April 20th, 2007
Alan Watt as Guest on
"American Awakening" with Michael Herzog


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Michael Herzog: All right, ladies and gentlemen, Iím still not ready to make nice and still not ready to back down.  Good afternoon, Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas, on this Friday, the 20th day of April, 2007.  I canít believe how fast this year is going.  Can you?  Iím telling you, it just seems like yesterday it was the holidays.  Well, whatever.  Look, Iíve got a couple of announcements to make.  Iíve got a great guest coming on today.  Iíve had a number of requests for this guy, Alan Watt, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Should be an interesting day today.  Got him up for the whole two hours. 


But, before we get to Alan, I want to talk about the truckers.  Remember, weíve got this truckersí Truck Out on the 23rd to the 25th.  And you know what, I have to tell you folks, this just shows you, it just goes to show you, when you think that youíre just one person and you canít do anything, Wanda Pieti shows you that one person indeed can do something.  She got on the phone with another, Frosty Woolridge, and Iíll tell you what, in the last 20 days, this thing has gotten massive.  We are, you better go get some food.  You better go get some extra groceries.  You better go get some water.  And you better fill up your gas tanks, because I think this is going to be really, really big.  As a matter of fact, I canít wait. John, Sandra and I are going out tomorrow, going to the truck stop.  Weíre going to pass out some more flyers.  This is really getting exciting folks.  And it just goes to show you, we can fight back. 


And speaking of fighting back, I had mentioned yesterday about this gas boycott, of boycotting Exxon and Mobile gas.  Not all of the gas stations, just simply Exxon and Mobile.  And I put out my email address.  I said, send me an email.  I would forward a flyer to you, and just send it out to everybody on your email list.  And you know what, I got literally lambasted.  Iím proud of you guys.  Iím so proud of my listening audience.  I got lambasted with emails.  It took me about four hours last night just to answer them all.  And I have to tell you who wins the prize, and doing the mathematics on this, if we all just sent it out to ten people, and they sent it out to ten people on their emailing list, within a matter of a week, 300 million people are going to be knowing not to buy Exxon and Mobile.  And guess what.  Thatís going to prevent the gas from going to $4.00 a gallon this summer like they want it to do.  But, who gets the prize for this?  Iím so excited about this folks, because, there was one of my listeners, and Iím going to mention him by name, his name is Dan, okay, that sent me an email.  I forwarded this on to him, and he sent this out to no less than 62,000 listeners.  Hey, do the math on that, and multiply it times ten if you will.  With numbers like that, it wonít take long, and it just goes to show you, we can fight back. 


Now, I have to tell you, that wasnít my idea, but I thought it was a good one.  And normally I donít forward those things on, because we get a lot of spam through the email, as we all know, but this one is a good one.  This gives a chance for the Patriots to fight back and show them that we do have a voice.  And I think itís great.  So, Dan, thank you very much.  And thereís a number of other listeners who sent in and promised me that theyíd send it off to everybody on their list.  Got to go to a break.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, republicbroadcasting.org, 12180 Short Wave.  Iíll be back in three, with another announcement, and then Iím going to have my guest up, Alan Watt, so stick with me.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas.  I want to put out one more quick announcement, then Iím going to bring up my guest, Alan Watt.  You know, I mentioned Monday, or actually I think it was Tuesday, right shortly after the shooting, that theyíd be throwing this assault weapons ban on the table really quick.  And, sure enough, here we go.  Our wonderful buddy, Dennis Kucinich is drafting legislation to totally ban guns.  Can you believe that?  Well, I can believe it, because I mentioned it, what happened Tuesday.  I thought they would just bring this bill up again that has been sitting there since the 17th of February, but our buddy Dennis has decided that heís going to draft legislation to ban all guns, not just the assault weapons, but everything.


Now, thatís the bad news.  So, let me give you a little good news.  Thereís another article that came in today, and I believe it is Congressman Nicely is his name, that is going to propose legislation to allow teachers to carry guns on campus.  So, weíll see what happens with that.  Mr. Nicely is a Republican.  Mr. Kucinich is a Democrat.  So, that should be a nice fight in Congress.  Hopefully, our buddy, Mr. Nicely, at least in this respect, on this issue, will win. 


Okay.  You know, Iíve been perusing around this website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and Iíve had a few listeners that have called and requested this gentleman come on my show, Alan Watt.  And Iíll tell you what, I donít even know where to begin with this guy, because his knowledge, evidently is so broad on so many issues, that Iíll probably just let him run.  Without any further ado though, Iím going to bring up Mr. Alan Watt.  Alan are you with me?


Alan Watt: I certainly am.  Yeah.


Michael: Now, I have to ask you a question, Alan.  Iím reading a little blurb on your website, right now, sir, and itís a BBC article, you were talking about, in this particular instance you were talking about chemtrails, and since you can remember giant Xs which lingered for many hours over parts of Scotland during this time period.  Is that where youíre from, sir?


Alan Watt: Thatís right.  I can remember they were practicing with certain chemicals even back in the í60s, and I was small, and playing.  And you know how children spin around and look at the sky until youíre dizzy and you fall down?  And Iíd watch this, these Xs and these amazing loops.  And theyíd linger in the sky for hours and hours and hours.  And I had an uncle who was in the Air Force, who came one day, and I asked him what it was.  And he said, ďWell,Ē he says, ďReally, itís not really the condensation trails.Ē  I said, ďI donít know what that is.Ē  He said, ďItís highly unusual.Ē  And years later, of course, declassified information was given to the public, which stated they were testing certain chemicals out, which could be used in warfare purposes on other nations.  Well, they always test this stuff out on their own public first.


Michael: And this goes all the way back to the sixties, because I know this has become really commonplace here in the mid to the late 90s, I believe.  But before we go any further with that, I wanted to ask you, what part of Scotland do you hail from, sir?


Alan: Itís really towards the highland part, just above Perthshire. 


Michael: Okay.  The reason I asked is because my wife is Scottish, sheís from Aberdeen.


Alan: Oh, yes.


Michael: So, youíre familiar with that place, yes.


Alan: Yes.  Iíve been there quite a few times.


Michael: Have you?  I was over there, just oh, about a year ago.  Fascinating place to visit.  Anyway, where do we go from here?  Iíll tell you, one of my listeners had, one of the many that has called in and asked to have you up, Alan, was asking me a question regarding foreign troops on American soil.  And he told me to go into your website and look around.  And I thought, well, rather than do that, and go down the rabbit hole on all this different stuff, Iíd just have you up and let you talk a little bit about it.  What can you tell me about foreign troops on American soil?


Alan: Youíve had them on and off, and training, beginning with mainly Special Forces from other countries, now itís regular troops, since they created the NATO Pact, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and so back in the í50s and í60s, they were bringing in Special Forces to combine their training.  Now, since about the 70s onwards, itís been regular troops.  But mainly, officer training from other countries.  Because I talked to some Russian ones, who were in the Base Borden in Ontario, Canada, here.  And these guys wouldnít even have their laundry done by the local camp.  They didnít trust them to do their uniforms.  So, they were taking them, or getting women to take them in to the local Laundromat for dry cleaning.  And I got talking to one of them, and yeah, they were training on Base Borden and on other camps across Canada.  And they come in on influxes until theyíre trained.  And theyíre being trained in basically the social laws.  Almost like police, in a sense.  And itís not just Russian.  Youíve got Czechoslovakian and Belgian and other troops coming and going.  So, you see, weíre already international.  And this con game began when they signed the NATO agreement, and then, of course, United Nations charter.  It was all designed to gradually integrate all the forces, not only of Europe, but of North America and Europe.  And theyíve been doing it, bit by bit.


Michael: Well, you know, I had a conversation with a gentleman last night, that you may know.  He knows who you are.  His name is Don Nickeloff.  Are you familiar with him?


Alan: Iíve heard the name, yeah. 


