November 29, 2007


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon


Well you walk with your eyes open
But your lips they remain sealed
While the promises we made are broken
Beneath the truth we fear to reveal
Now I need to know now darlin'
I need to know what's goin' on so c'mon


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and the rivers deep

We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of November 2007. Up here in Ontario, it's been two days in a row of heavy snow. Heavy snow which unfortunately has to be moved by very light people, if I'm talking about myself that is, and that's just the way it is this time of year. It's not bad when you think about it in the summertime until it arrives and then it's a big, big mess and lots of sweat. It's amazing how you can work up a sweat in the middle of winter in about a foot of snow when you have to clear it.


Tonight I'd like to talk about the system that's coming upon us. We’re actually in it, but it's coming like an express train into this Brave New World scenario, a system that's not simply progressing by an evolutionary technique step by step. It's been planned step by step and we're going into it and I can remember years ago reading the book "Fahrenheit 451" and they made a movie about it too. The movie was made in Britain which is the greatest place to make these kind of totalitarian movies and it showed a future where everyone was totally controlled by the state and certain topics couldn't be discussed and books, certain books, in fact all books were banned. You didn't need books. Books caused friction and tension and discontent and malcontent and so on, so books were banned and the fire brigade would go around and set fire to books. That was their job. They didn't put out fires in houses. They set fires and they burned houses down. At the time, people thought that's kind of strange, a strange movie to make, but really it wasn't at all because Plato talked about the ability to create culture and control culture and to create the norms, 2,300 years ago, how you could literally alter everything that was normal for one generation and within that one generation you turn it completely upside down with morals and so on into the reverse and the last ones to really notice it would be those who lived through it. That's what we're going through right now. We’ve been going through it for a while.


All the norms have been turned upside down because the whole idea is to destroy the old building, the old system. That's the high builders. The freemasonic type system that the guys at the bottom don't know much about. They build the structure of society and just as in the old days when they were rebuilding or making a brand new cathedral, they knock the old church down at the same time to bring in the new, so they destroy all that was old or is, in order to bring out that which is new as they say. That's what they were doing and we've all lived through it. We’ve all been living through the changes and it's accelerating now. We see this coming like an express train into this controlled society, just like the book I mentioned there and just like so many of the early science fiction books and movies that came out from Britain because the guys who wrote these books generally belonged to societies which got their orders from the top and they wrote it in the form of predictive programming so that when they actually experienced these strange changes they didn't question them. It seemed so familiar to you. You just accepted them.


And we're really pretty well here. Professor Carroll Quigley, an insider who not only taught at universities and picked men to be Rhodes Scholars like Bill Clinton, he was also an adviser to the State Department and to policymakers in Congress and at government levels and even in the Pentagon to do with Foreign Affairs and so on and different cultures, how to work with other cultures or work on other cultures I should really say. He was a real insider and he talked about this new feudal system. A feudal system where the new overlords would be the CEOs of big corporations and the society we live in at the moment is a drastically different society than the one that even existed in the '50’s and '60’s when he wrote the book, we’re more producer/consumer orientated and trained that way. In fact we literally live – our function is to purchase and produce and purchase and produce. That's what we do and that became the culture and it's an odd thing to look back on and see it all, but it didn't used to be like that.


We lived for other purposes and other reasons, often very social reasons. That's all been destroyed. We’ve all been isolated and separated and we want to reward ourselves for working every week or month or whatever for the work that we do, and that's exactly what Quigley was talking about and Charles Galton Darwin was talking about in his book as well called "The Next Million Years."  If you can condition a whole culture, a world culture to live for purchasing things, then they would not have the family sizes they used to have and if you wanted a car, for instance, and the cost of the car and the payments you’d have to make on it for the next few years, it's like a mortgage, then you would delay having a family. You might have none at all and the population would be drastically reduced, because at the time he wrote that book in the 1950’s the elite were terribly worried about the size of the population because according to them if you get over a certain amount, certain number they can't control us anymore and that's why the big push is on now for population reduction. It's been on for many, many years actually. We're seeing the sicknesses everywhere.


Getting back to the corporations, now there's a website. It's called CORPWATCH and this was written in November 27th, 2007 by Tim Shorrock about the escalation of corporations in the spying industry, especially the domestic spying industry, and most people unfortunately don't even mind this today, but those who have functioning brains and they still have the ability for survival are very, very weary of it. This is what it says:



             "A new intelligence institution to be inaugurated soon by the Bush administration will allow government spying agencies to conduct broad surveillance and reconnaissance inside the United States for the first time. Under a proposal being reviewed by Congress, a National Applications Office (NAO) will be established to coordinate how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and domestic law enforcement and rescue agencies use imagery and communications intelligence picked up by U.S. spy satellites. If the plan goes forward, the NAO will create the legal mechanism for an unprecedented degree of domestic intelligence gathering that would make the U.S. one of the world's most closely monitored nations. Until now, domestic use of electronic intelligence from spy satellites was limited to scientific agencies with no responsibility for national security or law enforcement."


Alan:  That's true. They been using them for the same purpose, only they couldn't do it legally so they made it private and did all the private spying and passed it on to the NSA. So this article goes on to say:


             "The intelligence-sharing system to be managed by the NAO will rely heavily on private contractors including Boeing, BAE Systems, L-3 Communications and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). These companies already provide technology and personnel to U.S. agencies involved in foreign intelligence, and the NAO greatly expands their markets. Indeed, at an intelligence conference in San Antonio, Texas, last month, the titans of the industry were actively lobbying intelligence officials to buy products specifically designed for domestic surveillance."


Alan:  Here you have corporations lobbying once again all the big security agencies and police and so on, straight to them, bypassing the people all together and marketing the ideas right to those who receive all the funding from your tax money.


             "The NAO was created under a plan tentatively approved in May 2007 by Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell. Specifically, the NAO will oversee how classified information collected by the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and other key agencies is used within the U.S. during natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other events affecting national security. The most critical intelligence will be supplied by the NSA and the NGA, which are often referred to by U.S. officials as the “eyes” and “ears” of the intelligence community. The NSA, through a global network of listening posts, surveillance planes, and satellites, captures signals from phone calls, e-mail and Internet traffic, and translates and analyzes them for U.S. military and national intelligence officials."


Alan:  Now this is one of the biggest growth industries in the U.S. – I think it's all that's keeping it going right now to be honest with you because most of the manufacturing is done in China as we know – and this is to bring the global prison camp near to the United States, because I've always said as the U.S. funds and finishes off its job in the rest of the world of standardization into this one system they'd be pulling the rug from underneath the people back home by inflation with the dollar, which is happening because the U.S. has to merge with Canada by 2010 and Mexico, so that the U.S. dollar really is pretty well on par with Canada now. Actually, it's a bit below it and they know there's going to be trouble for the next 20 to 30 years as this full agenda of totalitarian types of government increases and becomes more obvious to the public.


