.  Thatís the simple statement thatís put out whether itís for an inoculation that rakes in millions or even billions for the Big Pharma companies like the Swine Flu vaccine that they had to stop dishing out eventually because it was killing too many people.  But things like that and we are seeing the same thing with the Ebola scare.

Since 9/11, hereís the key, since 9/11, that was the unrolling of the whole new sociological system of control over populations of many, many countries and they hope eventually the whole world for compliance under the new world state they have been pushing for, for years.  And they said when 9/11 happened, I think it was Cheney that came out or one of the guys came out at the top and said nothing will ever be the same again.  And that night on the air, it was on WWCR, I said, "The hardest thing to hold on to from now on...", from now on, and I meant it because I read all of their previous stuff building up to this, "...would be to hold on to your sanity as we go through this."  And weíve had nothing but crashes with the banks, the stock markets.  Youíve seen your currencies deliberately devalued all the time.  Your taxes have gone way up.  They brought in the Austerity Doctrine and I said at the time that the Austerity Doctrine really means that all of your spending money will go to bare essentials in the future.  Thatís the big agenda because this stuff is an open secret as H.G. Wells said.  They publish at the top and through the United Nations in all the different treaties they sign where they are taking you.  And at the same time weíve got Ebola on the go, fear of your lives, crashes, oh Al-Qaeda, now itís ISIS and a whole bunch of other things.  Itís the same group, but the average person canít cope with all of these fear mechanisms.

But Iíll tell you the best place to find the techniques of fear and how they are used today, and itís actually through marketing.  Marketers work with governments, the top ones do, the big corporations.  And theyíve done the most extensive studies of how to use fear to get folk to buy things for instance even right down to if you donít use this toothpaste your teeth are going to fall out, etcetera, etcetera.  Itís all to do with, itís not just vanity, itís actually fear that you are going to be the odd ball out here and look ugly, etcetera.  Or youíve got the little car there that has rust on it, small car, and hereís the big car passing you by and you feel that youíre a loser.  And thatís pushed in the advertising.

But it also comes down to all forms of selling everything today including alternative media.  And Iíve watched alternative media for many, many years and when it comes to the SARS nonevent that happened in Canada a few years back to the present thing with Ebola, they all go into hyper drive selling all of their products with again under fear.  An hour of terrifying you and hereís the antidote, buy this.  And the poor suckers go and buy it all hoping that itís going to save them possibly.  So they sell them legally, they actually sell them legally a form of hope, but not actual fact, you see, and itís a very ancient technique.

Remember Rockefellerís old man was a snake oil salesman and he used all of these techniques too.  So itís on the go today and everyone goes into hyper drive when it comes to fear.

Neil:  Yeah I lived an hour west from the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK.  And they are actually working with the mainstream media here, the Behavioural Insights Team, to psychologically scare people.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  To scare them for taxes.

Alan:  Oh yeah.

Neil:  And that in itself is an assault surely.

Alan:  I read that yeah.  Uh-huh.

Neil:  Yeah and they also {inaudible}, theyíve been doing it for the last year anyway, organ transplant.  If itís not fear, itís guilt.  You know they make you feel guilty. 

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  And also separately the Big Pharma stuff.  I mean the pharma shops here, I donít know what they are like over there.  But you donít get {inaudible} in the shots here you get {inaudible}.

Alan:  Thatís right, yeah.

Neil:  Itís constant.  I mean all of the signs in the {inaudible} to get a flu shot, get a shingles shot, get a pneumonia shot.  And I think I mentioned to you before that there was a big effigy of the Grim Reaper in the entranceway to the pharmacy for Halloween. 

Alan:  Uh-huh.  {Laughs}

Neil:  Yeah.  I got a nice photograph of that one next to the free flu shot sign.  I mean fear is, I mean it takes on many aspects.  I mean even family life you know going back to the vaccinations, you have to get your children vaccinated or something terrible is going to happen to them. 

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  Or you have all the womenís magazines telling you that youíve got to have this, youíve got to have this, or the women pester the man can we have this big TV or whatever it is you know we better keep up with the Jonesís.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  I mean it takes many, many different forms.