Michael: Okay.  And the conversation got on this, because I told him I was going to have you on my show today.  And heís telling me, his thoughts are, that the reason that the Bush administration continually is sending more troops, you know, under the guise of this ďsurgeĒ is basically that they want really to just kill off our troops, and have foreign troops come in and invade our soil.  Do you follow along with that reasoning, or do you agree or disagree with that?


Alan: I donít think itís necessarily exactly for those purposes.† Thereís always two or three purposes at least to everything thatís done in politics.  They certainly are decimating troops, as far as health goes, even if they come back unscathed, they end up falling down a few years later with different diseases as you well know.  We had it in Canada too, after Gulf War I, there was articles in some magazines here, with even the female troops, their hair all dropped out.  Their teeth were falling out.  And they were dying with autoimmune problems, rather quickly. 


Michael: And this probably would be related to the inhalation of depleted uranium, yes?


Alan: I would say thatís maybe one part, but, primarily since thatís in the media, I strongly suspect it was also the inoculations, because some of them even came down with all of these symptoms, who actually got the inoculations, but didnít go abroad.  So, I think the inoculations have a big part to play in this too. 


Michael: Yeah, well, that would make sense.


Alan: But I do know that, Kissinger for instance, who was a big planner for long-term strategy, who was in on all the top NATO meetings, and Iím sure he still is, and Brzezinski and all the rest of them, but Kissinger did say that one day the United States citizens would welcome foreign troops coming in, under the right circumstances.  And he gave a speech in California, to that effect.  At the time people pooh-poohed it, but really, with all the disasters they have planned, and theyíve told us of all the disasters to come with ďglobal warmingĒ and famine, shortages and all this kind of stuff, yeah, people could be brought to their knees and would hail these people as victors and helpers, if they started passing out food, you know. 


Michael: Well, is that not by design though, Alan?


Alan: Sure.  Oh, yeah.


Michael: I mean, this is, and I mentioned this on my show the other day. Itís almost like, with all these events that are going on, theyíre fighting us on every angle.  Weíve got the North American Union that, you know, Bush signed this treaty with your country, Canada, as well as Mexico, back in 2005.  And weíve got this influx of illegal immigrants coming over the border.  As a matter of fact, right now weíre fighting this thing, with the truckers.  Bush has signed another agreement to allow 100 different Mexican trucking companies to come in here and drive their trucks on American soil.  I mean, theyíre just coming at us at all angles, and it seems.


Alan: Yeah, because, this is the thing too, itís not new.  Its military planning, long term.  Thatís how the world really is run.  Itís not politicians that you think you vote in.  They simply go into a pre-existing agenda.  And you go back to the Council on Foreign Relations books, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same organization, but the CFR is just the American branch.  It doesnít sound too good to have the American Royal Institute, you see, so they call it the Council on Foreign Relations.  And they were putting books out in the 1930s, talking about the future of the Americas, and they said they would be starting with a European Union.  That would happen after WWII.  Some of these books were printed in the 1930s and I have them.  That would be followed by the United States taking over as the policeman of the world for a period, and theyíd have a few short conflicts.  They would start failing, financially, then theyíd rally again, seem to be winning and then theyíd collapse internally through economic collapse.  And then, China was to take over as the policeman of the world.  This was in 1938, this book was written. 


Michael: Now, this book has documented the, I mean, they had planned out the actual, the eventual collapse of the American economy and the whole.  I mean, in your estimation, Alan, you know, because we hear the war drums beating about Iran and you know, nuclear weapons and all this poppycock, that theyíre going to have nuclear weapons, and you know, start bombing people.  And according to our own CIA, itís supposedly at least ten years before Iran would have a nuclear weapon.  And, as far as my understanding is that the United Nations treaty with Iran is that they can if they wish to, build nuclear power plants there.  And weíre saying, ďNo, they canít.Ē  And weíre propagandizing the American public to think that theyíre using it to build nuclear weapons.  Okay. 


Alan: Itís the old story.  You demonize a target in the publicís mind to get them onboard, then you attack by any means possible, any propaganda possible.


Michael: All right.  Stick with me, Alan.  Weíre going to be back in three minutes.  This is Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas.  Republicbroadcasting.org, See you in three.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: All right, weíre back, and running down the road, trying to loosen my load, with Alan Watt on the line.  And right now, weíre talking about Iran.  A short segment coming up here.  Alan, I want to ask you.  Theyíve got these war drums that have been beating with Iran for the last year or so.  And on the other side of that, we have what looks like an impending economic collapse with the price of the dollar getting devastated by China selling off some of their treasury bonds and so forth.  In your estimation, and Alan, I give you accolades, because I know, you know, youíre a brilliant mind in all of these aspects.  If this nationís leaders, if our politicians are being controlled, and obviously so is the Canadian politicians and the European politicians, and there is the powers that be that are over and above that, ie, the Illuminati, then it would stand to reason that the Iranian government is controlled as well.  Would you agree with that? 


Alan: At the top, Iíd agree.  Yeah. 


Michael: Okay.  And these war drums that are beating for Iran and all these threats of, you know, nuclear weapons and so forth that Iran is going to have, is this nothing more than a smokescreen to promote fear?


Alan: Itís all fear, but you see, fear is meant, and especially threat of war, is meant to, like Carroll Quigley said, war is basically designed to create social change amongst the population to accept something else, a new way of doing things or living or whatever.  And thatís what itís about.  Itís not just the west and the east or anybody else who has to be altered in their mindset or their own old concepts, itís the populations that have to be retrained into a new way of thinking and looking at the world.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís a psychological technique thatís used.  And Quigley said it.  And remember Quigley advised presidents and the state department for many years.  Quigley said, you can get more done on a social level with change in five years of war, than in fifty years of peace.  Because in peacetime, all you have is propaganda and persuasion.  In wartime, you have propaganda and the use of force, and fear behind it, to back it up.  The world has to change into a preplanned direction, and itís the populations who must go along with it, thinking itís all developing naturally. 


Michael: Yes, and coming from the standpoint of a person that woke up himself just a couple of years ago, and was introduced to many of these things, you know, itís all fascinating to me.  Itís new to me.  On the subject of propaganda, I remember, you know, watching mainstream TV on a nightly basis, watching the news, and knowing in my gut that there was something wrong.  I just couldnít put a finger on what it was, until I took the initiative one day to get up and start researching it for myself.  And now that Iíve come as far as I have, especially through people like yourself, looking at your website, and going down the rabbit hole on a number of different issues, I find really that this entire society in which we live, seems to be nothing more than illusion.


Alan: It is.  Itís a promoted culture.  Itís no secret really.  Within Hollywood, and within the whole cultural area, they call it the culture industry.  Itís been called that in high levels for over a hundred years, two hundred years.  Even Plato called it the culture industry, where you basically use drama and propaganda through fiction, primarily, to download into peopleís minds specific ideas of acceptance or change or whatever it happens to be, because when itís done through fiction, your censor part of the brain is down.  You donít have a little guard up.  You donít question.  You think youíre being entertained.  And thatís when all these ideas are put down into your mind.  And itís called predictive programming.  And the science fiction industry has been one of the better ones for projecting the future, exciting the youngsters, because those ones are getting trained to accept changes they will experience in their lifetime, through the movies they watch.


Michael: Okay, so, the people that own a TV, of which, by the way, Iím not one.  I threw mine out about six months ago, Alan.  But, through the programming on the television set, and Iíll give you an example.  I remember Jericho.  There was a weekly series that was on last year when I had my TV called Jericho, and it was a fictitious thing about a bunch of atomic bombs exploding in the United States, and what happened to a small community afterwards.  And then thereís shows like 24.  I donít know if you get them up there.  But itís Jack Bauer, and heís always torturing people and you know, heís the hero and so forth.  And this is all basically done to desensitize people and to put it into their subconscious so itís no surprise for them when it actually happens. 


Alan: Yeah.  Because I can remember about twenty years ago when they first started giving out the beginnings of video games for children.  There was just little snippets in the news at the time, concerning the right or the wrong of doing this, because they had been created to train troops and desensitize them, so that they could go into combat and kill without thinking.  And, for the first time, here they are giving them to children.  And I knew then, I said, twenty years down the road, thereís going to be a major war.  Theyíre going to breed a generation of barbarians, really, to go and invade some country.  And it was no surprise that the Middle East was targeted, since it was the last, basically, independent conglomerate, the Arabic states, that didnít buckle under the new system of democracy, which is mandated under the United Nations. 