Right now, you don't see too much of it unless you're traveling a lot and going through airports or going into certain cities more than others. That's where you'll see all the spying stuff and you're questioned and you may be searched and they have all these x-ray machines and so on and MRI imaging so they can actually see your naked body through your clothing. That doesn't seem to upset too many people today. That's shows you how bad they've become. They don't care. They don't care because in this world that's coming along a lot of them will be happy slaves as long as they can live their life and buy the goodies and watch television and see their favorite soaps as they always have done, and as long as that happens they won't really complain too much. They're too well trained and they are. Really, I mean it. They're trained. They don't know it but they're trained. They're conditioned. People should look into that website and read the rest of the article. It's pretty lengthy and that's CORPWATCH and go through the whole article November 27th, 2007.


What do you think this is all about?


Do you think it's just a make-work project for police and various government institutions and agencies and so on? It's all to do with monitoring you, every single individual, because as they've written for the last 50 years from the top in their own books, the only way to be safe in this Brave New World is for everyone to be completely predictable. How do you get everyone completely predictable? First you get a personality profile on them. You do it from collecting data from school and various psychological testing and so on. That's already been done and then you follow them down through your life and you look at their mail and what they buy and so on and you get a good picture of the person. You see what kind of entertainment they like and what movies they watch and you know where their space is between their ears. You know more about them than they do themselves. They're predictable.


You can also predict how they'll behave in times of national emergency. Will they panic? Will they go into crisis? Will they cause riots? All that kind of stuff and if you're on a list that you might crack up and cause a riot they're going to pick you up before it happens. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and I'm the guy that gives you the bad news because until you understand the bad news you can't really do anything about it. If you want to live in cotton wool and have selective bad news, then that's up to you, but this is such an overwhelming agenda that we have to understand as much as we can that we're not so overwhelmed after all, because every part of this agenda, right down to your own lives, your own personal life, depends on you acquiescing to demands made upon you by the big boys in every facet of your life. That's what it's all about and that's why you have distractions all the time in the general media to divert you off into fake crisis or sex scandals in Hollywood and all this kind of thing, or things happening across the planet that you can do nothing about in far away places. These are all to detract you from what's happening in your own personal life back home and you don't see the wolves gathering outside your house or around your door and that's what these agencies are. They're wolves. Wolves that pretend they're here to help you, but in reality they're here to make sure that you know your place in this new feudal overlord system that's been dreamed up a long, long time ago and now it's being implemented.


Getting back to Britain, because, as I say, Britain never really left the feudal system. In fact, when they went into this cover called democracy, a plan used and an agenda used to make the public think they had rights, for a short time that is, until they brought in the brand new system. That's the one we're coming into now. They gave us this thing called democracy and that way there were no riots for quite a long time and people stopped demanding rights because they thought they had them. It's a very good trick. It works very, very well. When in reality, Britain was a pretty damp place to live in most of the time but it was also a depressing place. There's a lot of places in Europe because they are so old have an aura about them because of the officialdom that runs those countries. They're very socialistic, which means they don't like the social people. It means that everything to do with the social people is run by bureaucracies. Layers upon layers upon layers of bureaucrats dealing with everything in your life, from school right up through onwards for the rest of your life. It's all to do with agencies and bureaucracies. It's an oppressive type system.


They never had that little bit of freedom that they've had in the U.S. for a short time, because now it's getting taken away from them too. The school system in Britain too used to be very, very rigid. In fact, it came out of the military. A lot of the teachers who started the first schools in Britain for the general public were recruited from the military and even when I went to school you had to line up outside the school doors in the pouring rain or snow or whatever in regimented lines and you couldn't move. Anybody moved and the whole line had to stand there until the teacher decided we were all punished and so on. That's how it used to be.


However, here's where it's going. Because now they're raising the school age so that you must go to school until you're 18. It because there's not enough work for them. That's one part of the problem and by the time they're 18, then they can go on social security and gets some benefits and stay in the pubs. That keeps them quiet. Margaret Thatcher said that years ago. When she extended all the hours of the pubs or the bars over there she said it would keep the teenagers off the streets so that they weren't demonstrating about having no work. That's why they're doing this. That's part of it.


This is from the "Guardian Unlimited" from Thursday, November 29th, today. It says:


             "Teenagers who refuse to stay on in education when the leaving age rises to 18 will be forced to attend weekend detention centers under new plans."


Alan:  That's good old Britain for you. That's typically European you see. Rather totalitarian but that's the authoritarian way of Britain and these countries.  It says:


             "The punishment would involve sending teenagers to "attendance centres" for three hours on Saturdays in order to deprive them of their leisure time and restrict their liberty. Headteachers, charities and youth groups condemned the plans, which were outlined as part of a Bill to raise the education leaving age. John Dunford, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said he had "serious reservations" about the proposed punishments."


Alan:  Now I won't read the rest of that. People can go into that and see it for themselves, but this again is showing you what's happening in this present system we've got. Last week, I read something in one of my talks about the schools in Britain and how they're monitored et cetera, much like the U.S. has been, and this is to get a generation used to walking through a gate, being monitored, searched, maybe even stripped searched if necessary and living in a locked school. Because in Britain now they're putting ID threads, actual threads into their new school uniforms so they can get monitored wherever they go in the school and they can restrict access to certain doors. They can actually lock you in rooms. The doors won't open for you if a certain button is punched. These are prison camps.


Do you understand what they are?


They're prison camps where a generation is being trained for the future that they're expected to grow up and live in, because this is going to go outside of the school into the community. A totally observed watched society. That's what it's all about and that's why they went for the very young to begin with. They always go for the young, those who are going to grow up in a system with big changes. They can bypass the elderly. They'll die off. They always go for the young and that's what they're doing, so they're pulling the school age up until they're basically young adults, 18 years of age, and going to send them off to detention centers if they don't comply. They're all getting trained already to live in forms of prisons and that's how the system in Europe has been for a long, long time. It was a disguised prison camp even when I was growing up, because when you were 15 they'd start coming around the schools for employment duties and so on and sent officers around from the government to interview everyone. Whether you would stay on at school did not matter and they questioned you and gave you quizzes and all the rest of it. What they were trying to do was to fit you in and train you for a specific career. That's called school-to-work.


It was copied from the Soviet system. It's now in the U.S. Now they train you for school-to-work. The idea being that they'll find out what you're good at at school and train you for something where you'll benefit the society that's being created – not something that you will choose for yourself – the Soviet system. The Soviet system was the greatest test bed for all of this because that was a huge prison camp. A huge prison camp where the inmates didn't even know they were prisoners most of the time until they tried to demand certain rights or even get out of the country, then the walls went up and they were bounced right back. It was a big laboratory for social experimentation and it was done so secretively because the West or at least the public of the West weren't told what was really going on.