Alan:  Oh what they do, hereís the key to it you see, in commercial systems where the big guys who get up there at the top, they form cartels.  They are big gangs at the top, big corporate gangs.  And they have cartels and conglomerates where they all work together.  You must in this day and age work together at the top.  They donít really compete with each other at the top.  But the system itself forces everyone else to compete with each other even at the bottom.  Thatís the key to it all.  As you say, youíd better keep up with the Jonesís, what will your neighbors say?  Oh your fence isnít mended or your grass is too long, etcetera, etcetera.  Iíd better get a new lawnmower.  All these things are meant to, these are external motivational factors that are placed upon you and forced upon you by the commercial system in which you actually live. 

And so itís all to do with conform, conform, which means really purchase, purchase and have all the latest stuff so you can cut your grass, so you can earn enough money to fix the fence and all of this kind of stuff.  So you donít realize.  I mean I know people who are very elderly, very elderly, who went through the first Great Depression as they called it, and it wasnít the first one really at all but we will call it that because itís in the books.  And that was manipulated too of course by three guys at the top Gould and so on and J.P. Morgan.  But anyway some of their parents didnít have to actually earn physical money in the U.S. because there were no taxes as such as we think of them today.  They didnít have taxes on their property.  Many of them simply bartered.  If you wanted something from the dentist and you could do odd jobs or you could put in a new cupboard for them or something like that, thatís what they did.  And the rest of the time they simply sustained themselves.  They farmed their own land and sustained themselves.  But when FDR and all the rest of them came in and of course the big depression they were forced to start for the first time to get money to pay taxes.  And so the loophole was closed and now you are all forced to go along into the same corrupt system that we are in today and be a good taxpayer.  In fact itís one of the definitions of being a good citizen is to be a good consumer and producer according to the United Nations and of course a good taxpayer as well.  So all this talk about freedom is nonsensical when the various options you had, had been taken away from you by law you know.    

Neil:  Yeah itís quite ironic that if youíre keeping up with the Jonesís then you are going out and spending money you donít have.  

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  Then you start being fearful about not having any money. 

Alan:  Exactly.  The biggest problem today physically, one of the biggest problems apart from the junk food we eat and GMO and pesticides and the vaccinations that cause cancers and all the rest of it, one of the biggest problems we have is anxiety.  And anxiety itself is definitely going to shorten your life and cause a lot of problems.  Yeah.  Never mind social problems and interpersonal relationships and all the rest of it too.  

Neil:  Of course the interpersonal relationships I suppose is another aspect because you know women are trained to believe they have to have a certain figure, they have to look a certain way, they have to dress a certain way.

Alan:  Uh-huh.

Neil:  And now itís gone full circle whereby you walk into the supermarket or whatever and now the men have got whole aisles to themselves as well with creams and ointments.

Alan:  Yeah.

Neil:  And all this garbage.  And then they might say oh well I must look good to a women or whatever or she will run off with somebody else and all this kind of paranoia. 

Alan:  Yes.  And plus the fear factor of not earning enough money.  Because again if the feeling of security there, financial security is not there in a home, then of course it causes incredible problems and arguments and divorces, etcetera. 

Neil:  And of course media, media plays the major role in this kind of thing by promoting it from the, well on all levels of society from the tabloid papers to the so called broadsheets which are all becoming one and the same these days as I can see.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  There was an article up here the other day about Ebola, and itís not Ebola that you need to be scared of, itís the flu. 

Alan:  Uh-huh.  Uh-huh.

Neil:  And here we go, you know.

Alan:  Yeah.

Neil:  Some of the pictures have to be laughable and people, people buy into it.  I mean are people so kind of broken down and {inaudible} the amount of stuff thatís been bombarded down on them.

Alan:  We hereís the key to it.  Hereís the key to that because in the endless sociological studies on the general populations over well over 150 years now basically, they know that, and I liken it to a herd of cattle getting stampeded.  To get the cattle moving initially you have to instill some kind of fear and noises or gunshots like youíll see in old westerns.  Or some attack by wolves, something to get them motivated because they are just like people.  We like to graze in the same area, itís familiar, itís our home, blah, blah, blah.

Once you get them starting to run the trick is to keep them running.  And all you have to do then is get a couple of riders up front there to make sure, and to the sides of them, that you can actually steer where you want them to go.  Thatís why you call them a steer, the cow you know that you can guide where you want them to go.  And itís all done through fear and if they want to go in a different direction you just fire more guns off at the side of them or whatever it is and they will move off away from it, very simplistically to get away from these nasty lethal sounds.  And so thatís how the general population is today.  The more fear you can hit them with incessantly and keep it up, donít give them a chance to sit back and be comfortable for a while.  When we get comfortable we start to talk to each other rationally.  And when the government tries to push something we start to complain amongst each other initially and say well I donít really want to go along with this.  I kind of like the way it is right now. 

