September 20th, 2006
Alan Watt on
"Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru

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Jackie Patru: Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen.  Thank you for joining us tonight, on Sweet Liberty.  Today is Wednesday and it is the 20th of September in the year 2006.  I hope youíve had a nice week since we talked last, folks.  Well, actually, I was on with Darren last night.  I donít know how many of you listen to Darren.  I urge you to do so.  Darren was going to be on, Darren Weeks, was going be with us this evening.  Heís discovered, and I wanted to mention this, before we bring Alan up, Alan Watt is with us.  Alan, thanks for being here by the way.


Alan Watt: Yeah, itís a pleasure.


Jackie: I donít want to leave you sitting there in the quiet.  Darren discovered a theme in Michigan; itís in the Michigan legislature.  In fact, after it was introduced, it had already been passed through Senate committee.  This was on a fast track.  It is a vaccine folks, and the reason Iím telling you about this, well, Iíll tell you anyway, but when Darren began doing his research, he found that 45 statesí legislatures are already messing with this stuff again.  And this is a vaccine that is mandated for sixth grade girls in the government indoctrinational system we once called schools.  It is a mandated vaccine for sixth grade girls, those are girls, what ten and eleven years, sixth girls, and it is to prevent cervical cancer.  Darren has done a lot of research on it, and he speaks about it Monday.  His broadcasts are archived on Sweet Liberty, of course, or originally theyíre archived at First Amendment Radio.  And, then after a period of time, but if you are not subscribing to First Amendment Radio, you might want to do that, because you get the archives, then the same day, next day, if you donít hear the broadcast live.  He will, he had the guest on Monday.  Heís interviewing a woman whoís actually in the legislature.  And the insidious thing, whatís happening in Michigan is the legislator, sheís a Senator, who introduced this thing, when Darren called her office about it, the assistant secretary that he spoke with said, oh, she has been spending a lot of time on this.  Sheís working with a group thatís helping her with it.  Well, he found out that the group is called Women in Government.  He went to their website, guess who their sponsors are, Women in Government, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline.  Those are two pharmaceutical companies, and it just so happens folks that Merck is the only pharmaceutical now that has this vaccine ready.  It hasnít been tested for safety, of course.  And when he went to the Merck site and pulled this up, I donít recall what it is.  Darren will be speaking about it again Monday night, and interviewing the woman from the State Legislature.  I donít think sheís a rep or a Senator, but she works there in the Legislature.  He found out that this thing has aluminum in it.  I donít know what other ingredients.  It is supposedly, again, a vaccine, that would prevent cervical cancer.  Itís interesting, I didnít know this, because I donít watch the news, and I donít get mainstream television, but my sis said, for the last two months, theyíve been talking about this on, evidently the news and different programs, that they have discovered that cervical cancer comes from a virus, so now theyíre planning on shoving more of these chemicals into young children.  I want you to know about it, and I think you ought to check into your state and see.  Darren has written an article about it, heís going to post it at Sweet Liberty, so all the information will be there, and I hope you will look into it, and at least make a call.  Make a call to your legislator.  Your state legislator doesnítí know whatís the ingredients in these stupid things.  And call informed, and let them know, at least in Michigan, because maybe this Women in Government group is pushing it through all the states, folks.  Maybe thatís how, what Merck is using as the tool to get this into the states.  Women in Government, you might want to write that down.  Go to their website, because it may be, may be, as I was saying, it may be that theyíre pushing it in all the states, five of them now.  Alan, here we go again, huh.


Alan: Yes.  Iím not surprised.


Jackie: Iím not surprised either.


Alan: And of course, we know from long study that the inoculations that they gave in the past had nothing to do with what they claimed.  They were for alternate purposed.  And itís nothing new, itís been known for around sixty, seventy years that virus, that the human papilloma virus is what the wart, the venereal wart is what starts off as cervical cancer.  Thatís always been known.


Jackie: No, youíre kidding me.


Alan: No. 


Jackie: Is a war a virus?


Alan: Yeah, itís called by a virus, you see.  And itís not the same exactly as you get on your skin elsewhere.  But itís just as contagious, maybe even more so. 


Jackie: Is it a form of herpes, Alan?