However, at the very top of the Soviet Union and in Britain MI6 and the CIA, they were all sharing the same data because they were all in it together. They were all bringing a future together where they'd have to understand people much, much better than they did at the beginning. That's what it was all about. You'll find even with the Reece Commission that looked into foundations, the big foundations, the big Rockefeller et cetera foundations, this all came out in the open. I’ll be back with more of this after the following messages. 



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen


There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak

There's a wall between us and the rivers deep

We keep pretending that there's nothing wrong

But there's a code of silence and it can't go on.



Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and just before the break I was talking about how the Soviet system was allowed itself to be a big experimental base for testing various techniques on the public and also in the classroom. What's interesting even when they were going to destroy the people at Waco – if people can remember that far back. Most folk can't remember very much these days, even a few years ago. When the government had the standoff at Waco they brought over some scientists from Russia and one of them brought a gizmo over that was used in classrooms. He was the inventor of this little gizmo and it used a form of magnetic energy. We found out from him on Canadian television that every classroom in the Soviet system had one of these boxes on the teacher's desk and when it was switched on it made the students very quiet and relaxed and calm and quiet and they didn't ask any questions. They just sat and listened. That's the effect it had on the mind.


Now for those who have heard me talk about HAARP et cetera, that can also do the same kind of thing. The HAARP project with many bases, one of them in Alaska and one in Greenland and some in Iceland as well. I think there's a couple in Iceland and there's others across the world. They can also do that and that's in the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations. They can do a whole range of things. However, they used these little boxes in the school classes, the school rooms in the Soviet Union and behaviorism was used. Behaviorism, the kind of techniques that Skinner was into on how to remake people basically, understand their minds and remake them into what you wanted them to be, was used extensively. Tremendous experimentation and everything we think is normal today is not normal at all. It's completely different from 50 years ago as that was from the 50 years before that. We take things for granted because we adapt so quickly. We're the most adaptable species on this planet.


As I say, the big foundations that are part of intelligence agencies in fact. They fund the NGO groups (Non-Governmental Organization) groups, big groups, and give them millions and millions and millions of dollars to set-up huge office complexes and give them pension funds and all the rest of it, these NGO groups that you think are charities, to demand certain laws get passed by government, so they become lobby groups. That's really how the Soviet system worked because Soviet means "rule by councils" and the people under the charter thought it sounded wonderful. The people would have a say and they'd demand what they wanted, but the politburo picked the leaders of these NGO groups and they did all the demanding that the politburo wanted. That's how it worked there.


Here it's the same thing really. The big foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation fund the NGO leaders and they come out on behalf of the people of course and demand that certain laws get passed. The laws all head us towards the same Soviet system by the way and the book called "Foundations: Their Power and Influence" was written with an expose by Norman Dodd who was one of the investigators for the Reece Commission into the power of the big foundations, these non-profit foundations that are worth trillions of dollars. He found out – he talked to the ones in the Ford Foundation and the guys at the Ford Foundation told him their job, back in the '60’s, was to alter culture in such a way that the Soviet system and the American system could be comfortably merged together into the same system. Amazing isn't it?


We think everything just evolves because we're living half in fantasy and half in irrelevancy, irrelevant news and we live in entertainment and so on and we live in boring jobs. Most jobs are pretty boring. I think most folk would agree with that and they're not really compos mentis in sense that they're aware of what's really happening, not only in their own lives but to those around them. We are all guinea pigs. All guinea pigs. The only difference is the scientists who run this whole show know exactly how to alter our behavior in the next way that they want us to be – the next society, the new society, the global society; and for over 100 years these same big foundations promoted globalism under the guise to get a lot of people working towards it. People who are very nice and often altruistically minded and anti-war and all the rest of it thinking it's going to be a wonderful utopia and lots of freedom.


Of course, they're liars at the top. That's how you rule people is you lie to them. That's always been the way. Read your history books. Read Francis Bacon. Read the books that he wrote for the king on how to run the public. When he told the king "you must always mislead the people. It's best not to let them know what's really happening."  Nothing has changed. We've been heading towards this supposed utopia and it's going to be a hell on earth. A hell on earth and it's becoming that way already.


If the people really understood what's been done to them in their own lifetime, I'm talking about physically as well, I’d hope, I'd hope there'd be an uproar. I'd hope but that would be a lot to hope for, because the damage has been done to most of them has made that impossible for most of them. That's why when you point out the chemtrails in the skies, when you point out in the big cities the guys with the machine guns all dressed in black like something out of what used to be just a comic strip and they take it all for granted, that's why there's no reaction from them. You're seeing someone who's been damaged.


Go into the books by Arthur Koestler. He was a paid propagandist. It's now been admitted to by MI5 and 6 in Britain, along with Bertrand Russell who was also paid too. The two of them were actually ordered at times to work on the same books for the public consumption and they didn't get on too well because Russell was always hitting on Koestler's wife. It was all admitted to now. They can tell you that 50 years after the fact you see. Disclose it after that. No one cares and they also gave most of the biggest authors you've ever heard of that amazed you and amused you and even altered your lives, including the poets even. They paid the main ones to write along certain avenues to channel your thought along certain avenues to create the kind of society they wanted.


They gave us pretty well everything that we thought was our culture. No big surprise in that going back to Plato. Plato's "Republic" is a must read. He talks about this coming utopia for the Guardian Class, the elite aristocracy, where it would be easy to alter culture. He goes through what's necessary to alter culture and what culture actually is. He talks about a music industry—2,300 years ago—and he called it industry, and a fashion industry and a drama industry, because he said the public mimic what they see on stage and they dress the way that they see their actors dressing on stage and they sing the songs parrot-fashion of the songs that they hear. Music was so powerful back in the days of Plato he wanted musicians to be licensed because it had such a tremendous effect on the youth, so even then they wanted all culture under the control of the Guardian Class, the elite. He said himself that anything coming from the grassroots could have such unseen consequences by rippling effects it would knock any plan haywire and therefore all culture would have to be approved and given from the top down to the people.


Every major character at the top who's had a big, big following towards this new social culture creation agenda, like Bertrand Russell and Wells and many others and Koestler, they all were paid by the same agencies that gives us our culture, which were also your spy agencies, and you thought we were just evolving. Nothing is further from the truth. I'll be back with more after the following messages.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're cutting through this pretty nasty matrix by giving the bad news, which many people don't want to hear and that's okay. They can turn on television and laugh at some silly show as they're being conditioned with little messages in that show and that's their choice. We're all going through a time of incredible choice making and decision time. That's what it's all about. Everyone on the planet is going through it that's under this system. I think everyone knows deep down that this craze for rushing off to buy nonsense from stores is a way to fulfill our lives by collecting junk from China. It's funny how they used to call the old ships in China, they were called "junks," and we're buying this stuff that doesn't last long. It's not meant to last long and rewarding ourselves like trained rats for pulling the levers and getting a seed. We run out and buy all this junk all the time; it’s a substitute for pleasure that's supposed to come from human contact and living amongst people where there's social interaction, because we've been reduced down to little boxes we call "rooms", "homes," or "apartments" and we're isolated from each other.