But what they have done since 9/11 is just one thing after another until you are petrified.  And thatís when they flood you with the experts, with expert opinions from economics to health, health, health, itís all over television.  All the so-called experts that come out and all guide you along this path where you will never be your own master of your own thoughts.  Thatís the key to it all, yeah.      

Neil:  I mean they bombard you with whatever it is, Ebola, ISIS, ISO, whatever, and they come up with a new thing, and something that was supposedly deadly serious two weeks ago and then suddenly it disappears.  And there is another thing itís constantly changing. 

Alan:  Exactly.

Neil:  And I mean Iíve noticed this myself in terms of talking to politicians, when you change to subject to them you see they canít think rationally either.

Alan:  Uh-huh.

Neil:  I mean there is almost a paradox in that.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  You get people with one thing just as they are kind of starting to get off of the initial fear, then something happens in its place.  As you say the public canít be allowed to get kind of complacent about it. 

Alan:  Yeah you have to keep them stampeding and guide them, always guide them by new experts in different fields, yeah.  And back in the 40ís and even the 30ís Bertrand Russell said the same thing, he said, we shall replace logic and reason amongst the general population by expert opinion on everything until they adopt expert opinion until a women canít change a diaper without expert opinion.  And thatís all been done.  Weíve been trained since birth, our whole generation, to listen to experts even when we see the physical evidence or the realistic evidence that their expert opinion was wrong last time they still fall for it the next time you know.    

Neil:  And they are never quite happy enough to put their names to things either.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  They are always unnamed.

Alan:  What you will find, thatís right, you see what theyíll do now, and I read the article about a year ago I think on the air, it was from the Pentagon and other places because it was to do in fact with handouts from government agencies in the U.S. especially.  But all governments are the same that theyíd replace individual reporting with simply handouts and they wouldnít sign from where it was from.  But it was all coming from the same ministries of information basically but under the guise of expert opinions.  And all the newspapers are putting in these big articles verbatim without question and so on.  They even did some open television interviews on some of the big stations a while back on that but itís all forgotten now.  But thatís how most things are coming out today.  Itís just expert opinions and, itís the same with the weather manipulators too and the geoengineering meetings they have all the time.  They actually smirk and laugh amongst themselves whenever they mention "one day we might do it", instead of admitting to the public yeah weíve been doing it for years and hereís the outcome. 

So we are living truly today in a kind of magic land of very high sciences all working at the same time, thousands of think tanks across the world working together to manipulate whole populations along the same path into a common world culture with a dominant minority at the top giving you your thoughts for the day for everyday of your life. 

Neil:  Itís funny when you read any of these articles it says that, an expert says.  Well an expert of what?

Alan:  Yeah.

Neil:  I mean expert is just a word.  He might not even have experience on the subject heís talking about.  They are just an expert you know. 

Alan:  Uh-huh.

Neil:  Anyway.

Alan:  Sure and Iíve said you know, Iíve said for years how come at least twice a century the big banks plunder you, premeditated plunder.  They plunder whole countries and nations and continents twice a century at least and they get off with it.  And the laws are never changed to stop it happening again.  Itís because they want that loophole and they want it to stay the same so they can do it again.  We are living in a fake system and thatís the key to it.  If we have all of these fantastic experts going to the top economic schools and so on how come they never see anything coming?  We are supposed to believe this, this nonsense.  They never see it coming.  Itís all a joke, yeah.

Neil:  {Inaudible} Itís usually the politicians that {inaudible}.  We are always told that these are the best people that we can get.

Alan:  Thatís right.  Yeah.  {Laughs}

Neil:  Theyíre all thinking about how much money theyíve got {inaudible}.  And they never will never do anything to get a decent job once they finish politics.  But if they are the best we can get then we might as well do it ourselves because they always mess it up.

Alan:  Thatís right. 

Neil:  Every time.