Alan: No, no.  Itís a virus family, but itís different.  It causes little warts inside, generally the vagina.  Women can carry them for many years without knowing.  For guys, itís obviously more obvious.  And theyíre terribly, terribly hard to get rid of.  But it would be quite the thing to claim theyíve got a particular antidote to this, a preventative, because, like all viruses, thereís so many strains and varieties, you know.


Jackie: Right.


Alan: So, I very much doubt this has to do with what theyíre claiming.  I donít trust them at all, in fact, when you go into the history of vaccinations.


Jackie: Of course not.  And then when he looked into the ingredients, aluminum is present, Alan.


Alan: And that causes Alzheimerís.


Jackie: Exactly.


Alan: And there would be other.  Iíll tell you another thing too.  When they tell you something like aluminum, itís often to sidetrack you for you to focus on that, while thereís another thing thatís much more ominous inside there.


Jackie: Even worse.


Alan: Yeah.  It will attack the hormonal system I have no doubt, because they want to bring down the population drastically.  Yeah.  Yeah.


Jackie: And theyíre doing it in all their insidious and evil ways.


Alan: And itís highly Masonic.  I mean Merck is Mercury, the messenger.  Thatís why they called it Merck, you know.  And the high Masons love Mercury the messenger.


Jackie: Maybe thatís why they use thimerosal.


Alan: Yeah, mm, hmm.  Thatís right, Mercury comes from it.  Yeah.  And Women in Government is just WIG by the way.  Ha, ha, ha.  Maybe the stuff makes your hair fall out.  I donít know. 


Jackie: Is Wig.


Alan: Yeah, W-I-G, yeah.  But what I was going to say wasÖ


Jackie: Itís a cover up.


Alan: I know there was one woman, thereís probably a few, but thereís one woman in a video I watched to do with Monsantoís modified food, and this woman worked for the federal drug administration and so she was in politics, back into the FDA, and then she was into Monsanto, into them, back and forth, five times, from Monsanto back to working for the government.  I wonder if itís the same one.  So they have their own agents in the government, you see.


Jackie: This state legislatorÖ


Alan: Yeah, heíd have to dig up her history, yeah.


Jackie: Yeah, well, she was, I donít think sheís at present, I think she just recently finished as the chairman of the board of Women in Government.   And their sponsor being Merck, you would think this is a tremendous.


Alan: Conflict.  Yeah.


Jackie: Conflict of interest.  Iíll tell you what Darren did.  He went to the newsroom, you know, heís an engineer at a TV station, he told them about it, and they did a thing on it, and they mentioned that it sounded like a conflict of interest, and once heís got the ingredients and understands whatís in it, heís going to ask them to follow up.  But then to find out that it is in 45 states.  On thing I wanted to say to our listeners, this is a mandated thing, folks.  Every single state has an opt-out form, that parents can opt their children out of the vaccines and they canít be kicked out of school.  They will not tell you that.  But that is so.  And I know in Missouri as a matter of fact, when Nicole was, she actually called Health and Human Services to get a copy of an opt out form, when they were mandating Ashleyís grade, the all had to have the tetanus vaccine, Alan.  And when she got up to the school, I guess almost the entire class was being sent home, because they werenít vaccinated.  And she told them that she was going to be signing an opt-out form.  She had one coming from Health and Human Services.  And the lady said, ďWell, honey, we have them right there.  And she handed on to Nicole, and thatís all it was.  It didnít have to be any religious, philosophical, just, thereís an opt-out form.  The problem is, when they mandate this, most of the parents donít know they can opt their children out of them.


Alan: I know.  And even though you can opt out, theyíll still try sort of covert threatening and childrenís aid, etc.  But youíre up against the whole bureaucracy of NGOs.  The Childrenís Aid Society by the way is non governmental.  I hope people realize that.


Jackie: What?


Alan: Itís a nongovernmental institution.


Jackie: What did you say again?


Alan: The Childrenís Aid Society.


Jackie: Childrenís Aid Society?  Iíve never heard of that.


Alan: Well, Childrenís Aid is the same thing as the Child, what do you call it in the States?


Jackie: Childrenís Family Service?