At the time, back in the '50’s and '60’s Marshall McLuhan was talking about the professor. They guy whose material was used extensively by the CIA and other agencies because it's to do with perceptions and how people perceive things. If you can understand how perceptions are induced then you can understand how to correct them. As they'd say at the top, "correct misperceptions." Your misperception being how you really see things. They want to give you a false perception, if they give you a false perception then you're now safe; and he understood this, but he saw a time coming where everyone would be communicating the people across the planet, not as person-to-person but as isolated voices in the ether where they'd be no physical contact. He knew it was coming back then because a little birdie told him. These guys don't come out with these ideas themselves. Little birdies tell them, you see. Whisper it in their ear.


The future is always planned in advance. That's why powerful people, institutions and aristocracy, very old families, never lose power. They plan the future that you're going to live through and your children are going to live through. Otherwise, in a society of freedom they might just lose power, wouldn't they? They can't have that, so they create the system and they give you your perceptions and even give you new social values. All the time you've been given new social values as they knock down the old ones and any value that caused cohesion within society has been pretty well destroyed by design. The people follow along, never even noticing it. They see the fallout but they can't figure out why it arrived at this part at this point. They just can't figure that part out because most people are never really conscious going through their day-to-day affairs.


Wild animals have all their instincts working and a wild animal on its route, in a circular route, even wolves do this, they'll examine everything on that route for any changes in its environment because any change could be a potential danger; but the general public take everything in their stride. They don't even look up from the sidewalk generally from the pavement. They don't even look at the sky anymore to see the spraying above their heads. That's why they're so much of it going on now because the ones at the top know that very few people will even notice it. That's quite the knowledge to know that most people—millions of people—won't notice what's being done right over their heads. Isn't that a sad statement on what's happened? They don't even look up anymore. They look in shop windows and everywhere else but they won't look up; earthbound, earthbound indeed.


How did all this start? What happened to their minds?


Getting back to Arthur Koestler with his book – now these guys were paid to write fiction and non-fiction books, just like H.G. Wells was paid. They were propagandists for this regime and Koestler talked in "The Ghost in the Machine" about the different think tanks and laboratories that worked for the United Nations finding ways to destroy that part of your brain that gave you your individuality. They called it "The Ghost in the Machine," the complete wholeness that is you, the uniqueness that is you would have to be destroyed for world peace they said. Therefore, they had think tanks set-up with laboratories in different areas of how to do this. Use psychology. That was part of Koestler's methodology; and persuasion. That's why they wrote novels as well to make you excited about the changes because they dress up with nice colors and so on, always lying to you but make you want it, but they also used physical means and chemical means.


The physical means they use of course we know were lobotomies and different techniques like this, but they also used chemicals. Chemicals that were manufactured in biowarfare laboratories that would catch on to certain uptakes in the bloodstream and it would go right to your brain, specific parts of your brain, and cause inflammation and destroy it. Your IQ would drop a little bit perhaps, but you'd become passive.


They also tried inoculating viruses into subjects. Test viruses. Now viruses are the easiest things for them to alter at the top in the big laboratories. I was reading something recently and in the "fast breeders" they call them they can literally create a brand new virus in warfare laboratories within two hours and they can specifically design it to attach itself to anything at all in the body, in the bloodstream, to be carried to that specific organ, including the brain.


Then when you go back into the writings of Jacques Ellul and others, big players and insiders, he even mentioned about the Soviet Union and how that technique might be used elsewhere where they could directly inoculate you and destroy that part of the brain in one of his books. He didn't mention the fact that it would be used elsewhere in the world, but when you catch on to things and you read your histories and you realize that even MI5 and 6 agents were catching on there was a third party running both the Soviet side and the British intelligence side. That third party's job was to make sure that the guys at the bottom were kept apart thinking it was a real war, but the guys at the top were coordinating all and giving them all the data and information from it. Some of them wrote about it and were almost put in prison. They were definitely in the High Court in England when they tried to disclose this fact because the data was to be used on the whole world; so let’s take in the modification of the human being and we're talking about the possibilities of inoculations.


Then they went after our food supply. Koestler talks in the book. He says, "we can either inject it into them, spray it on them from the skies by aircraft, put it in their water or put it in their food." Well what's been happening folks in your lifetime? You've seen all of your food modified. They didn't ask your permission. They won't even disclose to you what they've done to it, or how many genes went into making that carrot, or where they came from, or how those things combined to create drugs and all the rest of it; and that's not farfetched. Don't think that, one of the strongest drugs in the world comes from a plant, opium. They can make them grow anything they want including tranquilizers. We're being bioengineered and that's why the folk around you, most of them, are not reacting to the changes and to all the things that should be scaring them.


Now we've got Jim from Texas. Are you there, Jim?


Jim: Alan? It's a pleasure to talk to you. Huge fan. Actually, I just ordered a set of your books and I'm actually going to order a set for my father as a Christmas. I don't think you really push your books that much and I think people need to get into them because there's just some really great info. What I was going to ask you was I noticed myself and for most people that seek truth and question things it's more of a lifelong process. I can remember being as a child always questioning and wondering and kind of thinking this is all a play or fake. You could tell it wasn't real and I was wondering if you could touch on it for a second is most people who are going to wake up are born that way or if that's something inherent at birth or if people can be transformed?


Alan:  Okay hold on and we'll talk about that when you come back from the break.






"The Future" by Leonard Cohen


Give me back my broken night
my mirrored room, my secret life
it's lonely here,
there's no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby,
that's an order!
Take the only tree that's left
and stuff it up the hole
in your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
give me Stalin and St Paul
I've seen the future, brother:
it is murder.



Alan:  Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix, and we've got Jim from Texas on the line who brought up a really important point. Do you want to remake that point again Jim?  Hello.


Jim:  Yes sir. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes. Go ahead because that is an important thing about awareness, you're talking about why some seem to always have that and question everything and retain it to their adulthood as well. I think that's where you’re going with it and then you see others who really don't.


Jim:  And it can be shocking because you can present them with information and it's almost like they know but they can't – it's impossible for them to make that step. I don't know if they're scared or they literally cannot you know make that step.  I used to think that was just fear but sometimes I think it's actually impossible, that their whole world will be shattered so completely that they cannot maintain an existence because this whole facade or this fake structure is all they've got--


Alan:  That's all they know.


Jim:  …and they're not confident enough in themselves to make that leap into the truth.


Alan:  You're right on with it because I'm sure that our listeners too have come up against this too, especially even with people in their own families.


Jim:  That was another thing. I do notice that in my family they tend to be able to make that leap.


Alan:  They can?