Michael: Well, you know, itís funny you should mention that, because Iíve had occasion to, you know, be in the midst of young children, oh, you know, pre-adolescent children, that are playing these video games.  Well, Iím going to have to hold that thought.  Iíll get back to that thought as soon as we come back.  Stick with me, Alan.  Weíve got another break coming up, then weíve got a long segment.  This is Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas, from Republicbroadcasting.org.  See you in three.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, with The American Awakening.  And for all my listeners out there, yes, we did change some music around.  That was still the Dixie Chicks though, one of my favorite groups.  So, itís not all bad.  Anyway, long segment this time, Alan.  Letís get back to what I was talking about.  On this video game situation, as I mentioned, I had occasion, on a number of different occasions actually, sit down with children, my stepchildren, and play these games, and it seems to be, it quickly becomes an addiction.  Because I notice that if Iím doing it, and if somebody bothers me in the middle of a game, it aggravates me.  This is pretty much by design.  I mean, they have introduced this stuff to regiment our children to desensitize them, if you will, so when it happens for real that they will consider it a video game, you think?


Alan: Yeah, what happens is, you see, they studied during World War II, especially, they were doing it since the American Civil War when they found out that only a fraction of the troops who were dead on a battlefield had actually fired their rifles.  And they were keeping statistics from the Civil War of America.  And in World War II, they were also doing it.  They were trying to find ways to speed up the killing rate of the troops.  So, they studied how men are in combat and they monitored some of them too.  They actually wired them up with basic electronic gear to test the electric frequencies going through their skin, for instance, and how their reaction times were, how they related to each other in combat, and so they tried to emulate the speed, especially of things occurring.  And when youíre in a situation like that, youíre excited, your adrenalin gets up.  You can actually promote a technique to get your adrenaline up, and theyíre using a visual technique to do that.  Your body almost follows suit, into a fight or flight type of syndrome, a survival syndrome, and everything is so quick.  And thatís why even in combat, you canít have someone trying to chat to you, if thereís enemies coming from different directions.  And so, yeah, they will get aggressive to anyone who tries to interfere with them.  Theyíre hooked.  Theyíre into a fight or flight syndrome, and theyíre being conditioned to get from the beginning to the end and kill as many as possible.  Thatís the whole intent of it. 


Michael: That would explain it and I mean, I know, Iíve perused the internet and seen some of these videos that, from the war in Iraq where these soldiers, American soldiers are blowing up, you know, a building or whatever, and it seems that theyíre really getting excited about it.  They love doing it.


Alan: They are excited.  And we also saw that when they burned down the Waco Church.  They were very enthusiastic when they went in.  However, at the very end when they set fire to it all, with tanks and all the rest of it, we saw them actually bowing to the fire in the old High Masonic salute.  They all bowed to the fire.  So, they are.  They enjoy this kind of thing, once theyíre into it.


Michael: Thatís amazing.  Well, listen, you know, on the subject of the programming and video games and so forth, as I was perusing through your website, Alan, I ran across this segment on movies.  And I wanted to ask you, because thereís a number of them.  Some of which Iíve seen, as a matter of fact, one of them that I just promoted yesterday, that I would think all my listeners, if they havenít already seen it, need to go see, because I think itís a great analogy for what kind of a world we really live in, and thatís the movie, They Live.  Youíre familiar with that one. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Michael: Itís a great movie.  A great analogy of, you know the illusion of which the powers that be are painting that we live in, or making us think we live in.  And itís not until you put the glasses on that you see whatís really going on.  But, my question to you regarding this, thereís a number of them.  Thereís They Live, thereís Soylent Green, Eyes Wide Shut, The Matrix, The Matrix II, and III.  My question to you is, in your opinion, Alan, do you think that these movies are put out by the industry, by the powers that be as a hint, or as a, you know, what was the word I want to use?


Alan: As predicted programming, really.


Michael: Right.  Or, is it some people in the movie industry that know about, you know, the New World Order, the Illuminati if you will, and theyíre trying to warn us.


Alan: Well, Iíve always said the one thing we do know is that Hollywood, they donít come out with these futuristic movies that we end up eventually living through in reality because they have better imaginations or theyíre better writers.  Itís because theyíre let in on the agenda, the Worldís agenda.  They get their stories from men and women who work at Futurist Societies, which are employed by the big think tanks.  Thatís where their ideas are coming from, basically.  Thereís always a few ones that come out and generally are not promoted too widely, which has good information in them.  Theyíre not promoted from the top, but they do give a good insight.  But Iíd say, some of the biggest ones definitely have to be.  You see, all publications, whether itís movies or books have to be authorized to get out there.  Thatís what the public donít understand.  Even the ones that appear to be fighting this, because weíre looking at the dialectical process here.  How publishing companies work, and George Orwell found out, he was one of the first ones to find out.  It doesnít work the way Joe Public thinks it does, where you write away, you scribble something down, and send off your manuscript, hoping a publisher will take up on it and fund it and put it out for you.  They work as censorship houses, to see what the public will get.  And often the publishers will come to a person, an author, and tell him what to write in fact.  Thatís the reality.


Michael: So, thereís a number of filters that something will have to go through.  If you sat down and wrote a book, and youíd wanted to make a movie out of it, and you sent it off to an ABC producer, even if he wanted to make it into a movie, he has to put it through certain filters, certain.


Alan: Absolutely.  Nothing gets out there unless itís allowed to get out there.  Thatís by the official stamp, that is, yeah.


Michael: I see.  And thatís being controlled by, do we know exactly whoís controlling this?


Alan: Publishing houses were set up with that purpose from probably a hundred and fifty years ago.  We think itís just happening now weíre losing freedom, but we arenít.  All the big boys are doing is changing their system to the next level.  It was always their system, the moneyed boys.  Itís always been that way.  When George Orwell came back from fighting in the Spanish Civil War, he went off as a hero of the Socialist left from Britain.  He was trained and picked by professors in Cambridge.  Thatís how they do it.  Still do.  And when he came back to do the rounds, he was saying, wait a minute.  I was fooled here.  Iíve met the Communists.  Theyíre not exactly the same as us, and thereís somebody over them controlling them and us.  And the people didnít want to hear that.  And when he tried to publish Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm, he had contracts already existing with the biggest publishers in Britain.  They refused to allow those books to be published.  He had to find another one to do it for him.


Michael: Fascinating.


Alan: They didnít want that information out, because they wanted the people to believe at that time, it was just left versus right. 


Michael: Well, now, somebody who is as objective and has been down as many, you know, avenues and trails as we have, and I know youíve been down more, many more sir than I have, but it would seem as if, once, once the Enlightenment comes, and once you realize that indeed, our country for example isnít, George Bush really isnít the ďdecider,Ē then it would seem to be, based upon the conclusion that you draw, that the powers that be, the Illuminati if you will, would almost have a list.  For example, they would have orchestrated out several events with which to happen in the future, just like this shooting that happened the other day, okay?  You know, on such and such a date, this is going to happen, and then in the meantime while weíre doing that, weíre going to, you know, weíre going to dumb down the American public with propaganda, and defer their attention over to this or that or the other thing.  In the meantime, weíre going to be putting gun legislation and hate crime legislation on the Agenda.  I mean, would an intelligent individual that knows as much as we do about this, could we draw the conclusion that they literally have events planned out for the next year, two, five, ten years.