Alan: Yeah.  Because these actually started up as NGOs, non-governmental organizations and simply got funding eventually from government, but theyíre still classified as basically private institutions.  So, they often threaten the parents with these different services if they refuse to go along with their particular.


Jackie: In the States here Alan, Family, they have different names for them, but itís the Department of Family.  They have different names for them.  But itís an agency.  There are bureaucrats that work in them.  It is an agency that has been created by the State Legislature.  And they create these agencies.  And itís of course such broad language, and there is so much leeway given, so much latitude given that thereís almost no stopping.  I mentioned this I believe last night, because Darren Weeks asked me to come on with him.  Here in Pennsylvania I was talking to a Secretary of one of our state reps, and she said whenever somebody has called the office to ask for help, for Childrenís Family Services, Iím not sure what they call them here, are harassing them and threatening them, heíd call to try to help a constituent, hereís what he was told: You created us.  You gave us this power.  And thereís nothing you can do about it.  So not even the state legislature who created the monster, not even they can interfere.


Alan: Well, we are living under tyranny.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And itís interesting that Carl Jung, back in the 1950s, who really was way superior to any Freud they put out there, his worst vision of the future that he was sure was coming by the science that he saw then wasnít just an iron curtain across a country, like Germany or whatever.  He saw an iron wall around the whole planet of bureaucracy that would stifle all free thought and existence.  And he was quite right.  Thatís what weíre coming into now.


Jackie: Karl Marx, now, I donít know if this true, just because I read it, but I read that Karl Marx didnít write all of his writings, he was just a front person. 


Alan: He was a front.  Engels supplied a lot of the writing too.


Jackie: Okay, and so, he saw this.  No, he didnít see this.  It was in the plan, yes?


Alan: Well, it was Lenin who wrote about it himself.  Lenin said that the time would come in the West, towards the Millennium.  He was talking about 2000, and he wrote this back in the early 1900s, he said, a time would come in the West, where Bureaucracies would be so all-pervasive and so numerous that theyíd be overstepping each otherís boundaries, causing confusion as they battled for power between themselves.  And he said, this is a stage that the world must go through.  He knew the whole agenda.  So, we have to go through this stage of apparent confusion over regulation, until even the bureaucrats are stepping over each other, different departments, and then they come out with the new system, the new society, yeah.  Yeah.  Everything is planned, even the crisis, yeah. 


Jackie: Yeah, well, of course.  I read.  Iíll tell you what I did.  I was looking for a particular article in my files, in my email files.  I have a jillion folders.  And so I did a search.  I wasnít able to find it, but I remembered reading and this was I believe a newspaper report, that the US Congress, I may have even mentioned it when I had it emailed to me.  That the US Congress had shortened the time, the required time for the pharmaceuticals to test their new drugs.  The time it was shortened to was eight weeks, Alan. 


Alan: I know, and even then.  Eight weeks.  Yeah, yeah.  I know, itís pathetic, but then again, it falls right into the agenda, because remember, Carroll Quigley himself, who was the historian, he was the official historian for the secretive CFR organization, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and he said, right in there, that the New World Order will consist of a new type of feudal system with corporations taking the parts of the warlords and nobility.  So, weíre finding more and more so that the legislation is getting passed on behalf of massive international corporations.  Thatís happening.  And look at all the politicians, all these lawyers, corporate lawyers.  Theyíve been either working for these corporations before they go into politics, or they go into them after theyíve left politics.  So, itís one in the same thing, really.  So, private corporations are getting their way.  We saw it here in Canada quite a few years ago, when we found out, through Britain, through a protest that was happening in Britain when Tony Blair was pushing through the modified food, the genetically modified vegetables, it came out, it leaked out from the NGOs in Britain, who were protesting that Canadians had been using this stuff for ten years and they hadnít told the populace.  So, the government had to come out within a statement, and they did admit in all the newspapers, theyíd signed a secret agreement with Monsanto and others to test this stuff on the Canadians.  A secret agreement from your own government. 


Jackie:  Your own government.


Alan: Uh, huh.


Jackie: They arenít our government.


Alan: I know.  I know.  I mean this Mickey Mouse show is getting pathetic.  But thatís what they give us.


