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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix. Newcomers, look into and download lots of talks and distribute them in fact. Copy and burn them and hand them out to people and they're so cheap now, the discs, you can – it doesn't matter how many don’t even bother listening to them. Occasionally a person here or there will and that's how they get in touch with you eventually, if you put your number on them. Look into for transcripts that you can download too and pass around in the various languages including English of Europe. It's December 10th, 2007.


Before I go into what everyone has been talking about recently and that is the new carbon taxes and the penalties they want to hit on you if you have too many children; extra money. It's just a form of the head tax that they had already when Margaret Thatcher was in Britain, just a different name for it. Any old reason will do to penalize you and to make you very poor. However, today I was changing my telephone plan, the long distance one and it's through Bell, Big Bell, Ma Bell, and you have the automatic runaround with the various automatic answers and questions and replies. In one part they said could you speak into this and say a sentence or something for voice print identification for future security reasons and of course I just kept quiet and then this automatic responder that's programmed for all your different reactions said "we can return to that later." So there you go. Now this isn't new because they've been taking our voice prints since the 1950's. They just didn't tell you. Now they're telling you to get you used to the fact that everything is being monitored. They want us all to know now. This is the age where all that was hidden will be shouted from the rooftops, all that was secret about you, that is, not about who's running the world. It's all to do with training you to automatically respond and accept that you're just a meaningless little servile slave, a little worm, when authority asks for whatever they ask for, which is usually a demand. We're all getting voice printed all the time and the National Security Association has been doing it since the 1950's.


Now the main topic of course and that came out in Australia first, something that is quite amazing because Australia used to be quite an independent country with rugged individuals; and that was the key, it was individuals. They've changed over the years, too, like all countries, all countries that come under the Royal Institute for International Affairs. I'm going to read a little newspaper article here from  It's about the carbon tax, to save the planet, mind you, and it's put out by some doctor into some medical journal about saving the planet and how to penalize the public for the carbon taxes according to how many children you have. It's like that Police song. Interesting song by The Police, I'll Be Watching You". It also had "Every Breath You Take" in it, and it should be "I'll be Taxing You". I'll be back with more about this after the following messages.


Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and just talking about the latest gimmick to penalize people who are having more than one child. We know that the United Nations said China would be the model state for the world, where they already do that. They drag off the mother and they have forced abortions if they know it is a second pregnancy because she's being anti-social, you see, anti-social by stealing the food from other people. This is the gimmick they use there. There's lots of gimmicks in use but it goes much, much further back because after World War II they hadn't killed enough of the people of the world and the big foundations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs has so many branches specializing in everything to do with your food, transport, everything you can imagine. They plan the future and they work hand in glove with all the other institutes. They came out with the "baby boomer problem" that would hit around the year 2000 and how there would be just too many people because everyone that came back from the war, World War II, suddenly got married and just churned out children and they had a great old time. The problem would be they are just too many people down the road and then they would breed and that's why they went into overdrive on finding ways to limit and slow and actually reduce population, the massive push for abortion; they founded the organizations that spearheaded this.


Margaret Sanger was one of the ones who was in support of Hitler and communism and every other totalitarian regime. She was the one who wanted mandatory abortions by the Eugenics Society and funded by all the big trusts and foundations, and that's what you'll find with all these movements. They go way, way back in time, way back in time. Killing people off in World War II wasn't enough. They wanted new ways to kill off more and more people and actually introduce it into the culture. Make it a custom almost, like a habit, and sure enough, in the Soviet Union they didn't bother giving the birth control pill there. They just gave them as many abortions as required and that's almost the same way here now in the Western world.


This is and it says:


             "Tax Babies to Save the Planet".


Alan:  Where have we heard that before?


             "Couples who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax to offset their extra offspring's carbon dioxide emissions, a medical expert…"


Alan:  There it is: "expert says," a medical expert. I guess he breathes the same as us, or maybe not as much.


             "The report in an Australian medical journal called for parents to be charged $5000 a head for every child after their second, and an annual tax of up to $800. And couples who were sterilised would be eligible for carbon credits…"


Alan:  Carbon credits.