Alan: Thereís no doubt.  In fact, we donít have to guess at it.  Theyíve told us they have.  Every day on the news now, weíre seeing the real part of the fear tactic, which is to be climate change.  The drumbeats have been beating all winter about it.  Every media on the planet now has a special section every night on their news, because itís all conditioned to the world climate changes.  They never mention all the spraying that happens over our heads, every day, or the HAARP banging away as it does, every day.  But we have to be convinced now that thereís a threat from out there.  A long time ago they hoped to use high technology to create holograms of spacecraft and stuff to get us all terrified of an invasion or something.  The real threat from out there that theyíre creating is the climate change, and how we all must change our way of living, come into the UN Habitat areas, give up our old way of life, so we canít breed like we used to, we canít pick our own mates.  In fact, theyíd even screen you for genetic, what theyíre calling abnormalities, or defects, and weíre well on our way to a new type of society that will serve the elite better for the future that they have planned.  Weíre watching, itís not just the immediate things next year or in five years time.  These guys have the next hundred years or more mapped out. 


Michael: And from the mindset of a layman, which I consider myself to be in a lot of areas, itís so fascinating, itís so unbelievable, that itís really hard to digest.  And Iíll give you an example.  There was a movie that came out last year, and I believe there was an award won for it, called An Inconvenient Truth, and itís Al Gore, and itís about Global Warming.  And ultimately, thereís a global tax thatís involved that theyíre beating the drums for and so forth.  But again, this is all part of the plan.


Alan: Itís all part of the plan.  And he was picked for that role.  He doesnít write his books.  None of them do.  Theyíre all ghost-written for them, with teams of authors, and it was the same back in H.G. Wellsí day.  So, they give us the heroes to follow, or the ones who terrify us and become leaders in a certain area.  This global warming is to change everything in our lives.  And they now must convince us that weíre causing it, the public are causing it.  Thatís their job.  And how we must stop being independent and come into the Habitat Areas, where experts will decide for us how we live in every facet of your life.


Michael: These guys are pretty slick and crafty, arenít they, Alan?


Alan: Well, what youíre looking for is typical military strategy.  Wars donít go on just with troops fighting troops.  Thatís whatís portrayed to the people.  Even in World War II they were using bacterial warfare labs, viral warfare labs and various scientists to try and find ways of destroying all the infrastructure of a nation, right down to mutating the genes in animalsí brains, the cattle, for food, that was the same as mad cow disease, by the way, just coincidentally.  They had it made in 1944.  And other things which would kill the crops off, so that youíd starve the people out.  The next thing was how to contaminate water, so that you couldnít drink it.  The basic essentials for life, thatís what theyíre all after.  The UN wants the right to control and own and distribute all of them.


Michael: They want total control of us, lock, stock and barrel.


Alan: Thatís it. 


Michael: Yeah. And that bring up another issue, and we touched on this just a little bit when we started, because I read that excerpt from you, where you were talking you were a young boy in Scotland watching these experiments with the chemtrails.  And I had a lovely lady on my show last week, Rosalind Peterson, whoís with, or was with the Department of Agriculture, regarding this.  And sheís written several, several articles regarding this.  The chemtrail spraying that theyíre doing, letís touch on that for a minute.  Do you, I believe that you wrote an article about that.  Am I right sir? 


Alan: Iíve got a few, yeah.


Michael: Yeah.  What in your estimation, and forgive me, I havenít read your articles, but what in your estimation exactly are they doing with those, to us?


Alan: Again, itís probably multi-purposed, because we know, for sure, just by observation, it controls the weather.  It can either bring on rain, or it can disperse clouds.  It depends on the mix theyíre using, and theyíre using both methods.  About seven years ago, I first noticed thunderclouds would come.  Youíd get everything under cover. Youíd get inside, waiting for it bursting.  Youíd have silence for an hour.  You went back outside, and you saw them disappearing. And all that was left was a few of these hazy contrails left, these chemtrails, in the sky.  And Iíd never seen anything like that before.  So, yeah, they can disperse it, and thatís what they were doing initially for a few years, especially over the farmland countries.  They had drought after drought after drought.  The clouds would come in.  They would disperse.  Theyíd have drought.  And then, for the last two years, out West in Canada, they had flooding.  The last flooding I saw, a woman was standing outside her home, waiting for it to get washed away, and the cameras were there from the CBC.  And right about their heads was a big X in the sky, with all the chemtrails, which they never mentioned, of course. 


So theyíre bringing both on, because your farming industry was decided to get rid of it, a long time ago, because they said, even in WWII, when they were creating all their various plans for the future.  They said that farming was too important to be left to the individual farmer and that the future must be given over to agribusinesses and experts.  So, theyíve been putting, again, itís full-scale war on the farmer.  Again, in World War II, apart from ways to decimate crops, to decimate the cattle for food, and so on, and make the people sick as well, by aerial spraying, which was one of their main methods, they also discussed killing off the bees, which pollinate the crops for the farmers.


Michael: Which is evidently happening now. 


Alan: So, youíre seeing all of the symptoms of a full-scale war, which they would use in any war, only itís worldwide now. 


Michael: Well, letís go there for a minute, Alan.  On the bees, Iíve seen reports.  I havenít had anybody on that was an expert in this, but Iíve seen reports about the bee population that is being, mysteriously dying is what theyíre saying.


Alan: Mysterious, yes.


Michael: Well, thatís what theyíre saying.  And so, your take on that, is that these chemicals that are being sprayed in the atmosphere is what is killing them?


Alan: Itís partly that.  However, itís to do with the modified crops, because Iíve watched it over the last seven or eight years, and I know one of the head beekeepers, heís the head of one of the associations in Ontario.  And I watched, I used to go up and help him with his bees.  And his bees were coming in from the north and falling dead, all days.  And I asked him, I said, well, find out what crops are growing northwards to you, because the beekeepers know which direction their hives will go in.  They all have their own direction.† And he eventually, like pulling teeth from, you know, he managed to get something from the Ministry of Agriculture, and it did state that yeah, there were test fields up there to the north of him, of the genetically modified crops.  So, these crops are so full of pesticides, because they can dose them seven to ten times with higher concentrations of pesticide that theyíre lethal basically to birds basically, like the crows.  Thatís why the crows are dying off.  Itís not West Nile Virus, itís the poison.  And the bees are the same. Thatís whatís killing them off.


Michael: All right.  Letís hold that thought, Alan.  Weíre going to a break.  Stick with me.  Iím on with Alan Watt, a fascinating man.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, weíll be back in three.  Republicbroadcasting.org.  Donít go anywhere.


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Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas.  Weíve got a short segment coming up here, and weíve got my special guest, Alan Watt on the line.  Fascinating fellow.  Alan, back to the bees for a minute.  Youíre saying that theyíre genetically modified.  Well, then these bees are dying because theyíre pollinating or theyíre interacting with these genetically modified plants or flowers, taking their nectar out.  And the powers that be, they know this, correct?


Alan: They know it.  I mean, come on, they can admit that they can take any kind of gene, and all the rest of it, and splice it with other ones and create brand new creatures, but they just canít find out, itís a big mystery why the bees are dying off like this.  Well, the hives are toxic.  The healthy bees that are just coming out get out as fast as they can.  Theyíre all leaving.  And what youíre finding too, a good sign of toxicity, is that the insects who normally take over, which are other bees, or else ants and other things go in there, when the bees have left, theyíre not going in at all.  Nothing is going in.  So itís highly toxic.  Thatís your clue there. 


Michael: Well, now, is there any truth to the rumor that Iíve heard that is if the bee population were to die that within four years the human population would die?


Alan: Not quite.  I mean, youíd certainly come down, because the farmers do have these hives brought into their field every year, and the bees do an awful lot of the pollination, absolutely.  However, donít forget that the mandate is that in the future, the near future, all we will have are modified crops, and they have different methods of bringing them to fruition, all their modified crops.  They even have the terminator genes, which wonít basically reproduce themselves.  Youíll have to go back every year and buy their seeds.  So, once again, youíre a slave to the seed master.  They tried this in India.  India has had riots over the last few years, trying to fight this.  They knew instinctively if the big boys got a hold of the monopoly of seeds, and they had to buy them from them every year, theyíd increase and increase until they were starved, and they couldnít afford to buy them.  So they put up a tremendous struggle, however, they still got the modified food rammed down their throats.  This is a mandate weíre looking at.