Jackie: When you think about, I suppose, do you think Parliament, I would imagine so, in Canada, is it a corporation like the US government inc.


Alan: Yeah, yeah.


Jackie: Theyíre all corporations.


Alan: Theyíre all patterned after the.


Jackie: Paul Martin.  Is Paul Martin still there?


Alan: No, well, heís not there now.  Heís working for the UN as far as I know.


Jackie: Oh, whoís the new guy?


Alan: Oh, itís Harper, Steven Harper.


Jackie: Steven Harper.  Okay.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: So, heís the CEO.


Alan: He is the CEO, yeah.  Heís, yeah. 


Jackie: Like Bush.


Alan: But theyíre not the admirals, theyíre only the captains of the ship.


Jackie: Theyíre more like the janitors.   Letís face it.


Alan: Yeah.  I know, I know, itís rather sad and pathetic to try and try and even pretend to yourself that these guys are in charge of you.  Because theyíre not.  Theyíre going along with an old agenda.  We can read their predecessors who wrote books on it.  And it doesnít matter which party gets in, the agenda steamrolls ahead, because the bureaucracies are there forever, regardless of who appears to be the front man in Parliament.  The bureaucracies are there for life, forever.  Yeah.


Jackie: And they have schools for the bureaucrats.


Alan: They do. 


Jackie: For the children of the bureaucrats.


Alan: Theyíre all intergenerational at the federal level.  I read that recently.  I know you said that.


Jackie: I read that just recently.  It was some particular individual I was reading and that he had gone to school as the child of a bureaucrat, he went to the school for bureaucrats, to grow up a bureaucrat.


Alan: And they marry each other too.  Itís a closed society.  They always live in a specific area of each capitol city of every nation, and they intermarry and go to the same social clubs, and they donít really mingle with the general population.  So, theyíre a class to themselves really, yeah.  But they know when they go into a department that theyíre schooled into what their function will be there, their role will be for their whole life, what they have to push forward.  And H.G. Wells talked about that when he did the write up on the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations.


Jackie: It will lead to peace?


Alan: Yeah.  He said that basically now, he says, with the League of Nations, it is the Embryo of World Parliament.  He says and every country has its bureaucrats who can now correspond directly with equivalent bureaucracies at the League of Nations.  Now, thatís the same today.  They donít even have to go through the politicians.  Yeah. 


Jackie: But the politicians have assisted them in the first place.  Every single agency started, I have a report, a UN report from 3 meetings that were back in the 1950s.  One was in the Soviet Union and one was in Switzerland.  I donít recall where the third one was.  And that was when they were talking about, gosh, it has to do with the Housing Administration.  Yes.  I think thatís what, HUD, over here.  That was before HUD was even formed.  And I got to looking up in the encyclopedia to see when HUD was created, and it was right after that meeting took hold.  It was a regional governance, the oh, geez, there was a quote in there that that main purpose for this particular individual was the transfer of land from private to public use.  That was back in 1950.  And then all of these, they kept using these phrases.  They all related to different agencies that are here in the US, and as you said, theyíre all brothers and sisters across the world, created under the auspices of the United Nations. 


Alan: Yeah, thatís a fact.   


Jackie:  And we have the United Nations report here, where they plan to become a true World Parliamentary Government.


Alan: Yeah.  Yeah, theyíve said in many statements that their function is to eventually become the Worldís Government.  Theyíve said it quite openly.


Jackie: So, they need their own army.  They need their own taxing agenda.  And they need, the only thing that was lacking they said was the Peopleís Parliament, the Voice of the People.


Alan: Oh, the Voice of the People.


Jackie: The Voice of the People would be the nongovernmental organizations.


Alan: Yeah.  The Soviet. 


Jackie: Thatís the Voice of the People.


Alan: Thatís the Soviet.  Thatís what Soviet means, NGOs, yeah. 


Jackie: Rule by Council?


Alan: Yeah, thatís right.  Unelected councils, and just like the Soviet Union, they claim to speak for the people.  The people demand this, the people demand that, but each head of the organization was appointed by the Soviet Politburo itself.  So, it wonít be any different here.  We know that.