             "…under the controversial proposal. Perth specialist Professor Barry Walters…"


Alan:  Now people should check him out. He will be a member of the Royal Australian Institute for International Affairs. That's their branch and he's been told to say this and bring it to the public attention.  It says:


             "…was heavily critical of the $4000 baby bonus, saying that paying new parents extra for every baby fuelled more children, more emissions and "greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour". Instead, it should be replaced with a "baby levy"…"


Alan:  I like "levy," how they're going to levy taxes. It comes from Levi, to lift up. They were the ones who carried the ark, the big joke, you know the ark, the big secret; and so everything is Levied. It's levied up.


             "…in the form of a carbon tax in line with the "polluter pays" principle, he wrote in the latest Medical Journal of Australia. "Every family choosing to have more than a defined number of children should be charged a carbon tax that would fund the planting of enough trees to offset the carbon cost generated by a new human being," said Prof Walters, an obstetrician at King Edward Memorial Hospital."


Alan:  Now you know what his main job is, don't you? It won't be to bring people into the world, at least breathing.


             "Sustainable Population Australia suggested a maximum of two, he said."


Alan:  Well so what, so what. I mean don't we all have a say in this? We're so used to having groups talk for us. People just sit back quietly now and they shut up and that's the problem. That's the problem. We've all been trained like a big herd that these other groups with fancy names will do all the talking for you, until you just go down to sleep and you play like a child your whole life.


It goes on to say:


             "By the same reasoning, contraceptives like diaphragms and condoms, as well as sterilisation procedures, should attract carbon credits…"


Alan:  So if you have abortions and all the rest of it or get sterilized, they'll give you carbon credits. Now I said that a few years ago, that one day the children, through school training and massive indoctrination of falsity, will volunteer to save Mother Earth by being sterilized and they'll get little credits and little gold stars for doing it. Well, here it is right there you see, because this is an old, old agenda and I've been watching it for donkey's years.


It goes on to say:


             "As doctors, I believe we need to think this way," he wrote in a letter to the journal. "As Australians I believe we need to be less arrogant."


Alan:  Oh, really? Listen to this big cheese talking, "less arrogant." Now here's the big kicker. He's giving you a clue who he is here.


             "As citizens of the world…"


Alan:  Now that's the World Citizen Association from the Rockefeller Institute. That's what gets handed out there, World Citizenship awards, and most of the bigwigs at the United Nations have been given that from the Rockefeller Foundation. He's telling you he's a member of the CFR, the Royal Institute for International Affairs.


He says:


             "I believe we deserve no more population concessions than those in India or China."


Alan:  The guy is also racist.


             "Garry Eggers, director of the NSW Centre for Health Promotion and Research, agreed with the call, saying former treasurer Peter Costello's request for three children per family - "one for mum, one for dad and one for the country" - was too single-minded. "Population remains crucial to all environmental considerations," wrote Professor Eggers, a leading advocate of the personal carbon trading debate."


Alan:  This guy is getting paid off. He's probably got a grant from the United Nations as well.


             "The debate (around population control) needs to be reopened as part of a second ecological revolution…"


Alan:  We should be very careful and remember the Club of Rome were the first ones to publish a book called "The First Global Revolution" to do with using the environment. It says there right in it that they were dreaming about different things to unite the planet to get the public to do what they were told basically and help to reduce the population et cetera and that's all in there too, "The First Global Revolution".


This one here says:


"…part of a second ecological revolution."


Alan:  Second. So the introduction of the pill, all the so-called services they now want to make mandatory, that's what they're talking about here and sterilization mandatory. That also includes a eugenicist list of people who should be allowed not to be sterilized, meaning the superior types, you see, and those who have less purpose for society in general – they can't serve society, they should be sterilized. This is all following on the tail of this. I guarantee it. You'll hear about it shortly.


             "…Family groups rejected the calls, saying larger families used less energy than smaller ones and should not be penalised."


Alan:  See, here's your groups. You always have the ones pro and con. They always give you two sides.


"…Family groups…"


Alan:  You've got Family groups, capital F. It means professional Family groups associations.