Jim:  Which lends me to the idea that maybe its something genetic because I know my father he's been conned and we've all been conned but when he figures out the con he can easily make that leap well hey I've been conned, let me learn the truth and let me adapt, while as others they can't make that admission so to say.


Alan:  I've often thought about that and what I do think to be honest with you – you see it's like any warfare project they want – any weapon has to affect the majority of the public. That's how it works. It doesn't matter what they make, even in the high tech industry, it's for the maximum effect but they know they don't get everyone. It's like releasing a virus. It won't kill everyone or kill most perhaps but not everyone. Some people are genetically different and if you realize you've been under literally genetic attack since you were born through inoculations and then you couple it with the modified food that they were doing long before they were telling the public, then some people are more immune to it than others. There's always a few that it does not affect in the same way and their mind, their actual brain seems to stay intact. I've noticed this with – it's like the childhood inoculations. Every doctor is trained to tell the mother that the child will have a little fever perhaps for a few days, it will go away and it's all right. Well that fever is based in the head of the child where your brain is, so they're attacking part of the brain, but some children it will go to another organ because there's a slight difference in their biological structure, their genetic structure.


Jim:  I just went through that with my child and it was just shocking to me that the doctor is telling me hey get some aspirin and all this. He's going to have a fever. You know the brain's going to swell maybe. And I was like well how is this – it's just very shocking.


Alan:  It is. It is and I do know people who've actually – I know one or two guys who have actually got one of their daughters or one each in both families not to have the children inoculated and these are the only children who haven't had what everyone's trained to believe they all get, these childhood problems with the earaches and the sinus problems. They've never had any of that, so I'm pretty certain that all the studies that have been done the inoculations are causing all of these problems.


Jim:  I believe the same and another thing I want to point out and I've notice this that you do meet people that are awake and I've noticed even with myself when I was a child that teachers were really telling my parents he needs Ritalin. You need to get him on these drugs because I was a dreamer or you know just lost or not paying attention. But I noticed you'll see that common thread in people that are awake and they use this drug say he this guy might not fall for this con. Let's get him drugged early and that we can train him and mold him and get him to be an obedient worker instead of someone out there with original ideas and thoughts.


Alan:  That's exactly it because back in the 1940’s they were talking about what they would do – what kind of or part of the world or structure of the world they'd create after the war was over and they knew they were going into a global system. They planned it that way long before World War II, but they talked about using the pharmaceutical industry and that's why Huxley and others in the '30’s had written books about using drugs on a wide scale across the whole of society to keep a placid, passive population all working for them. Now the thing about putting them on Ritalin and so on it was mainly to target young males, young males who possibly had leadership abilities, they didn't sit quietly in the classroom; and that's what's been happening. They're getting rid of all those who could be problems with leadership qualities for what's coming down in the very near future.


Jim:  Well I appreciate you letting me talk to you Alan. Like I said, a huge fan, and I can't wait to get my hands on your books because I read some of the samples you put up on your website. And it's like I've been searching. I read Quigley and all these guys and all the guys you recommend, but when I saw some of your work I think it's really what I've been searching for to get my hands on.


Alan:  Thanks for ordering them. I hope more people do because that's what's keeping me going and I don't get paid for these shows.


Jim:  It would be such a tragedy to see you go off the air because I enjoy your work so much and at the same time, people need to get these books now while they can and they have a hard copy to keep in the library. I want something that I can give to my father or just something if we make it through these changes I could pass on to my children.


Alan:  Yes. That's a good idea. See, knowledge is power. It’s true, knowledge power and you see to the extent of how we've been conned. How our minds are controlled and even the way it's blatantly done and we don't even recognize it's being done to us. That's what I put in the books. I show you how we're being mocked all the time by mainstream.


Jim:  Real fascinating stuff, but I'm going to let you go so you can go on with the show, but thank you, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Jim:  Okay, take care.


Alan:  It's true. I mean I don't get paid and I've never ever got paid from any show I've ever done. I do this because it's imperative that it's done and that's all I can really say and anything ever happens to me, because we know the censorship is coming down and all media is coming down now, they’ve passed all the laws, then maybe for a little bit longer I can keep all my sites up on the internet. Look into for free downloadable transcripts in the tongues of Europe. Look into and I'll keep those going as long as I can, but the time is coming.  It's coming very quickly.  I've noticed even in other talk show hosts they keep you diverted into their mainstream trivia or voting and all this kind of stuff and they're becoming in a sense politically correct. It's okay to complain. Governments have always expected the people to complain and so they give you champions who do nothing but complain and they also roll in the money too while they're complaining and that's organized opposition. They always give the public their leaders and they plan it. They've always planned it this way and done it this way down through the centuries and the public follow the pied pipers.


I'm just trying to tell you what's really happening because we don't have much time. We don't have much time and I know too the businesses that run the airwaves, even the ones I'm on, they are businesses. They depend on this monied structure. They depend on selling stuff to keep themselves going and to pay off their engineers and so on. They've got to pay everyone. We're living in a commercialized system and unfortunately with the commerce it can lean heavily on your ability to say what you want to say, so we have this window of opportunity. Rockefeller has his. We have ours and they will close this down eventually and they'll pick guys like me up because I'm not authorized to be out here doing what I'm doing. I'm not authorized to do it and one day I'll get picked up and that will be the last you'll hear of me, and that's just the way it is and that's what you expect, but at least I'm getting the facts out to the people to show them how we’ve arrived at this point and where we're going with it all. It's so true with what the last caller said. We are astounded when we talk to people who are unable to get the next step. They can't go the next step because they can't ever imagine that tomorrow is going to be any different from today for their personal life.


You know what's going to happen when it comes down in a big crash to those people. They're going to go into utter shock. Utter and complete shock. We see it happening to cultures across the world as they get blown up and our young thugs that are our own offspring are over there booting them out of their houses and killing them and we think that always happens away from us, over there somewhere, some other sphere, world or planet. This is happening on the same earth that we all live on; and one day, and we can see it getting ready for it because it’s gathering all around you, you're going to see it in your own streets. You don't build up massive security agencies and build internal armies and give them all the gear of armies and the machinery and weaponry of armies, you don't give them all that so they can stand and do nice parades for you. They build these things up to use and we know that all of these agencies are being trained to use all of their gadgetry on the public, on you and me and everyone else.


"The Guardian" newspaper published a report by the Department of Defence for Britain that's also the main think tank for the whole of the NATO organization, the U.S., Canada and so on.  In this report they see nothing but riots and flashmobs for the next 20, 30 years. Now they're telling you that they're going to cause something that would make this happen so that the average person, the average Joe and Jane is going to be terribly unhappy and there's going to be demonstrating or rioting in the street.


Now what could they do to make that happen to us all?