Alan:  Thatís the impression we are meant to have because the politicians themselves and it truly is, they are obsolete, and they have been obsolete for an awful long time.  I did shows years ago on that, from the big boys again and even back in the 60ís Quigley and other people, Professor Quigley said the same thing.  He said governments today are obsolete as they are projected to the public because the big corporate international corporation cartels who already ran the show back in the early 60ís and had been for long before that in fact.  And government goes to them for advice on everything.  So thatís how itís been for a long time.  Politics is a Punch & Judy show for the general population.  And sometimes youíll cheer Punch and sometimes Judy, and youíll throw rotten tomatoes at one or the other, and this is the game that they present to the public as being actually true.  The Pentagon has more say in the U.S. along with the big corporations than the politicians do.  And every politician knows it because they are all dependent on the corporations to back them when they want to run for congress or the senate.

Neil:  So they are in fear as well.

Alan:  Oh yeah.  They are all paid off when they get massive donations by millions of dollars from corporations.  They have many meetings with the different corporate leaders.  It isnít hereís a charitable donation, we believe in your cause and walk away.  No, hereís the deal, when you get in this is what youíll do for us.  I mean itís as simple as that, yeah.

Neil:  Yeah.  As we are on about the politicians thereís a great quote in one of the papers earlier in the week.  Itís on Brooks Newmark MP, American-born English MP.  He resigned because he was sending naked pictures of himself to various women across the world or something.

Alan:  Uh-huh.

Neil:   In online relationships.  And one of them, one of them said she was shocked because he was an MP and he wouldnít tell a lie. 

Alan:  {Laughs}

Neil:  That says it all.  Thatís how naive people really are.

Alan:  Yeah.  These are the lemmings over the cliff, yeah.

Neil:  I was also speaking to somebody on {inaudible} talking about you know Obama is the better of the two evils.  Iím thinking, well why are you voting for evil at all?

Alan:  Exactly.

Neil:  Why?  You know.  And that {inaudible}.

Alan:  If a system doesnít work regardless of the presentation that you are given to believe in, left wing, right wing, whatever it happens to be.  If the same agenda goes on regardless from the United Nations and treaties getting signed with deeper ties and binding, and no party ever comes in that changes it, then itís the same agenda.  The party system is nonsensical.  They are both the same.  They are all getting money to run you know, each individual in those parties, from the same sources.    

Neil:  Yeah and of course the public is basically in fear whatís coming next.  Oh my goodness that last one didnít do very well.  

Alan:  Exactly.

Neil:  We have to hope for the best.

Alan:  The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result when all you have seen in the past by doing the same things over and over is the same result.  

Neil:  Yeah.  Okay weíll stop there for a piece of music and then weíll come back and perhaps talk a little bit about the current and past state of the truth movement.  And youíve already brushed on how fear is used in that as well. 

Alan:  Oh yes.

Neil:  Weíll go to a piece of music if Steve can throw something on and Iíll come back and discuss that.


Neil:  Welcome back to Reality Bytes on the 16th of October with our guest Alan Watt.  We were discussing fear before the break and that manifested itself in the truth movement as well and not just in you know the instilling of fear by people in the truth movement on people who are listening or watching them but there is a lot of fear within people, not myself Iím not worried at all, but Iíve heard broadcasters say Iíd better not say this or Iíd better not say that or you know I donít like them putting my face in a TV picture or all this stuff in case the boys come to get me kind of thing. 

Alan:  Yeah.

Neil:  And what would you say to that?  I mean it seems pretty pointless to me.  If you are going to stick your head above the bar of it, leave it there and just go for it you know. 

Alan:  Yeah and Iíve told people before there is no point in getting paranoid about things because yeah they are monitoring everybody.  I mean the whole population even for people who are sitting and just watching pornography all day and being a good citizen by doing so by the way because thatís what they are pushing, is rubbish like that. 

They know everything about every single person.  And so even if you think that I better not say this or I better not say that and keep myself clean, they still know whatís going on around you because youíll have little comments out to your friends and so on.  You have no idea of how many ways you are spied upon, even when you are out walking in the town.  And itís not just cameras they have up, they have little mikes, incredible great little mikes up too that can hear you talking in a doorway two hundred yards away automatically. 

So I mean no, they know all about you by your chats and your texting and all the rest of it.  They know exactly whatís happening in your head.  So donít be paranoid about it.  And by the way they are not worried about most folk anyway believe you me.  They are not worried at all. 

But for the totalitarian system everyone must be utterly predictable.  And thatís why the average Joe is being completely monitored with all of their records of phone calls and all the rest of it too and yada, yada, yah, including what they watch on television, etcetera.  So forget that, there is no safety unless you become a hermit on top of a mountain somewhere you know. 