Michael: Yeah, well, a quick subject I wanted to touch on.  Iíll tell you, let me ask you Alan, my phone lines are starting to load up and I havenít even opened up the phones yet.  So, would you be averse to taking some phone calls?


Alan: No, sure.


Michael: Okay.  I wanted to ask you one more quick thing about the HAARP program up there in Alaska, and your take on whether this is to modify the weather, or indeed if it is also a form of weaponry. 


Alan: Itís both.  Itís been used consistently day and night for the last, oh, six years, I guess.  You can pick it up on some short wave stations if you tune through, and also, you can affect the mood of people, and the intellectual capacity of people by the type of frequency you put out.  You can put out a secondary signal.  This is all declassified stuff thatís come out from governments.  And the one in Alaska is not the only one.  They have about 54 or more of them worldwide that we know of. 


Michael: Weíre going to go to a break, at the top of the hour.  This is Michael Herzog, The American Awakening.  Iím on with my special guest, Alan Watt.  Phone lines are loading up, and Iím going to open them up after the top of the hour, for your questions for my guest.  Be back in three at republicbroadcasting.org.  Stick with us.


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Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening.  Iíve got my special guest, Alan Watt on the line.  Iím going to open up the phone lines.  This is a short segment.  Weíve only got four or five minutes here.  Weíve already got a couple of callers on the line, but Iím going to open up the phone lines at 800-313-9443.  You can call in, and if you have any kind of question for my guest, Iím sure that thereís several questions that you guys will be asking, and I could be on here all day asking this guy about everything, because guys like these, I just love to pick their brain.  Letís go to the phones.  Letís go to Don in Ohio.  Don, youíre on with Alan and Michael.  Go ahead.


Don: Hi, Michael and Alan. 


Michael: Alan, this is Don Nickeloff.


Alan: Pleased to meet you.


Don: Pleased to meet you, sir.  Iíve been reading your work.   Youíre doing an excellent job, and Iím glad Michael was able to get you for an interview.† I hope itís not the only one.† I wanted to ask if you were familiar with the Madrid Circular, which was discovered around 1950, and a subsequent book that TH Tetens came out with in 1953 called Germany Plots with the Kremlin.


Alan: Yeah.


Don: Are you familiar and do you put much credence in the information that came out?  Seems to be quite prophetic. 


Alan: There was much better books put out, in fact.  In fact, after I saw my first chemtrail when I was small, I went to the adult library, and I got a book, it was by Andre Beaufre, the French general who was the head of NATO, and he wrote a book called NATO and Europe, and in that book, he gave all of the long-term strategy, and why it must be so.  His job was really to convince other lesser bureaucratic institutions to go along with this long-term world agenda, and he mentions how it must be played out to the public of the different countries.  So there were many official books put out there, itís just that no one bothered to read them, and yet, the libraries were full of them gathering dust.


Don: Well, my attention was drawn to that, this particular book I mentioned by TH Tetens, because of the Madrid Circular.  That was basically the confirmation that the SS, the underground, the underground SS in other words, after the war, intended to attack the United States over a long-term plan, and they brought them into the CIA in 1947.


Alan: Well, thatís just it.  You see, the CIA, that was started up with the OSS, they sent over Stephenson from England, well, actually he was from Canada, but he lived in England, but he set up the CIA for the Americans.  And they brought in all the Communist guys, and the Socialists, and they also brought the Nazis in as well.  This is a conglomeration of all the top elitist groups.


Don: I agree.  Youíre very accurate, I agree.  At least youíre accurate in that I agree.


Alan: You see, when you look at the top agenda, with the psychopathic minds who want world conquest, who all believe, each one believes heís the most supreme being thatís ever lived.  He is the most evolved.  And they believe in evolution and power, and the right to take power is a struggle.  So, it doesnít matter if they call themselves Soviet at the top level, or Nazi, or anything else.  Itís the same personality, with the same belief system really, which is, they are the most evolved with the right to dominate the rest, and plan the lives of those underneath them.


Michael: All right.  I have to interrupt you gentleman.  We have to go to a break.  Don, Iíll hold you over real quick if you have another question.  This is Michael Herzog with The American Awakening.  And then Iíll go to Mike in Pennsylvania.  Weíll be back in there, republicbroadcasting.org.  Stick with us.


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Michael: All right.  Weíre back.  Come a little bit closer and hear what Alan Watt has to say.  Fascinating guy.  Again, Iím going to open up the phone lines.  1-800-313-9443.  If you have a question or comment for my special guest, Alan Watt.  But, Don from Ohio, you have another question for him?


Don: Yes.  Alan, you alluded to the fact, and I agree with you, probably most listeners do, that this is a long-term plan.  Back in the early 1990s, it may have been right at 1990, in Long Beach California, they signed off a twenty-five year lease allowing the Chinese to control the Port of Long Beach.  And instantly Costco was born.  Now, what was interesting, I looked up the board of directors, and I found Alexander Hague was on that board.  Do you see that as the setup for the sometimes-predicted war that weíre supposed to have in 2008 with China?


Alan: It could be a war, but I think itís more likely it will be a gradual, over a long period of time, simple takeover, as more come in.  Not only was Hague on the board, so was the ex-prime minister of Britain.  That was Ted Heath.  He was also on the board of it.  This was again planned a long time ago.  Itís so amazing.  This is where Joe Public cannot think.  They donít think, like Brzezinski said, because theyíve been trained not to think.  Theyíve been trained to believe their media is keeping them informed and they tell them whatís important.  But if the media doesnít stress the abnormality or the anomaly of a situation, the public wonít think about it.  Weíve all lived through this transference of wealth to China through the GATT Treaty.  It took fifty years to set up negotiations and bureaucracies and laws to get China set up to be the manufacturer of the world.  And it didnít happen overnight.  They didnít even have the people trained there.  They were all training in universities in Canada and the US as engineers and designers to go back.  So, that was a long-term strategy for that to happen.  Now, isnít it odd too, theyíre still labeled as a Communist country.† And here they are.  You think about it, because we mentioned earlier in this show, and it was said so casually that the import was missed.  China took over from Japan as being the main holder of US debt.  Now, if you think your leaders would ever allow themselves to give to an enemy the purse to hold their long-term debt, that would mean your leaders were insane.  These people are not insane.  You donít give away your infrastructure, your means to defend yourself, never mind your economic system, to an enemy.  That tells you that China is not their enemy, you see.


Don: Well, yes.  And we know that Bush and Clinton have been involved in business with Lee Ka Ching too. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.  Theyíre all in cahoots together.  And after they had their Tiananmen Square Massacre, where the students tried to bring in some kind of Western type, again, that word democracy, we saw what happened to them.  And then the President sent over his brother as the envoy to calm down the elites of China, and say, ďDonít worry.  Americaís not too worried about what youíve done here to the students.  Trade must go on.Ē


Don: Sure.  Well, I want to open this line to other callers.  So, Alan, pleasure meeting you.


Michael: Thanks, Don, I appreciate it, man.


Don: I hope we have the chance to speak again.  And thanks a lot, Michael.


Michael: Yeah.  Great point.  All right, letís go to Mike in Pennsylvania, and again, the phone line are 1-800-313-9443, if you have a question or comment for my guest, Alan Watt.  Go ahead, Mike.


Mike: Yeah, this is Mike from Northwest, Pennsylvania.


Michael: Yes, Mike.


Mike: Alan, by chance have you heard from Jackie Patru lately?


Alan: Not at all.


Mike: No?  She should be doing good, I hope.


Alan: I donít know.  The last talk I had on the radio, she got rather angry, and that was it.  I havenít heard from her since.


Mike: Oh, okay.  Back to the aerosolized spraying, Mr. Herzog.


Michael: Yes, sir.


Mike: Youíre down there in Texas there, and Iíll tell you what, they are absolutely, positively stealing the rain down there.  These aircraft that they send out for these storm fronts are injecting potassium hydroxide, which is a super moisture absorbent.  And if youíll notice, look up, look out the drought maps on the internet there, and youíll see, right where theyíre bringing that road up through, there is a constant drought in that area.  They constantly bombard the fronts that come into that NAFTA road they want to put up through there, that Texas corridor.  So, you Texans down there, instead of having a corridor watch, you better have a sky watch and get on somebody down there.  These planes are UN controlled.  They have spoofer transponders on them, and the local radars will not pick them up.