It's very simple. You're going to get off the roads with all the carbon taxes that are coming down. You'll have to move into the big overcrowded cities, not all of them but specific ones that are designed. They don't want the special cities being bothered with too many of the rabble moving in, but they want to clear the rural areas, that's been the long-term agenda, and they want a controlled society. They want to control your food. Look into the United Nations Charter. Look into the Department of Agriculture. Look at the tenants of the particular branch of the organization. Look at the speeches that have been given by the heads of this particular UN organization because the world they're bringing in is where all food will be channeled through the United Nations who will then redistribute it across the world. They've said in it, the charter, that if your country does not keep the population down to a specific level, which will constantly get smaller and smaller, you won't get any more food. That's in this beautiful United Nations Charter for the Department of Agriculture and Food.


Boy, have they done a fantastic PR job on the minds of the public haven't they, with the cooperation of the media, but the media is just an extension of government. Their job is to pacify you, distract you, get you angry over things you can't do anything about and don't really matter anyway, but never tell you the real truth of what's going on and every major reporter knows this.


Why do you think all the big newspaper barons go over to Britain to get knighted by Her Majesty the Queen?  These barons who own the media, and Professor Carroll Quigley wrote about it in "The Anglo-American Establishment" and in his book "Tragedy & Hope," these barons dictate to all their employees what the rules of the game are and right down to the lowest reporter he knows what those are and he will not rock the boat. It's quite simple how to control information and the time is coming rapidly when the few who give you out pertinent information will be simply gone and you'll probably never ever know where they went to. That's coming quickly.


Now we've got Solomon in Canada. Are you there, Solomon? Hello Solomon.


Solomon:  Yes hi. Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can hear you. Go ahead.


Solomon:  Wow that was fast. I just called in to say it's great to hear you on WTPRN. I enjoy your files. I downloaded them off your site and I've got a comment and a question. First comment is one of the areas that I don't follow you so much is when you get into this sort of very deterministic fatalistic seeming approach on this ancient continuity of these current conspiracies. I'm a little skeptical there. But what I'm wondering here and I'd like to get your comment on this. I recently read this book called "The Franklin Cover-up" by John Decamp and read some extensive interviews.


Alan:  Hold on and we'll go into that when we come back from the messages.



"The Universal Soldier" by Donovan


He's five foot-two, and he's six feet-four,
He fights with missiles and with spears.
He's all of thirty-one, and he's only seventeen,
Been a soldier for a thousand years.

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jain,
A Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew.
And he knows he shouldn't kill,
And he knows he always will,
Kill you for me my friend and me for you.

And he's fighting for Canada,
He's fighting for France,
He's fighting for the USA,
And he's fighting for the Russians,
And he's fighting for Japan,
And he thinks we'll put an end to war this way.

And he's fighting for Democracy,
He's fighting for the Reds,
He says it's for the peace of all.
He's the one who must decide,
Who's to live and who's to die,
And he never sees the writing on the wall.

But without him,
How would Hitler have condemned him at Labau?
Without him Caesar would have stood alone,
He's the one who gives his body
As a weapon of the war,
And without him all this killing can't go on.

He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame,
His orders come from far away no more,
They come from here and there and you and me,
And brothers can't you see,
This is not the way we put the end to war.



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we've got Solomon from Canada on the line here talking about the book called "The Franklin Cover-up" by John Decamp. Are you still there, Solomon?


Solomon:  Yes, yes. So my question was I wanted just to get your take on certain dimensions of that book when he talks about the nexus of satanic ritual abuse, CIA mind control and these prominent political officials.  I'm having a tough time getting into the mindset of people. I know one of the foremost people alleged to have been involved in all this is an ex-military colonel. I believe his name is Aquino and he actually has a site and I've been on this site and it has things like he has the "Lord of the Rings" rewritten from the side of [Sorrin] and it's hundreds of pages. He has the Star Wars epic rewritten from the dark side and I’m really not understanding this mindset at all. This same person is supposedly involved in this horrid atrocities and I'd just like to get your take on it. Whether you still think it's going on? The extent of it and how can these people apparently be normal professionals at the same time holding these apparently very unbelievable beliefs?


Alan:  There's no doubt that the whole area of this goes back a long, long way. You're wondering how things tied in from the past to the present even from ancient times and when you even go into the Egyptian writings, you find the priesthoods understood human nature incredibly well. They understood the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and they knew fantasy and they knew dreams and nightmares and they knew the effects of nightmares on people, how you remember the nightmares. They stick in your memory if they're very lucid and how when you went through tremendous times of famine or war and so on, you'd have more and more nightmares and the public would panic then the priests could move in and give them a form of control by giving them or reinforcing their religion. Religion has always been tied up incredibly with methods of controlling the mind and you always have the open mind, the conscious mind or they call it the blue. That's why you have a Blue Lodge when that part is in the open and then you have the Black Lodge. That's the subconscious right down to the unconscious part, the sea of the unconscious mind. The psychopathic personality who lives on ego they understand these things intuitively with other people. They understand the natures of other people very, very well and they do get to prominent positions of leadership. They crave power and often the followers of these people in fact, all they see is the leadership qualities. They don't realize the person that's really beneath that. We found that down through history where people have had revolutions to find out the leader becomes a worse character than the guy he just kicked out.


The psychopaths gravitate to these positions but they have a tremendous ability of manipulability over other people. They know how to manipulate other people very easily like a gift and because they're pure ego and because they can enjoy sexual contact into areas you can't imagine because they have so self-consciousness during any act. They enjoy things to a considerable level, more so than the average person. They are not inhibited in any way, shape or form, and therefore there are no taboos in their subconscious structure and they can do deviant things. It's like being addicted to a drug. They want more of the drug to get the same high and they go on and on doing deviant type things, especially inflicting pain to get that kind of high, so they go into a realm of which there's a specialty and that is the control of the mind and especially the dark side of the mind.


They know that by manipulating the fears of people, the subconscious nightmarish parts of their structure, they can manipulate vast amounts of the general public and they do go into these ritualistic form. "Lord of the Rings" when you understand the esoteric side behind it, because this was put out by a very famous man who lived his whole life in a university. His whole life in the university and he was given a chair at that university, who went to such trouble to give an exoteric enjoyable story, as all books are. Even bibles are. There's an exoteric story for the public but there's an inner story with rules of the game and a tiered structure of power within the story. Even the characters and the elves and so on are all semblances of the power structures here on earth, “classes” if you like, or aristocracies types and superior types and inferior types at the bottom, right down to having the dead; those who are never conscious. That means the trained soldiers win the final battle for them. That's what it means and that's what you're seeing today. The dead, the walking dead are fighting all the battles. They don't even know what they're all about. They don't even care to know what they're all about or who benefits. They just want to join the military. They’re the walking dead.