Neil: I read a couple of articles from I think it was the Guardian last week and when the British government was stating that we needed more power to snoop on people because you know we just donít know who is a terrorist anymore, blah, blah, blah.  And in the same paper was an article telling parents that they shouldnít snoop on their children because they will feel untrusted.  I mean thereís the hypocrisy.  We can get spied on by the government but we have to trust the government.   

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  And it said that parents arenít allowed to monitor their childrenís behavior on the internet. 

Alan:  I know but in the same token they are using the old technique that the Soviets first used or the Bolsheviks and Soviets and then the Nazis and other totalitarian systems that they are encouraging the children to spy on their parents.  I mean itís beautiful, isnít it?  It is hypocrisy of course but itís an ancient technique, itís even in the Old Testament in one place too how they would turn the children against their parents, etcetera. 

And so this technique has been used down through many, many ages.  And itís very easy to do in a totalitarian type system especially to children who really are, I donít care what they say today, no, they are not just little adults, they are little children.  And they donít have the wisdom and their brain hasnít even stopped maturing and growing and so on.  So no, donít pretend they are little equals to you.  This is a recent development.  Children need guidance and if you donít give them guidance by the way thatís when the totalitarians step in because children automatically seek something that gives them security and itís the very firm adamant, confident, type leader.  And thatís how totalitarian leaders get the followings.  You see all of these techniques are being used today, yep, even through the school systems.      

Neil:  Yeah and now they are getting the children to sing the kind of, itís not even the national anthem, itís a song for the president or the song for the prime minister.

Alan:  Yeah itís a form of worship.  And religions are used too where they are taught to pray for presidents and all the rest of it, etcetera.  So everything today truly is a joke in a sense.  Itís all a front and even the...  We havenít know what a single person has been like, a politician has truly been like for about seventy years because public relations took over a long time ago through marketing and through photo ops and preplanned write-ups by script writers until the president or prime minister simply reads the lines written by someone else, a quick photo op and heís gone again somewhere else.  Itís just a showpiece.  You might as well get a dummy, I mean thatís all they really are is a dummy you know.

Neil:  I was watching Cameron giving a speech the other day and you know they are supposed to speak from the heart and head and all the rest of it but the amount of time these guys actually have to look down and read off their piece of paper is incredible.  I mean they canít seem to get through one sentence without having to look down and remember what they have to say. 

Alan:  Well thatís the key because you see when they get off the script they make incredible gaffs, they slip up.  And they are constantly being told to stick to the script.  In fact when Ronald Regan was in, that was a really good example because he liked to chat away, and heíd get off the script and heíd start smiling and joking and so on and talking away and you could hear his wife in the background "Ronnie, Ronnie, read the script, read the script".  That was live.  Since then theyíve really stepped it up until they stick to the script. 

Obama is perfect.  I mean he is trained in basic deportment you see.  And he knows the gestures.  He is shown what gestures to make, and that takes hours of training, I mean hundreds of hours of training in front of a mirror just like a singer, thatís what they do.  And to get the right gestures to match the part in the script and these are all professional teams that come in and all advise him and show him and step by step how to go through it.  Thatís how everything is today, everywhere.   

Neil:  Yeah itís funny how there was a press conference held on Ebola there I think it was about a week ago, and you talk about getting off script, when they walked out of the door, through the door at the back of the kind of podium thing one of the guys still had his mike on and said we are screwed on this Ebola thing.  You know and thatís it.  They know that they are standing up and telling a pack of lies and if somebody can just get them to get off script then as you say they make mistakes and I know that for a fact because as I told you before when in the Irish parliament talking to a so called green minister and he just kept changing the subject as he got into his mantra and he basically after about fifteen minutes just stood up and said I canít do this anymore Iíve got to leave.

Alan:  Yes.  In fact you know last year in the British papers there was an article, most of the papers carried it, that all MPs were given a grant by again their own government gives them a tax money grant to give them acting lessons.  Now part of it as a standard technique they have used for an awful long time since FDRís day, when they are asked questions that kind of unseat or unnerve them they tell them donít answer that question the way itís presented, answer it the way you had liked to have been asked or about that question or even a similar type question but slightly slanted off.  In other words answer the question you wish they had asked you.  Thatís why when you hear the reporter is asking questions they never get an answer that seems to coincide remotely close to what they have just been asked.  {Laughs}  And they all do that.  