Michael: Really.  Well, Iíll tell you.  I donít want to disagree with you, Mike, but I will say this.  Iíve been here now for, oh, I donít know, about a month, and one of my complaints that Iíve had, coming from Arizona, which it hardly ever rains, one of my complaints that Iíve had, is I havenít seen the sun, Iím seeing it today, but I havenít seen it for too many days, and although, Iím not from here, and so, I donít know what to expect as far as the weather, I can tell you in the past month it has rained here, at least in this area it has rained probably five times.


Mike: Well, sir, if youíll go down from the border there, where theyíre looking to jump it, with that road, it will run up just below Austin there.  They are super-dehydrating that area so that the ranchers are going to give up and sell off cheap.  Theyíre making it so miserable down there, that theyíll sell it for pennies, and they know exactly what theyíre up to.  And then the USDA comes in and tries to give them drought relief money. 


Michael: Interesting.  Alan, do you want to comment on it?


Alan: Yeah, I know that theyíre doing this.  They did it in Canada too.  In fact, the CBC, thatís the big, thatís our BBC version.  Itís the government version for Canada of television and radio, they admitted two days ago, or stated, because they dictate to the public in these democratized countries, they dictated to the public that suicides amongst farmers are now labeled under a farming disease under climate change, because they said so many of them are committing suicide now, because of the continued or alternating droughts and then floods.


Michael: Well, let me ask a question, gentlemen, the control obviously that they have on this specific area, is this due to what theyíre doing to the chemtrails, the HAARP, or a combination of both. 


Alan: Itís both.† Youíll find, not only does it have the potassium in it, itís got aluminum oxide as well.  That also is hygroscopic, it attracts moisture.  In fact, what youíre seeing, like even here today, theyíve been really going at it, spraying big time.  Thereís puddles on the roads, in the fields, and yet the air is as dry as can be with a temperature of about 80 degrees.  It should be humid now, and those puddles should be empty.  The aluminum oxide and potassium brings the molecules of water right down to the actual ground itself.  And so, youíre above the ground as youíre standing there.  Youíre breathing in dry air.


Michael: Wow.  Well, anything else you have, Mike?


Mike: Yes.  Donít be fooled by this tic-tac-toe stuff in the sky and the lines also that we have all seen.  They also start spraying roughly three to four am in the morning, and they lay down this haze pattern.  Just because you see the tic-tac-toe stuff.  They also have an intermediate spray pattern, where they do like a pulsed spraying, and you get a really artificial hard to see, well, hard to designate if itís a real cloud or not.  So, donít be fooled by the tic-tac-toe stuff, and they spray sometimes from 5 to 8,000 ft, and these things, if youíll watch them guys, theyíll just roll and churn and boil.  Theyíll basically somewhat disappear and then evolve again.  That is also a barium product there.  And if you will look, one thing they wonít tell you, itís not so much the CO2, but itís the actual ultraviolet compound.  You have compound A, B, and C.  Itís the C that theyíre really trying to control, and it does cause blindness.  But, as Mr. Watt said there, it is a multi-pronged attack. 


Michael: Fascinating.


Alan: We could also add on to that another purpose.  Because after 9/11 the next day, on Canadian television, I donít know if they showed it in the US.  They often show us parts you wonít see, Rumsfeld was asked what he would do if another major attack happened on a city and caused tremendous panic, where they try and flee.  He said, we have vast volumes of aerosolized Prozac and Valium to spray over entire cities.  And it hit me right then.  I thought, you know, theyíre not waiting for an attack.  Theyíve been doing it for the last few years because the public are getting dozy. 


Mike: Yes, sir. They absolutely primed the publicís mind before 9/11 also.  They went in there and sprayed early in the morning, before they dropped those buildings down.  And one more thing, gentlemen, and Iíll let you go.  The massive, these boys have been funded.


Michael: Wait a minute.  Stop, stop, Mike.  You cut out there for a second.  I donít know if youíre on a cell.  Repeat what you just said, sir.


Mike: Oh, by the way, the major upper respiratory troubles that they know that everyone is going to have from these sprayings is being covered by the American Lung Association, and they have funded it, and saying the secondhand smoke is causing it.  Yes, they have.  And gentlemen, Iíll let you be.


Michael: Hey, Mike.  Thank you so much for the call.  Okay, weíve got about a minute before the break.  Iíve got another caller here, Alan.  Iím going to bring up Bobby, from Texas and hold him over if I need be.  Bobby, go ahead.  Youíre on with Alan and Michael.


Bobby: Yes, how you all doing.  Just talking about, youíve been here for a month you say, I tell you what, before that month, we had been in a drought for two years here.† And Iíll hold on until we get back.


Michael: Yeah, okay, Bobby.  Weíre on with my guest, Alan Watt.  This is Michael Herzog, The American Awakening. I donít claim to be an expert at living in Texas, Bobby, so educate me.  Weíll be back in three minutes.  Youíre listening to republicbroadcasting.org, and 12180 short wave.  Stick with us.  Donít miss this one. 


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Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening.  Short segment coming up here, down at the bottom of the hour, of about four or five minutes.  Weíre on with my special guest, Alan Watt.  The call-in number is 800-313-9443.  If you have a question or comment.  And, Bobby from Texas, go ahead.  Continue, sir.


Bobby: Yes, sir.  I have a business here in Austin, and yesterday, Iíve been a big, Iíve been watching our skies here for a long time.  Just waking up in the morning.  I live out in the hill country, Iím on a hill, and I see these lines.  And, yesterday morning, I knew that I had to go some work for a retired general of the Air Force, and they were spraying our skies real heavy, so, I couldnít wait to get there, just to ask him what he thought about it.  And when I got there, and I pointed up in the sky, and I said, can you tell me what those are?  He said, those are Air Force bombers and theyíre running exercises.  That was his exact words, but he could not tell me any more than that.  He said it had to do with war games.  But, then he tried to tell me, they were contrails, and they were water vapors and theyíd disappear.  And I started explaining to him, hey, they donít.  Look at them.  They keep going and crossing.  They hit us very heavy yesterday.  And theyíre still doing it.  My wife and I just went on an exercise right now, just walking, and theyíre doing it again to us, today.  Iím trying to figure out exactly what they are.  Just to wake the people up to it.


Michael: Well, Alan, do you have a comment on exactly what they are?


Alan: Well, a general cannot tell you.  Heís sworn to secrecy.


Bobby: My wife went on NASAís website, and they actually want you to count the lines in your sky per day and email them how many lines you see.


Alan:† And theyíre also teaching children now, from documented movies made by NASA to recognize contrails, these new contrails, and just call them contrails, even though they are completely different from what we saw about ten years ago.  So, theyíre getting the young generation, who will go through the big changes, which means thereís a long-term strategy, theyíre getting them conditioned to think theyíre really just contrails.


Michael: Okay.  Letís go to John in Rancho Cucamonga in California.


John: How you doing there, Michael and Alan.  Good to talk to you guys.


Michael: How are you?


John: Iím okay.  See, I must be the only one in the whole listening audience that doesnít have your website address, Mr. Watt.  Could you please give that to me?


Alan: You can go to cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† Or, you can go through alanwattsentientsentinel.eu. 


John: Cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Iíll try that.  It should take me to the same place, right.


Alan: Yeah.


John: Okay, and Mr. Watt, you also referenced or alluded to several books that were written in the 1930s or 1938, and maybe subsequently, predicting a lot of the things that are coming true now.  And you mentioned one that was written in 1938.  And could you give me a title and an author for that by any chance?


Alan: It was put out by the Rockefeller foundation.  They published it and sponsored it and paid for it all.  It was the annual meeting of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations for America.  It was the minutes of their meeting, and they put it into a book called The Future of Britain and the Empire.  And it was all to do with post-war reconstruction after the war.  This is before the war even started, they had the whole agenda for the next century planned.