John Decamp certainly did a good expose on this. I grew up in Britain. I saw more of this happening in Britain with High Court judges and so on who were found in the most unpleasant situations, often dressed in odd garments, who strangled themselves, asphyxiating themselves with ropes et cetera trying to get high during sexual performances and that was not too uncommon over there. It was a bit of a joke in a sense because it was fairly common amongst that particular set, but the psychopathic types get to these positions and Britain has more hereditary judges, just like it has more hereditary peers, the realm, than any other country. Psychopathy is bred into certain families over there and they're into all kinds of ways to get high on a thrill. They get tremendously high on a thrill. Now you'll find this down through society and all structures and I'll explain more of this when I come back because it's an interesting topic that people don't really understand too well.


Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just scraping the surface of the mindset of the psychopathic types that are often hereditary at the top because power marries power. Up until recently, and I think it's still done to be honest with you, genealogists pick the mates for these characters and they're looking for certain traits in them.


Again, going back to Plato, Plato talked on how the aristocracy of his day were picked and priests mated them up for specific qualities. He goes into this in his own book when he talks about they could breed the common people the same way, not for IQ traits or anything else but for physical traits for the work that they would have to do: tall people for certain tasks, short people for others. He said we can breed traits in or out, just like we can with domesticated animals. They knew this back then, thousands of years ago, and this knowledge was never lost. We forget that most of the elite were the only ones who were ever given any education up until the 20th century and the “better schools” as they called them in Europe and in the U.S. they were given classical training. They were taught the histories going all the way back to ancient Greece, to Rome and Greece and even some of the Egyptian structure as well. They were taught these methods and it's primarily to do with control over the general public and how to create a culture for that public so that they'd never ever question it. They'd take it all for granted, which the public always do.


Solomon:  I guess what I was trying to say earlier and that's actually an interesting analysis you gave of the psychopathic personality, but I was saying earlier about in ancient sort of to modern continuity, I certainly agree with you that we see a lot of the same works, you know Plato's "Republic" and various other philosophical political commentary that have been used by the ruling elite throughout the ages and there has been a continuity in that sense, but in the sense of a kind of literal genealogical continuity more than a few centuries I'm skeptical of that idea because it seems kind of pessimistic and fatalistic to just say well that's the way it always was, the way it is and probably the way it always will be.


Alan:  It's not pessimistic. I'll tell you why. It's only pessimistic if you think it's fate. This isn't fate. These characters even in our age have planned what they see as the future. It's a plan as opposed to fate.


Solomon:  Yes but I think there is sort of a cyclical rejuvenation of societies which these ruling elites are replaced by sometimes a better, sometimes a worst system and these eventually become decadent and in turn replaced, so I think my take and I could be wrong. But my take is I think it's a little bit misleading to present it as though it's always the same kind of ruling elite all the way through down through the millennia that are still lording it over us.


Alan:  If you look back to the last 1,000 years you can trace all the British elite of Britain and Europe, they still are running it yet, right through to the Norman invasion, 1,000 years of the same families at the top. That's pretty long you know.


Solomon:  Yes, but whether or not those actual royal families have held power all throughout.


Alan:  This isn't just the royal families. It's a large aristocracy who are all related.


Solomon:  That's what I mean. I'm not talking just about the kings and queens but there is all the various classes of nobles and there's literally thousands of them at various levels in all of the European societies. Yes, those do go back a long way, but whether or not they have really literally held the pinnacle of power all through that 1,000 years I think is the debatable because there has been a rise of the merchant class. There has been an objection of new families, say the Rothschild's I guess would be one instance of that, and maybe other families into that ruling class and there's been a give and take and I think there has been sort of a cyclical rejuvenation of the ruling classes over the millennia, so I'm a little bit skeptical to just say that sort of one line because it makes it seem--


Alan:  Here's the thing, though. You see the Rothschild's and the rest of them go back into their histories and they go back a long ways as well in the merchant banking system. They didn't just start off as rag and bone men as the authorized version first told about in [Marley's] book. They literally were trained by the best bankers in Frankfurt and what you find down through the ages the wealthy even in Egypt, even invading armies they would accept certain ruling families from the invaders into their system and they always intermarried. They'll take on new blood if they're also conquerors and they have that ability to rule over people and they're wealthy, so they don't mind bringing them in to join the big, big club. The problem is we're at a stage today where they have all these sciences backing them up and they do see a future that they want to control and they're doing it through genetic manipulation. They've gone after the food. We can't ignore this and pretend it's not happening. We're eating modified food in Canada. We were the guinea pigs for the whole world here. This has happened. This has already happened and we only found about it in Canada because Mr. Blair was passing a law to use the stuff in Britain and NGO group brought out the documents that the Canadians had been on the stuff for 10 years without knowing. We didn't know. That's how we found out.


Solomon:  It's even worse in the states, isn't it?


Alan:  It's worse in the states, yes.


Solomon:  I mean there seems to be this – if they're going to try some experimental thing on us or some sort of dumbing down drug or food or something, then they create a problem that's so huge that even if the leadership or the people find out they can't afford to expose it because the consequences would basically overturn the whole social political structure. I think this is the GMO the way they put it first in the canola oils and all these things, so the things that go into all the processed foods. So virtually any processed foods you buy they have this stuff in it and you don't even know it and so it's basically already in everything, so by the time now this is being blown right open because the people are becoming aware of the dangers of this modified foods and there's many, many studies showing how harmful this is, but everybody's already been eating it for years.


Alan:  That's right and they've altered every vegetable that's commonly used in your diet. It's already done. I just watched a video from Monsanto and they're taking old seed that were passed down for hundreds of years, generations. No one ever thought of patenting this stuff and because it wasn't patented they’re putting the patents on them and fining everybody who’s now using it and so they've taken over all your major food sources. Your potatoes altered, your carrots altered, your cabbage. Everything has been altered and it was done with the secret agreement of the Canadian government and Monsanto. That was admitted by our own government. A secret agreement between your government and a big corporation and they will not tell us why they chose certain genes to go into certain vegetables and so on. We’re not even told the whys and you can bet your bottom dollar it's nothing to do with making a better potato or a better carrot. It's to do with what that produces and the enzymes and all the rest of it and how it will affect your body. Even the potatoes here were tested on the rats and mice and they all came down with cancers of the stomach, so they gave it to the public and that's okay.


Solomon:  I'm not sure how much of the actual gene splicing selection has to do with trying to create certain consequences that eat the foods, but certainly I think that they're just trying to find ways to get more control and make more money, at least this is my take on it.


Alan:  It's not. No, that's very naïve of you. It's very naïve when I've just talked about Koestler and others working at the United Nations on ways to bring the population down and make them more malleable. That's incredibly naïve of you.


Solomon:  You think so?


Alan:  But that's a choice. That's a choice because the data is all out there.


Solomon:  They also had a lot of studies now coming out that before they were thinking that they could do just of a sort of single gene manipulation where they could alter one gene at a time, but now that they've found there's a new level of connectivity between all the different genes of the genetic code.