"…reject the calls, saying larger families used less energy…"


Alan:  Now right away they take you off the obvious answer that you should probably give, you see. In other words, Family groups should reject the carbon tax completely. Throw it out the window instead of twisting it off to the nether regions and accepting there should be a carbon tax in the first place, but not using it to penalize certain people. That's how they've bent it here. That's what the official oppositions do. They should toss that one out the window and people better scream bloody murder now before it's too late, because if you allow this to go through they'll be on a roll to compulsory (and I'm not kidding) sterilization. It's been so well documented and so many books put out by the big professionals themselves, the people who belong to these world associations. The United Nations has prattled on about it since it was called the League of Nations. They had a Department of Population Control there.


What do you think population control means?


The United Nations has the same board, population control. They don't sit on their hands making wish lists of things they'd love to do. They're paid big money. They have think tanks employed. They come up with strategies and they're given budgets to advertise their strategies into your brain through marketing companies for you to accept it and modify your behavior, and they will bring the population down by any means possible. They've already got control of the entire food supply of the planet by the five agri-food businesses. The entire food supply. Everything that you need to exist is owned by a few who are all part of a big association. Really, they're all one. They're all departments of a world system, a world government. They're not independent at all. They're not independent corporations. They were set-up and funded and brought off the ground into their present size by one single source with the task of taking over everything you need for survival on this planet.


The CIA is only a branch of it. MI6 is only a branch of it. All the other alphabet soup agencies like FEMA, they're only branches of the same thing. The Carnegie and the Ford and the Rockefeller Foundations and all the other ones in Britain and the Guggenheim and all the rest of it, are all part of one system and each one has its following of doers and the massive followers that don't even know what's going on. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back Cutting Through this old Matrix and just showing you that "everything is timing" as they say at the top and how they start leaking this sort of stuff out, getting you familiar with it and then giving you official groups that will oppose it. At least you think they will and you'll sit back and do nothing. That's the standard technique for about 100 years and it's worked so well every time. The people sit back and watch it happening and of course it does happen because the official opposition groups always get to some strange compromise and go off on a different tangent than the one that you thought they were actually following – so stand up yourselves and bung that tax out the window.


Don't accept the tax at all because it's going to be the big stick that's going to put you into the ground. It's going to literally stomp you into the ground paying all these ridiculous taxes because they'll think of a thousand reasons for other taxes that will follow. They already have them already to go. They accept one at a time and you've had it, so throw this one out, this anti-humane. It's anti-human, period. It's against humanity. If you can't get the message of what I just read, this is anti-human. That means anti-you and anti-your offspring, so if you believe in life itself, including your own, tell them to toss it out – demand they toss it out the window. Completely out the window. It's a complete farce. It's built on nothing substantial at all. All this bogus science hasn't been proven any way at all that we're causing it, so toss it out the window. They claim there's been many, many ice ages, warming periods in between, and even their own official sites will tell you they had ice ages and warming periods, global warming, in between them for thousands and thousands of years, maybe millions, long before man was even on the planet. Well, who was letting off the gasses back then, if we weren't there? The dinosaurs maybe? Did they tax them? It's all bunkum. Throw it out, throw it out and don't even entertain a debate about it. Just throw it out and say it's anti-human.


Now we've got Chris from Texas there. Are you there, Chris? Hello Chris.


Chris:  Hello man.


Alan:  How are you?


Chris:  Doing good. How you doing?


Alan:  Getting by.


Chris:  Great. I've got a question for you regarding the Bible, the scriptures. My question is like in the Book of First Kings they had a system of and also in the Book of Judges they had a system of government where there were judges over a certain number of people, and the story goes they insist on having a king and God warned them if you have a king you're going to have taxation. You're going to have them take your sons off to war and so on and so forth; and like other things I read in the Bible, like in the New Testament, the New Testament churches after Paul went on his missionary journey, he would send out evangelists and they would set-up churches and they were to be autonomous. They were to have an autonomous form of government and there's nothing in the Bible that would warrant any kind of a centralization, so it seems to me like all throughout the Bible I see different things that are kind of anti any kind of a central control. You can even look at the Tower of Babel where they started to come together, centralized power, and then God you know sent them out, confused their language, so it seems like the Bible is very much against that system.