Michael: Let me stop you.  Iíll hold you over.  Iíve got to go to a break, John.  Iíll hold you over for a couple of minutes after that.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock, Texas.  Youíre listening to republicbroadcasting.org.  Stick with us, weíll be back in three. 


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Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, and The American Awakening, coming at you live from Round Rock, Texas, with my special guest, Alan Watt.  Without further ado, letís go back to the phones and John in Rancho Cucamonga.  Go ahead.


John: Yeah, Alan, you were just talking about that Rockefeller Foundation Royal Institute of International Affairs meeting notes of 1938 I guess.  Do you have any idea how I would go about getting a copy of that? 


Alan: You could maybe try, I donít know about later editions.  Iíve got the original ones.  I donít know if the later editions were altered down the memory hole as they say. They take parts out.  If you try the Oxford University Press you might get a copy. 


John: Okay, all right.  Any chance of you putting stuff like that on your website?


Alan: If I had time, I would. 


John: Thatís an honest answer.  I like that. 


Michael: Iíll tell you, John.  Youíre going to get lost in this guyís website.  Okay.  Itís a fascinating site.  Iíve been messing around with it. 


Alan: I would also get Jacques Attaliís book, because that gives the future for the American unification, and whatís to happen as they come up from Latin America.  Jacques Attali was basically the Kissinger of Europe who spearheaded the Union of Europe.  He was the advisor to FranÁoise Mitterand, and now, heís up there at the United Nations working.  He called his book Millennium.  And written in, I think it was published in 1990.  It gave the whole agenda, with the borders coming down, when theyíll come down.  As the economy goes under, he said, in fact, and the next boat people weíll see in the world will be those leaving the Americas, looking for work abroad.


John: Oh, and the spelling of his last name.


Alan: Itís A-T-T-A-L-I.  Attali.  And the book is called Millennium


John: Millennium.  All right.  Well, thanks a lot then, Michael and Alan.  Good talking to you.


Michael: Thank you very much, John.  I appreciate the call.  Remember the number is 800-313-9433, if you have any questions or comments for my special guest, Alan Watt.  Without further ado, letís go to Richard in Texas.  Richard, youíre on with Alan and Michael.


Richard: How you doing today, gentlemen?  I just wanted to ask you, and I called the other day.  You probably were a little rushed.  You didnít have time to think about it, maybe this gentleman can answer.  You know, with all these new millionaires we have coming online and new billionaires, are they going to stand by and watch all their money and all their wealth be taken too from this group that wants to just reduce us on to peons?  And Iíll close with that.  You can answer that question.


Michael: All right.  Thank you, Richard.  Alan, go ahead. 


Alan: Well, the millionaires, you see a million dollars is nothing nowadays, really, in the way things work.  Theyíre already having their global meetings and strategies hoping they can invest in the right countries, meaning China, and they hope that they and their families will escape the worst of whatís going to happen in the West.  I know this, because Iíve been asked to go and talk at some of these meetings, in nice, exotic faraway places.  So, thatís what happens.  The millionaires, theyíre already investing in China.  And some of them are actually moving out.  A lot of the American middle class, upper middle class, in fact, the bureaucratic class are already taking their families to the brand new cities in China, that were built for Westerners, for them to come in and help build up the infrastructure and the bureaucratic techniques are introduced to China.  So this is already under way.


Michael: So this is kind of like, well, I donít want to say rats deserting a sinking ship, but a lot of people that are in the upper middle class in this country are finding other places to live.


Alan: Yes, they are.  Theyíre moving out.  I know some people that are up there, and theyíve brought in over the last few years Chinese nannies to teach their children to speak the languages.  And theyíre moving off and packing up and going off to China.  And they have built tremendously ultra-modern cities, much further than the West even, because all the money is being put into China to accommodate them.  So, yeah, this is already under way.


Michael: Well, let me ask you, Alan.  You had alluded back, oh, a little while ago, to the term, psychopath.  And thereís a number of books that I have read regarding the Illuminati and so forth, and it seems like the large majority, if not all of these people, are psychopaths.  Itís like they gravitate towards this.  They are power hungry, and they have to be of a certain mindset, without conscience or soul if you will.  And to actually, you know, be put into this position.  I mean, the lower levels, I donít know whether theyíre analyzed or whether theyíre tested, or whatever it is that happens before, they donít get up into the upper echelons of this control grid unless they are indeed psychopaths.  Would you agree?


Alan: Absolutely.  Even with the regular Freemasonry at the bottom, thatís where they come in, thatís the catchment area.  And those who can keep their mouths shut, keep secrets, are gradually sifted out.  The ones who donít mind getting extra free benefits from society, the profane beneath them, are watched.  And if theyíre useful, especially in the area of creating public opinion, like a small newspaperman, or something like that, an editor, theyíll bring them up into the higher ranks, because the creation of public opinion and the control of public opinion is of paramount importance as they bring us all through this.  So, yeah, they look for the psychopathic traits of people who donít have conscience, who can do the most terrible things, and yet sleep well at night, without sleeping pills.  Thatís the psychopath, egocentric, power hungry, and no empathy for other people, but a fantastic show of empathy in front of the public.  Thatís why psychiatry is well aware that the best politicians are psychopaths.  They were labeled that long, long ago.  Thatís a fact.


Michael: So, itís an individual that has no soul, no heart, and basically can act like they do. 


Alan: Incredible.  Theyíre the best actors in the world.  In fact, thereís a category of them classed alongside some of the best actors, who also have the same traits.  An actor takes on a character role.  Itís difficult for an average person to do, but a psychopath has no problem, because they watch, they study other people and emulate how they react with each other, but they donít necessarily feel the emotion thatís involved.


Michael: Well, you know, that brings up another question, Alan, and from your research, obviously youíve done quite a bit of it.  How far?  I mean, this is nothing new. 


Alan: No.


Michael: How far does this go back into time?


Alan: Well, we know that even the sections that were taken out of Holy Books, for instance.  I mean, Holy Books and psychopaths always end up predominating, once theyíre cleaned out, they gradually come back in, pretending they are you and speaking on your behalf.  Thatís how they get into power, even at the bottom level.  We know that theyíve taken parts out of even the Western Bibles to do with, and you can find this in books, from again, Oxford University Press, on myths, itís called Jewish Myths and Fables, but it also tells you some of the psalms that they took out of the Old Testament.  And they claim that in a previous time these characters had got to such a high level of control of the ancient world, that they were hunted down eventually by the people, and destroyed.  And those that did escape fled and hid in the mountains, and the people pursued them trying to kill them.  And thatís why they eventually start coming back.  Thatís why they always start secret societies with passwords and so on, so they can recognize each other.


Michael: Wow.  It goes very deep.  Well, tell me.  As deeply underlying as this is, and thereís several levels to the onion, if you will.  And the average normal everyday guy whether he be Canadian, or whether he be American or Mexico or any place in the world, the average person just wants to live their life, you know, raise their family, make a living.  Weíre not out for power.  Weíre not out for, you know, money and so forth, most of us arenít.  Weíre just out to be happy and live a normal life and be left alone.  And so, weíre really, people like us are at a disadvantage when it comes to these kind of people and the fact that they control us.  So, in your mind, coming from this standpoint, can we look at this and say, oh, okay, is there any possible way like there was back in the past when the people finally, they stood up and they defeated these people, and the psychopaths ran off to the mountains.  Is it possible with the technology I this day and age to do the same thing.  Can we defeat these people?


Alan: They can be defeated, although, I must admit this time, these characters have Ė see, theyíve always pulled in professors of history, ancient religions and so on, into government high think tanks, to find out what happened in the past.  It concerns them, because they know that things happen by the same techniques and same formulas.  Thatís why the rush is on for totalitarian power and even brain chipping as the Ministry of Defence in Britain came out with in the Guardian last week.  They want us all chipped so that we canít possibly speak out or do anything against them.  So, they know, they know how this cycle you might say works.  And once a psychopath though is exposed.  If you have enough people who say, wait a minute, this king has no clothes.  Not just one little boy, but everybody saying, this king has no clothes here.  All his impressive suits and the way heís dressed and wrapped in your flag, your national emblems, they donít work anymore.  He stands naked.  And when that happens, thatís when the psychopath breaks.  He canít handle being called out for what he is.