Jackie: Of course not.


Alan: Yeah. 


Jackie: But when you have all of these thousands, because there are thousands of them.  As a matter of fact, any listener who might be interested, theyíre in our United Nations section, at  Thereís a report that was done on, in fact, it was ďPeace by PiecesĒ and it was all about the nongovernmental organizations, how they were going to bring the New World Order in by these Organizations.  I think the thing was done, it came from the University of Pennsylvania, and it may have been í43.  It could have been í34.  I donít know.  It was back, way back, and already they said there were 2700 hundred of them.


Alan: Yeah, and it started in the 1700s, and it started initially by the big, the foundations, philanthropists they called it at the time, the multi-millionaires of the day, very high Freemasons too.  And theyíd all got together and decided how to take the world over, and of course, money was the key, so theyíd have to control the worldís resources and get to the top, then they could finance and front these little NGO groups, and itís gone on steadily since then.  These, the big NGOs are not grass roots at all, never were.  They have big buildings, a lot of them, computerized equipment all over the place on different floors.  They have pension plans.  So theyíre not grass roots.  These are authorized and funded by the Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller Foundations, and many others, yeah.


Jackie: People would be, theyíd be interested to know that the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, itís international, and it is considered an NGO.  And YM and YWCAs are non-governmental organizations, recognized by the United Nations.


Alan: Yeah.  Thatís right.  So, itís the same old con.  The pretense that thereís someone there to speak for you.  And as long as the pretense is there, most of the public goes along with it.  Yeah.  Yeah. 


Jackie: I wanted our listeners to know about this so that they can look into it.  I understand that Pennsylvania is one of the states, and Iím going to take a look into it and at least give the State Legislature a call, my state rep, and state senator.  I donít know what the situation is here, but it behooves each of us to check it out, because you have no idea the difference you make.  And thatís true.  I know thatís true.


Alan: And youíve got to hit something at the beginning, if possible before it begins.  Once itís underway it becomes, it becomes normal so quickly, you know.  Youíve got to hit things right away to stop things.  You canít let them start and then hit them.  Itís very difficult then to stop something.


Jackie: And you know there are, I know that itís frustrating for people who are awake and who are waking up.  Well, weíre all waking up, but the process of waking up.  Some of us have woken a little before others, but itís frustrating when they try to talk to friends, neighbors, associates, family, and you know, they get the eyes rolling up and, but hereís how I feel about this.  If we know something that can affect their loved ones and them, then itís our responsibility to say it, because it is planting seeds.  Like you said, not to go out there and start preaching, but just say it.  And then if they care and say, whoa, tell me more about this, then you have a person with some active gray matter. 


Alan: And you stay on the topic.  You see, people generally know so many different areas where everything is happening; they overload the person, rather than stick on a topic.  You know, and leave it with them at that, until maybe the next time.  Yeah.


Jackie: Or lets say ask a question.  A lot of times, theyíre talking to somebody, then it sparks a question in their mind. 


Alan: Yeah.  Thatís okay.  Yeah.


Jackie: If they ask, then thatís fine. 


Alan: And keep, again, itís short, because you could probably give them enough knowledge for a book on each topic.  You donítí realize how much youíve stored up in your head.  So, you only give them enough on each topic for the time being.  And thatís how you can do it.  Because youíre talking to people who swallowed their conditioned reality and they truly believe that if thereís anything really, really worth knowing the media will tell them.


Jackie: Yeah right.


Alan: They really believe that.


Jackie: And I have an example.  I think weíre about out of our first half hour.  So, I donít think I have time.  It isnít long, but I donít want to be interrupted.  So that our listeners see that it can happen.  Then, at least you said it, and that is our responsibility.  I just donít see that any other way, Alan.


Alan: I know.  I know.


Jackie: I just donít see it any other way.  Folks, weíre going to be back right after this, in about three minutes, so, you stay with us.  Iím Jackie Patru, in case youíre a new listener.  And Alan Watt is our guest this evening, as usual.  Weíll be right back here.


(Commercial Break)


Jackie: Alright, weíre back.  Alan, before we get started, tell the listeners about what you have to offer, youíre DVD and the books, etc.