Alan:  They knew this years ago. Whenever they tell us something it's years after the fact that they already knew this. A government that's not going to tell you for 10 years – in fact they would never have told us if it hadn't broke out in Britain that we'd been eating this stuff that was altered – isn't going to tell you the real truth on anything at any time. They're not going to do it. Why do you think they made it a secret agreement? It’s because they wanted no public involvement.


Solomon:   You may very well be right in that I've been naïve and it could be that they knew about this genetic connectivity that they're deliberately trying to – I can believe that they're trying to dumb us down, but in terms of genetically modified food selecting for certain traits and the people that consume them that maybe a stretch. Although you could be right.


Alan:  I talk to scientists who work on this stuff and I'm right. I'll bring them on.


Solomon:   Okay, do please. I've got one more comment.


Alan:  No, no you have to go now. I only have about 15 minutes left. Thanks for calling. Back after these messages. Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. It's interesting from two callers ago from someone who's making that comment about how people can go so far but they can't jump across into the next realm of understanding, and Solomon who was the last caller may be one of them because I know his mindset. He wants to believe in a sort of hope based on something he can't really explain that somehow there's cycles. Somehow the bad guys get replaced by good guys who may be more benevolent for a while. That's like a religion. It's a belief system rather than fact and again he wants to believe you stumble down through history just through accidents – coincidence theories as opposed to conspiracies. Now history is composed of conspiracies.


In fact even going through school when I was very young, I went through the old books on the histories of Britain and how they'd often kill their parents or they'd kill their cousins or brothers, kings and queens and all the rest of it. Then you go back to ancient Greece and they were doing the same thing there because the psychopathic types crave this power. It took people in the know to help them carry out these murders and these were called conspiracies and these were people in power, and sometimes to hold on to that power they'd have war start next door to them. They'd talk to the king next door and say couldn’t we have a skirmish here because the people are getting restless, they won't do what they're told; but in times of war, where there's a threat from those guys over there, the people pull in and surround their king for protection and that's how they maintain power. War has always been used for this same purpose for gaining more control over the public and taxing them in ways you wouldn't normally tax them. They'd complain too much, but when you think you're going to get threatened you don't question why your paychecks get smaller and smaller as taxes get bigger and bigger and go to pay for all these big security agencies to spy on you. It's doesn't enter your head your head you're being taken care of.


We end up in a doublethink where we want to believe we're being taken care of. We do want to believe that because we've been trained to believe that. We’ve been trained that people come out of special wombs and they're faceless most of them because we'll never meet them and there are layers of them just want to take care of you in this big strange abstract organization called government and governmental agencies and bureaucracies. Yet the histories show the opposite is true. The more you become estranged from what's happening in government the more horror is put over on the people. That's why they managed to do in World War II in Germany such incredible killings of people, on purpose, by design, by plan, because the bureaucrats never saw the victims. This is in all the major history books. They were all numbers and categories and it's much easier to push from the top on down to the guys who do the killing at the bottom when you have nothing to do. You don't see these people at the bottom. They're all numbers and figures and you have organized bureaucracies dealing with it. That's why it was so efficient.


What's even scarier and this is no conspiracy, it’s fact. A lot of the guys who are now in charge of this system helped build up the Natzi war machine. George Bush's grandfather was charged with it, trading with the enemy act, through the bank in New York. They helped fund the I.G. Farben Corporation, an umbrella organization consisting of ITT that made the Falkwell Fighter and all those other ones and Ford and GM and all the rest of them and Baxter Laboratories and others were parts that created the Natzi war machine, funded from London and New York, big banks, on behalf of the big elite. That came out during the Nuremburg trials and I.G. Farben, the corporations that comprised it, sent dozens and dozens of lawyers over to the Nuremburg trials with lots of money to try and bribe all the judges and the guys who were questioning, to bribe them off away from this subject of the fact that American and British corporations had funded this whole enemy that we'd just been fighting for five years.


"The Crimes and Trials of I.G. Farben."  Good book to read, everyone should go through that one. It has a lot of that stuff in there. You know the stock market carried on as usual during World War II and they just put dummy companies in Sweden, a neutral country, and Switzerland, a neutral country, and they were making massive profits off this war – your own people at the top. Again, this lovely aristocracy making billions of dollars on slaughter, and guess what? They still run these companies today. Quite amazing, isn't it?


You don't have to label it all as conspiracy. It's just a plan. Just a plan. We live a plan and it's not to make it sound fatalistic. You see the only way it will alter is if we actually are conscious of what's happening and we’re conscious of this plan and we dare, we dare to make the leap across and say my God I'm freefalling here. I have to let go of everything I've ever been taught to believe in. If you want truth that's what you do. You have to be willing to jump from that plane, that psychic plane up there and freefall and leave ALL your parachutes behind you. All your ripcords, everything behind you because truth doesn't come packaged to suit you and make you feel comfortable. It’s a naked blade. It can be terrifying but once you understand so much you start to lose the fear because you're not being confused anymore. You're not confused and power, as history always shows, never gives up willingly. Never ever, ever, gives up willingly.


For all the books I mentioned over the years on all the shows, you can go into my site and listen to the shows and all of the mentioned books and the talks. You'll get a picture of this and how it certainly is organized. See real crime, real crime is organized crime, very organized crime. We're running under people who have been running this world for an awful long time and who understand through data collection and through hiring the best professors and those with the best knowledge of human understanding to work for them to see the problems of the future that's coming up. Long ago, when my granddad was on the go in fact in the trenches in World War I, they decided to setup the League of Nations as a front organization that through conflicts with other countries would eventually become a United Nations, which would be a global government. Karl Marx wrote about it in the 1840’s.


Three trading blocs would be created starting with a United Europe, followed by a United Americas, followed by a Pacific Rim region under a central world government. The 1840’s. How that's for coincidence and who paid Karl Marx to write it? Where did he write his manifesto? In London, England. Well financed, well backed and even had the first supposed, supposed working men's conferences there, international, where all the anarchists, the top paid ones, came in. You know the front ones who ran those kind of societies came in and had it and gave them the biggest theaters in London. Britain never ever allowed any organization to get anything out if it was a threat to Britain, believe you me. They would have nipped it in the bud right away and they didn't go to trial. They'd just dispose of you.  Karl Marx was authorized to go out there to get the dialectic started because the working people, as they knew, were going to demand their rights. They already had The Chartist Movement and if they allowed that to continue anything could happen. They could lose their power so they gave us all the heroes to follow and it's been that way ever since. That's why, regardless of which power gets in, left or right, the U.N. Agenda continues on.


H.G. Wells wrote about that in 1920. He also wrote "The Open Conspiracy," meaning it was all published. It's just that the general public would never read it and he was quite right on that. We like to be amused. Today the public can't tell the difference between fact or fiction, thanks to incredible indoctrination through television. They can't tell the difference and that's a form of mind control. When your day is full of fantasy mixed with reality you're in trouble and that's what I'm here for is to wake you up.


From Hamish and myself, up in a snowy Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



(Transcribed by Linda)