Neil:  Yeah Iíve seen them kind of redirect, itís called redirecting or something, isnít it? 

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  And they come out with this spiel, Iím glad you asked that question.

Alan:  Yes.  {Laughs}

Neil:  And then they answer something completely different.

Alan:  Exactly, yeah.

Neil:  Yeah.

Alan:  So whatís the point in having them?  Whatís the point in having politicians in?  

Neil:  They are entertainment I guess.

Alan:  You see if you didnít have the politicians there you would have to accept you are under a very clever, sophisticated, scientific form of total control.  And thatís what they donít want you to know yet. 

Neil:  Yeah I mean if you are listening to these guys long enough you realize that they are not intelligent people really.  I mean they are good at talking but there is nothing behind that kind of faÁade.  But I mean that faÁade is what keeps people in fear because they are pushing this as a genuine health scare or terrorist threat or whatever it is.  And they grab us with all the hand signals and they have this specific hand signal with the four fingers sticking out and the thumb is always up.    

Alan:  Thatís right.

Neil:  And they are pushing it towards you and they all do it, they all do it.

Alan:  They all do it.  They are all taught the same deportment by the same professional teams.  Remember when Margaret Thatcher got in?  If you listened to her before, yeah when she ran initially and heard her name for the first time, her voice was high pitched, she talked very fast, her hair was completely different.  They sent Ronald Reaganís PR team over to remake her image.  And they gave her the complete hairdo, it was in the papers at the time, and they gave her elocution lessons and how to speak much deeper and like a man and things like that, and so on.  And they completely gave her, completely, a complete makeover.  And that was whole teams of professionals in deportment and speech and so on and acting.  And thatís done with every single major politician. 

Neil:  I kind of look at Hillary Clinton sometimes and think the way she is holding her head and everything, itís kind of like Margaret Thatcher, while kind of looking down on people kind of a thing.  And Iíve gone across the board as well and Cameron to a lesser extent.  I donít know if thatís just because heís short or what, I donít know.

But getting back to the fear thing somebodyís in the chat box talking about religion and politics and I mean religion in some countries more than others, religion is very heavily linked to politics and I lived in Ireland for a while so I saw it there and in terms of the Eastern countries where they have the religions over there and would those religions in those countries have the same kind of power in the political systems?

Alan:  Absolutely.  Again too hereís a thing thatís never touched on amongst the general population but itís well known with the ones at the top who study ethnology and anthropology and so on, if you look at China, Chinaís history is absolutely incredibly ancient.  And even three thousand years ago they had tried in different little areas or regions of China they tried communism, fascism, socialism, all the ďismsĒ of today they tried it way back then.  And they found that with the particular mindset and mentality of the Chinese people for instance that Confucianism and devotion towards a common cause, which is all of us basically, is the best way to motivate them to obey and comply.  And teaching of shame because Chinese people are very family oriented basically, very, very strong.  And youíll find that shame works the same with the family as it does to the nation.  And shame is always pushed on the person who lets the side down you might say. 

So they have a form of religion to an extent but basically a form of you might call it philosophy, which is drummed into them.  And partially perhaps even genetic because youíll find the studies, again we are the most studied species on the planet, over and over with the same studies.  And youíll find that language itself dictates your reasoning to a great extent and your behavior.  And with Chinese people and even when you look at, different parts of their brains will light up when they are doing mathematics, from say westerners.  Or going through reading certain things in the hieroglyphic type writing, the old type writing, different parts of the brain light up compared to us reading our basic Arabic type and Greek scripts. 

So we are affected by so many things that the general population are kept dumb about but language itself can really alter your reasoning power as well.  In fact you cannot, you couldnít fool a caveman.  A caveman had his little cave, heíd have a wife and maybe a child or something and heíd be off hunting there with his big club and if a tax man came in, he could never convince that caveman to give up his home or to allow that cave to be measured so he could get taxed so the guy could take half his meat away from him.  The guy, the caveman, would bash him on the head.  In other words he couldnít be fooled by language.  It wouldnít work on them you know if they didnít understand it.  Itís only when you start to understand a common language and thatís why itís so important when you study language itself and grammar.  I used to wonder why the incredible science behind just basic grammar.  Itís because it was so important from the ancient times to the present.  The Greeks knew this.  It all dictated the way that you would think and how youíd be easily programmed to think about any particular topic put out to you in an expert way.  And that really decides our reasoning and our motivations and how we will behave in the future on any different particular topic. 