Michael: You speak of the chip.  I mean, I have read reports, and again, Iím not saying that this is true or not true.  Iím just saying Iíve read reports, theyíve actually got plans for beyond a chip.† Theyíve got plans for things that are implanted that make society as a whole as I would say of what they would call a hive mind.


Alan: They published it in their meeting at Loyola University, the World Science Meeting.  And they went through the whole formula. They said that regional computers are already set up, Super Cray computers, these are super-cooled, liquid-cooled computers, huge buildings of them, and each region, as they called it, which will handle the coming brain chips, they said, the brain chips are ready to go.  All we have to do now is convince the public of the need to take them.  And that will be done through fear and hype and terror.  And itís also being pushed through movies for the young, where their heroes have Super Powers with a brain chip and all this stuff.  Itís already appeared in movies.  And they said it will be put out to appeal to the young through novels and movies and so on.


Michael: And weíre not looking at very, thatís not in the far distant future.  Weíre talking about something thatís really around the corner.  Itís closer than we think.


Alan: Iíd say itís about three years away.


Michael: Three years.  Well, and that brings up another thing.  I had occasion to run across a situation where they were using a vaccine, or a shot if you will, to supposedly prevent people from smoking.  And they had a complete set of documents, when we had gone in there, that you were to sign that was going to, you know.


Alan: A disclaimer, yeah.


Michael: It was a disclaimer.  It was to give them, you know, you couldnít sue them.  And I thought to myself, now why would somebody have this many disclaimers.  Why would you have to sign this many documents to wave your right to sue these people, unless there must be something in that shot thatís going to do something other than just, you know, take away your craving for a cigarette.  And I did a little research on it later, and I found out that there are certain things they put in the vaccines that do something to, Iím not sure whether itís the neurotransmitters or synapses, something in your brain that yes, it would take the craving away for a cigarette, but it would also take away any endorphin rush that you would get from scoring a touchdown or from, you know, seeing somebody hit a home run at a baseball game, or whatever.  In your estimation, have you heard of anything like that?


Alan: I know theyíve experimented with a lot of things along the same line.  What you would end up with is a lot of very apathetic people or depressed people, ultimately, if their own endorphins canít kick in, to give you that little bit of euphoria or happiness.  You would end up having depression amongst the people.  However, donít forget that causing depression and apathy is also a military strategy that theyíve published vast screeds and screeds of stuff on.  Itís a known technique to create apathy amongst people.  I think weíre under full-scale war from all the inoculations to be honest, that theyíve been giving us for the last sixty or seventy years. 


Michael: Iím not sure about Canada, but I know here, before I threw my TV out, and I still hear from people the commercials, the battery of commercials that they run here in the United States are just wall-to-wall drugs.  You know, psychotropic drugs or whatever, for whatever ailment you could possibly think of.  Theyíre even manufacturing different ailments, like twitchy knee syndrome, and so forth, see your doctor.  And this is, you know, youíre talking about depression or whatever this cause, well, now they have a pill for that.  The side effects from the pill that they take, they have another pill to take for that.  And this is all by design, because the pharmaceutical industries are making, you know, an abundance of money doing this.  And thereís also laws that have been passed to alleviate you being able to sue a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm for in case thereís a health problem by it.  And, again, this is all by design as well.  They are, as you say, they are coming at us from all angles. 


Alan: Once again, they published, some of the big boys at the top, Charles Galton Darwin, in The Next Million Years, published about 1956, went through that whole agenda of using drugs and chemicals and inoculations on the public to bring them down to a manageable level, also help sterilize a lot of them too, and of course, different techniques would be used and different excuses for the inoculations would be used to convince the public of its necessity.  In other words, they would be lied to.  Weíve been lied to an awful lot, believe you me.


Michael: Well, you know, Alan, speaking of, you know, on the subject of being lied to, and Iím the first to profess that I only put on the glasses if you will, a couple of years ago.  Weíve got a break, then weíve got the final segment, but Iím going to talk to you about being lied to in a minute.  Letís go to a break, and then weíll got to the final segment.  This is Michael Herzog, The American Awakening, coming to you live from Round Rock Texas, republicbroadcasting.org.  Stick with me, weíll be back in three.


(Commercial Break)


Michael: All right, weíre back.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening.  Coming to you live from Round Rock Texas.  Last segment, short segment.  Thereís only about four or five minutes left, and Alan, I wanted to make a quick comment on being lied to, and then maybe have you give us some closing thoughts on your take on exactly where weíre at the world.  So, on the subject of being lied to, I woke up a couple of years ago, and sad to say, after all the rabbit holes Iíve gone down and looked at the numerous websites, yours included, Iím beginning to realize, you say that they lie to us quite a bit, I think, personally, that they lie to us all the time.  I havenít seen them say anything that really I could consider the truth, Alan.


Alan: Everything thatís put out is authorized to shape your mind, along a predetermined path that they have chosen for you.


Michael: And so, what do we do from here?  How, how do you, I mean, we do, the network here, we do everything we can do to wake up Americans, you know, Canadians, people who are the dumbed-down, mind-numbed propagandized American people.  You heard the call that came in from Bobby about passing out freedom to fascism.  John Stadtmiller and I, and Sandra, the owner of the network, weíre going down to pass out flyers for a truck-out coming up, because theyíre allowing these Mexicans, the Mexican companies come over here and drive trucks in the United States, and thatís going to effect all of us.  This is the North American Union.  The borders between your country and our country are coming down.† And itís by design.  You know that.


Alan: Actually, I can go further, because it was announced in Canada, after 9/11, they call it CSIS here, which is our CIA, is merged totally with the CIA of the US, and one year ago, they announced with the next part, actually, it was with the Waco signing of the Trilateral Agreement for the three part of the America unification that they all signed for the integration.  They said later on in a show, and the spokesman was a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  He said, that now your customs and duty and excise groups in the US and Canada are merging.  And itís even going as far as the bureaucrats, top-level bureaucrats in Ottawa will eventually, very shortly be allowed to ask for transfers down to the same departments within the US government and vice-versa. 


Michael: A whole other level of legislation being implemented.  And while youíre on the subject of the signing, thatís just one more lie, because, yes, yes, Bush signed this agreement back in March of 2005, and according to government officials that we call into that didnít happen.


Alan: Well, the reality, you see, that was a public declaration to test the water.  And it started back with the Free Trade Negotiations, back in the late 80s and early 90s, and Shelley Ann Clarke came out from Ottawa.  She made up all the booklets for the negotiations, and she tried to tell the Canadian public that theyíd signed everything away into complete integration with America and Mexico.  So she came out from Ottawa.  She was the most senior civil servant in Ottawa at the time.  So this was done a long time ago.  And even in the Free Trade Negotiations, in the 80s and early 90s, they discussed putting up the new capital for the Americas in Montreal. 


Michael: Unbelievable.  So, what do we do to stop this, besides what weíre doing? 


Alan: You have to get people who are not misdirected, thereís a lot of fake patriot stuff out there.  Thereís lots of it, because the big boys give you both sides, and thatís how you control conflict and guide it.  And youíve got to get people who are dedicated to spending their life working really for other people and for generations still to come.  Itís hard to get dedicated people to do it.


Michael: Itís like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Well, Alan, I want to thank you my friend for coming on.  I really appreciate it, sir.  You have been requested by my listeners and after talking to you, Iíll have you up again, if youíd give me the honor.  Okay?


Alan: Itís been a pleasure. Yeah.


Michael: Thank you, sir.  Appreciate it.  Michael Herzog, The American Awakening.  There goes Alan Watt.  This is Friday; stay tuned for the National Intel Report with my friend, John Stadtmiller.




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