Alan:  See, there's two ways to read it. There's two ways to read that Bible. Remember that Bible has been brought in for every president all the way from New York by eight members of the High Lodge when the president is sworn in, that same Bible. It's a Masonic Bible, and you look at it one way because you've been trained to from birth to see it one way. They, having the abilities and also being taught once they get up the degrees (at least the ones who are worthy get up the degrees), they're taught the real meanings of it and what the real meanings are of this system – it's how to manage human people, masses of human people. What they tell you right there is, what they're showing you is that most people have one big weakness. They have quite a few actually. That's one of them, in that they'd rather worship a human god that walks around and promises to take care of them, to do it all for them; and that's what a king is. They're telling you that they’ll always go for this leader stuff if they get one. It's no different from voting for a prime minister or a president. It's the same thing. It's infantile. You're handing all that right and power to make laws to affect you and everyone else to a total stranger and you're taught to believe that person is altruistic somehow, different from the rest of the people. They're multi-billionaires, most of them, or millionaires. They clawed their way up there, or their ancestors did, by hook and by crook, but you think somehow they're going to take care of you. That's infantile. It's the same con, but they're telling you that people would rather worship two-legged heroes than follow some invisible deity that touched their heart in some way. That's what they're telling you right there. There's two ways to read everything in that book, you see. It's the same with all of it. Slavery is condoned in it, slavery up to the fifth generation to pay off the debt; and if your child was born while you were in slavery, that child also belongs to the slave master. There are a thousand things in there, that when you realize what it's all about, it's about a control; and even Jacob gets all the preferences for stealing the birthright of his brother and blessed by God for doing it. I'll be back with more after these messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix and just to finish up with that last caller there, I just wanted to mention that there's an esoteric side of the Bible. It's all through it. It's a rule book. That's why the Masons have it on their temples, that old black book, the book of the law. If you understand how it works, it's telling you the system and what you are allowed to get away with in that system, if you are a member of the right group. That's why they use it in freemasonry. If you were to follow every rule in the Old Testament you'd be in an awful, awful place of confusion and I'll tell you a little joke about that, which is a true.


It's a true joke, before going on to Patty, and this says – this is from the Leviticus, if you were to follow it. "Leviticus 25 verse 44 states that I may indeed possess slaves." This is addressed to Dr. Laura, who's always quoting little bits, selective, mind you, of the particular Old Testament. "Leviticus 25:44 states that I made indeed purchase slaves both males and females provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans but not Canadians. Can you clarify why I can't own a Canadian?" That's an open letter to Dr. Laura, who's always quoting selective parts. You could use all the other stuff she omits and ask her the questions. You cannot be selective. If you understand they system that existed back then, you will understand the forces that are behind the system today.


Now we've got Patty from Illinois on the phone. Are you there, Patty?


Patty:  Hello. Hi Alan. Just to kind of go along with what you're talking about, last Tuesday I attended the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the man speaking his name was Walter Russell Mead. He was a Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for the U.S. Foreign Policy Council on Foreign Relations, so this meeting was sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. They talked with the Road to 2008 American Leadership in an Uncertain World and interesting when he first got up, he stated that they're a very small group that meet, because he's part of the Round Table groups and he mentioned that, that this is a very small group and he was glad to be in Chicago meeting with his colleagues there and basically his whole talk was about bringing the Anglo-American system to the world, and he kept calling it a system. He used a lot of catch phrases, like you said in freemasonry, "bringing order out of the chaos." He also made some comments that if the Americans don't continue bringing and using God and bringing it to other countries and our system, even though we have to be kind and nice about it, we need to bring it, that catastrophes would fall on America if we didn't continue bringing these systems in. He also stated that other countries, countries that won't bring in this Anglo-American system will probably perish.


Alan:  Will probably. They probably will. They'll make sure of that.


Patty:  It was quite amazing really to sit there listening and the way he talked kind of reminded me of that audio you have on Aldous Huxley just saying all these things as if this is a natural evolution. He wasn't talking like there was any real powerful people, but that it was somehow some American, British, all us normal people, just want to run around and do this kind of stuff, you know.