So language itself is a form of programming, similar to a computer to an extent in that the way that words are strung together and again with the visual and everything else that goes along with it, presentation of fear or wonder or whatever it happens to be, they can put it across in such a way that they can guarantee you at the end of a one hour show we will have all pretty well the same opinion on a well-produced con no matter what the con happens to be.  But our reasoning will bring us to that because we are dependent upon the format of the language as it is presented to us to come to our reasoning decisions.  

Neil:  Yeah and of course political correctness is the tool thatís used to make people fearful of saying the wrong thing. 

Alan:  Absolutely.

Neil:  Thatís what kind of got us to there.  Thereís a quote from Aristotle as well just to finish off, "He who has overcome his fears would truly be free".  Would you say thatís a true statement Alan?

Alan:  Yes and in reality it is "The truth shall set you free".  The old ancient thing that was copied even into the bible from previous civilizations because it doesnít mean it will make you physically free under any kind of system it simply means that the only freedom you truly have is in your own mind.  But at least it is yours.  If you can reclaim your mind as yours thatís the freedom that you have.  They can still go for you, they can tie you up, they can torture you, they can kill you, starve you to death, whatever it happens to be but at least you know whatís happening as opposed to the person like Winston in "1984" that eventually crumbles and believes heís the cause of all his own misfortunes.  Itís not his misfortunes at all, he was trying to use reason, but he didnít realize that the whole key is to hang on to your own reason and logic to the very end.  Thatís the only freedom you have, yeah.

Neil:  Just to finish off thereís a question in the chat box here from Ross to do with music.  Is backmasking in music or subliminal messaging guaranteed to induce fear if that the intent of the message, if not what is the best antidote to it?

Alan:  Backmasking was a bit of a con when it was put out there.  The whole culture and media worked together as fashion magazines, write-ups on say pop, rock, whatever it happens to be, etcetera.  It all works together and to create an image thatís really fake about a group or person or whatever it happens to be.  But so they would put out their own occult stuff that guarantees youngsters will really look into it to see what the singer is up to or this band is up to.  It made them more popular.  It is still used today with some singers like Gaga and so on.  So there is nothing really intriguing to me about that.  I understand why they do it.  Itís just to make them more popular and different from the rest you see.  And youngsters like to be fascinated by scary stuff.  But you donít need that to induce fear.  The studies that have been done on music and drama and all the rest of it and on fear creation is phenomenal.  And they know for instance if they want to induce the same feelings that fear brings on like sweating, you can have dilation of the pupils, fight and flight syndrome, you get the beat right, you match the average heart beat in a dance hall for instance, you start to steadily slowly increase that beat, your heart will start to keep up with it.  Your blood pressure goes up and youíll get the same symptoms of fear even though you donít see anything that literally terrifies you consciously. 

So it can be induced simply through the music itself.  So this is a very old system and Iíve done talks before, they should go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com archives and listen to some of the talks Iíve done on the big creators of this system that worked with the top behaviorists and sociologists.  In other words you can create any kind of feeling by stimulating the effects of the feeling one by one, give them the effects and then the actual feeling will come upon them as though there was a real thing to be afraid of.  Or it can make you horny or whatever as they know in the movie business.  They can affect all these things so simply by simply inducing the effects one by one until they all come together and then youíll have the actual real experience as though something was scaring the hell out of you and you should start running.

Neil:  Yeah.  Okay just to finish off I suppose.  We are coming up to the Halloween season where people are actually now paying to be scared.  So there you go.  {Laughs}

Alan:  Yes.  Halloween, yeah.

Neil:  Or you get on these rides at the fairground and terrify yourself plummeting at sixty miles an hour on a couple of rails and then throw up at the bottom and wonder whatís wrong with you. 

But anyway, okay.  Thanks again Alan for your time and sorry about the delays at the start itís one of those things.  I think next month or very shortly we are going to move on to a different system and try it out.

Alan:  Yes.

Neil:  And get away from Skype all together. 

Alan:  Okay.

Neil:  Okay.  Iíll talk to you again.  I think it was the 13th of November if I remember right.  And weíll talk to you again. 

Alan:  Okay you take care now. 

Neil:  Okay.  Thanks a lot.  Cheers.

Alan:  Bye now.

Neil:  Bye.

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