Alan:  That's right. It's evolving happenstance, happenstance evolution. That's right, it's all just happening through some strange unknown force of nature


Patty:  He was promoting his book, "God and Gold: Britain and America and the Making of the Modern World." It was interesting, it was kind of expensive but I wanted to go, I heard about it and a friend asked me to go, so I thought well this would be kind of interesting. I did ask a question. I was a little bit nervous but I did say to him, because he kept saying we're spreading democracy and everything, and I asked him. I said, his colleagues had written, devoted a whole Foreign Affairs magazine to the rise of China and in it they stated that in fact that they used to believe that democracy would bring freedom and economic stable countries, but that China now was proof that you no longer needed a democracy to have an economic giant, that you could a totalitarian dictatorship; so I asked him, since his own people said that you know a booming economy can be from a totalitarian dictatorship and given that Americans getting more and more, you know with the Patriot Act I and II, more and more laws, regulations and less freedoms, does it seem kind of odd that we're trying to go round the world promoting democracy?


Alan:  That's right. You see democracy has never had a stable definition in its history.


Patty:  He didn't like my question very much.


Alan:  That's right and this is the thing too. One the high members of the Trilateral Commission from Harvard University, who wrote a lot of books on behalf of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, was Samuel P. Huntington. He wrote a book called "Crisis of Democracy" where he said because of exactly what you're talking about, they'd have to change the entire system for the whole world and promote it through a thousand different organizations and it would take massive propaganda to encourage the public along this path. It's a good book, Crisis of Democracy, by Professor Samuel P. Huntington, right from the horse's mouth, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. They tell you right in there the kind of system, exactly what you're talking about too, a sort of benevolent dictatorship for the world, where your betters would know what's best for you and decide what you'd do for your whole life, from birth to death.


Patty:  He also went on about how technology was advancing so rapidly that that would also be used.


Alan:  Whatever is dished out now they had back in the '40's and '50's, it's just that they hadn't told us, so they know the score. They've planned it this way and shortly you'll see the marshal law. It's starting to step out now. It's not just on the books. We'll see it in the streets shortly. They're actually searching people going in and out of subways now. That's the start of it and so it's on a complete roll and if the public don't stop – actually, if the public start not cooperating with them now it's the only chance they've got, because it's going to get worse very quickly.


Patty:  That's true, very quickly, because they're very sure of themselves. He was very, very arrogant.


Alan:  Extremely so; and that's the greatest time actually to get these characters, when they're in a high of arrogance. They don't expect people to come forward and scattered all over the planet and start saying, "No, no. We're not having it this way. We never elected you to do these things"; and these guys, most of them, are not elected anyway. They're advisers and they have no more say in how the world should go than anyone else on the planet and we've got to start forcing that through there. They have no more say or rights over anyone else or how anyone else should live than anyone else has or you have over your neighbors. That's basically how it should be and it's got to be or we're doomed.


Patty:  Yes. I've known people who have stood up and they have faced a big penalty for it.


Alan:  Yes you will, but if more and more people start doing it, eventually they can't keep up with it. They can't put enough people in jail. They can't fine them enough. They don't have enough courts to handle it and they really hate being exposed. You see the whole trick of the Wizard of Oz is that he's behind that curtain. He's under a veil – it's almost a separation from the public and himself. He has a badge in front of him, you might say. It's got authority given to him that we are all taught to respect, but like all authority, it's only an idea. It's only an acceptance of the public. That's where they get their authority ultimately from, and what they're trying to do is turn it into the social infantile system where you view your parents in awe. You look at your parents in absolute awe when you're very, very small, they're gods to you; and that's what they're trying to do is bring that system back and make us perpetual children and to view them as somehow giants and superior as parental type figures, and we've got to put the balance back and say oh no. You go to the bathroom the same way as I do. You drop your pants on the toilet the same as I do and you're no different whatsoever, regardless of what little title some idiot has given you, but you have no say in what I do with my life or how I should live my life; and that's what we've got to tell them now.


Patty:  Yes. It was amazing because there really wasn't anybody challenging him. It was really a woman who introduced him she acted like she was introducing God himself or something.


Alan:  There you go. That's exactly what it is.


Patty:  It's very strange.


Alan:  That's what Bertrand Russell said, we shall create a world run by experts, and he also mentioned the groups that would form and they'd be devoted to them, devoted followers that would help. They'd be all the workers, the useful idiots that would bring it into being and we're seeing it. We've grown up in this society with this happening before we were born. Now it's on a roll, but when they're so arrogant and they start making their declarations, that's when you have to remember, wait a minute here. They're supposed to be serving us, everybody we elect. I keep telling people that you don't elect anybody to anything, even your local council, until their whole life and every association they belong to and have sworn allegiance to is on the table. If they won't give it to you then they should not be able to run at all for any position.


Patty:  I'm hopeful that maybe things will change but when you were talking about that having them pushing having the one child again and everything, I already hear people talking that they think certain people that probably shouldn't have children.


Alan:  That's right. I remember hearing my own family saying it to me.


Patty:  They're already talking about it and it's like oh, my gosh you know.


Alan:  That's the whole thing. This is control freak time and the control freaks even at the bottom level who've watched all the same television shows and propaganda will always side with those that they see as the most powerful and they all adopt their views as well. Of course, they always think that they're superior than their neighbors and somehow it doesn’t affect them. Of course it will affect them, and that's what they always find out in the long run, it affects everyone down at the bottom, but not the elite. That's the only ones that it won't affect. However, this starting off with children is to get the children used to it, because the generation that will come up in 10 years will be told that if you get sterilized, after massive indoctrination into saving the planet, then they're doing the world a favor and they will get exemptions from heavy taxes and so on. Little brownie points if they're good citizens.


Patty:  It's unbelievable. But I was at the doctor's office and there was a cartoon on. I didn't know what the name of the cartoon at the time was but I researched it later and I guess it's a popular cartoon called "The Fairly Odd Parents" or something. It's a Nickelodeon cartoon and the guy in it tells this little kid, "Eat your genetically modified food. It will make you super strong and give you powers."  I was like oh my gosh, I couldn't believe it.


Alan:  I know.


Patty:  Right on a cartoon.


Alan:  There's so much in the cartoons, even there's one there with a cartoon professor, all the animals and the rabbit was sick. What was making him sick was he couldn't eat his lettuce anymore and the scientist says, don't worry, children, we can alter his DNA and he'll be able to eat carrots or different kinds of vegetables; that was in the cartoon.


Patty:  That was in the cartoon. Oh gosh.


Alan:  See, everything is propaganda. Everything is propaganda. 


Patty:  Yes, but I guess I was brought up with Mickey Mouse and I couldn't see it. Now that I can, I know what that is, I was like oh my gosh, M-I-C, see you real soon.


Alan:  They even took out all the scenes where the characters like Bugs Bunny and so on had cigars in their mouths. That's now politically incorrect so they've removed them from the old cartoons. That's the Orwellian stuff you see happening, down the memory hole, just snip out the parts you don't like. Thanks for calling, Patty.


Patty:  Well thank you and nice talking to you, Alan, and I'm glad you have this show. It's been really great.


Alan:  Thanks and call again.


Patty:  All right, take care. Bye.


Alan:  Now we've got Dan from Kentucky. Are you there, Dan? Hello Dan?


Dan:  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad. How are you?


Dan:  Good, good. You've mentioned in your books about hook or by crook and it made me think what you said about the pharaohs having a flail and a crook, and the good shepherd with rod and staff will comfort me, but also the phrase "hook or crook," it seems like hook is the reason they give you and then crook is the real reason.


Alan:  That's right. What they use to do with that little crook was to pull on the neck of the sheep to point them in the right direction and if they didn't go, they used the rod. They'd bash them on the head with the rod, so coercion first followed by force. That's what law is based on and that's what you'll see the Queen holding, a miniature Scepter in one hand and there's actually a miniature whip in the other too. This goes back thousands of years.


Dan:  I had an idea that maybe people could get together personally or even on the internet and share strategies that have worked in dealing with psychopaths at lower or higher levels even in their own families and that kind of networking; you mentioned standing up to them with their arrogance and things. If the people could even get together and strategize even on the internet or in person, that would be good idea. Also in Ancient Greece, Gore Vidal in "Creation" mentions in other places that democracy was something that they could change anytime. They'd change a treaty or whenever anything came through, so democracy could change at the whim of the people in power.


Alan:  "Democracy," even Plato said it, always ends up with dictatorship, so they knew that 2,300 years ago. In other words, it's intended that it goes that way to give you a king of the world one day, at least a figurehead at least.


Dan:  I had a question about Round Tables. In King Arthur they had the seat perilous or they say there was an empty 12th or 13th seat at the Round Table and I was wondering because circles depend on the center for power and what is the Masonic meaning of that open seat or space at the Round Table? And is that a weakness in their system, because this circle isn't completely strong if there is an empty space?


Alan:  It's because ultimately at the top, it's the same with the 12 knights – you see that there's always a sun. The sun goes through the constellations of the zodiac, the 12 constellations, and it's called it's in the House of  – that's what they call it, the House of Pisces or whatever. All the knights represent, on one hand, there's a whole bunch of levels of understanding here, but on the one hand, the knights are members of the zodiac, each with a particular function. That's why they give you personalities of each person and of course, the other one is the sun. Sometimes King Arthur himself can be the sun. He was the one who lost his light. The earth perished and went in darkness until he regained it.


Dan:  Is there a difference with the lunar or solar? The lunar 13?


Alan:  Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we had a caller on the line talking about King Arthur. There's so much esoteric understanding written into the stories. If you understand the story you understand what it's all about, including the "Sangraal," as they call it, as well and the ceremony of basically emasculation. "I am wounded in the side, dear lady," when he's asked as his procession comes out of the main room and the knight is asked to go to bed with a lady and he says, "I can't, I've been wounded in the side," and they carry in front of him this mysterious object—they all talk about the Holy Grail; it's actually the genitalia. That's what it's telling you right there: it was removed. Ancient mystery religion and the high adepts once they hit a certain age would often go through that particular procedure.  I don't know if that caller is still on the line but I have to go on Dan from Kentucky.


Dan:  I was wondering if the 13 series of the lunar calendar, like Robert Crais talks about, what's the difference between that and the solar? And you mentioned there's a stellar.


Alan:  With the lunar calendar you have 13 full moons.


Dan:  So there's a stellar, a lunar and a solar system and they all work on different levels?


Alan:  Yes, all the way up and even the lunar one has an esoteric to it because Saturn is behind the night time. Remember, the ancient Hebrews' day began when the sun went down, so their day lasted all night long; and Solomon went up to the high places to worship the "star" as they called it. It wasn't a star; it was a planet. It was the planet Saturn and that's why they worshipped on Saturday, Saturn's day, you see. The Christians get the sun, the open sky to follow because they're not allowed into the higher mysteries, so everything is out in the open, so they're kept like children in a sense, they worship on Sunday, the sun's day.


Dan:  Thank you very much.


Alan:  I have to move on.


Dan:  Appreciate your work. Thanks.


Alan:  Are you there, Tim from North Carolina?


Tim:  Yes, I've got a quick comment. I looked up the word "inter" (the part of "internet") today and the primary meaning of the word is to place something in a tomb or a grave. I thought that was interesting because you couple that with "net." What does that really mean?


Alan:  "Net" backwards, remember, is ten. You're back to the binary code, the 01, the female, the male.


Tim:  That's right.  It's a little scary, isn't it?


Alan:  That's why you have Washington D.C.  D.C., if you speak DC, dix in French, you've got ten. Everything is in front of us.


Tim: I've been reading your books.  I'm almost through with them.  I’ll hang up because I know you're closing.


Alan:  Okay, thanks for calling. For the listeners, please check into my website and look up what I have for sale. Buy the books, by the DVDs, CDs, that keeps me going and you can donate as well. The information is on the site to do so and I can keep putting out this information as long as I can, or before they shut me down from whatever direction. Who knows what will happen in the future? because we're going into dire times. Laws are being passed to literally shut people up, unless they use the Masonic term "toe the line" or become politically correct and nice; patriot radio stations one day will become politically correct and talk about politics all the time.


From Hamish and myself, up here in Ontario, Canada, I think I heard the music coming in there, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)