Alan: Yeah.  If they go to, they can look at the videos.  Iíve also got the first one which is free on the site, the first DVD on Reality Check.  They can also purchase it, if they want to, for other people that donít have computers.


Jackie: Thatís nice.  Youíve got that on DVD now.


Alan: Yeah, mm, hmm.


Jackie: Oh, thatís nice.


Alan: Because a lot of people donít have computers, and it plays on the DVD player for your TV.  And Iíve got more CDs coming out too.


Jackie: Now, you have Reality Check 2.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: But you have Reality Check 1 on DVD?


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: Okay, both of them are available.  Oh, thatís cool.  And the first one is for people to watch free, if they want to.  But they can purchase it to show their friends and family, etc.  And the other one is for purchase only, Reality Check 2.  And your books.


Alan: And thereís the three books there, the Cutting Through Series.  It was a form of deprogramming, which it does work.  Iíve had a lot of people who have; itís not what they expect.  Itís not with the usual boring, this happened in the year so and so.  Itís a method of showing you whatís in front of you that youíve missed, to show you that youíre living in not just deception, but even the deception of the language weíre given is so coded.  And once they understand it, it becomes obvious to them.  And the higher Freemasons use these codes all the time.  And Iíve got another one coming out.  It will be about a monthís time hopefully, that goes further into this whole coding business, for those who have already caught up on the last three books.  Yeah.


Jackie: A de-programming.


Alan: Yes.  Yeah, because you have to de-program people.  Itís not just a matter of, see, hereís the trick thatís played on us, apart from the fact that weíre brainwashed into a version of Reality.


Jackie: But weíre born into it, Alan.


Alan: Youíre born into it.  And if your parents donít know to tell you how it works, you would think itís normal.  Which means anything can be normal to a child brought up in any system.  And so, you have to show them, by history too, that this was a planned society, and itís to be a planned world.  Itís all coming together.  All the laws are coming together.  The legalities, so they can merge the whole planet quite smoothly as they did with the merger of Europe.  They merged the countryís laws together, quietly, over a period of fifty years.  And eventually, they started to standardize the money, bring some down and value some up, so they could simply merge into the Euro.  Theyíre doing the same in North America here, with Latin America.  So, everything that happens is planned.  Nothing just happens at the time.  And these front meetings that we see, where they put their signature on something as presidents, thatís just a show for the public.  In reality, the negotiations and all the footwork were done by bureaucrats and lawyers for the last fifty years, you know.  So, I go through this kind of stuff to show the people, itís much, much deeper.  


You canít play the game of politics, itís totally corrupt.  Always was.  Politicians are vetted long before the public even hear their names to vote for.  Theyíre vetted by the big boys.  And the ones that are chosen go along with the agenda.  Thatís their job.  Politics is a front in itself for the agenda.  And it stops the people from revolting every four or five years, and thatís why they gave this so called democratic system, beginning with Britain.  They found that the public was generally, they were so over-taxed over hundreds of years and all the wars that came along after the Rothschilds took over the bank, and they got a standing army, paid for by the tax payer, the people were so over taxed, they knew theyíd have a Revolution every four or five years, so they gave them this thing called democracy, and carried on as usual with the some antics.  But the people think, well, weíve got a chance.  We can get these guys out.  And thatís what you do in these countries.  You vote the last lot of politicians out, hoping the next bunch will be better.  And it never is.


Jackie: Well, today, at least here in the US, and I donít know how many countries are using the computer voting machines.


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Jackie: In the US today, voting is actually futile.  I mean, because your vote could be changed.


Alan: It always was though.


Jackie: Not always, not this easy.


Alan: Well, Iíll tell you, what I found strange, I only went to a voting office once, and that was because someone told me to meet them there.  Iím proud to say, Iíve never voted for anything or anybody in my life.  I was never fooled.  But I went to this one, in Ontario here, to meet someone, and every woman that was counting the votes in that office had an Eastern Star Badge on.  Thatís no coincidence.  You know, and Stalin himself, said, I donít care.


Jackie: They werenít counted right in the public, at the voting precinct itself?


Alan: Yeah, yeah.


Jackie: They werenít?


Alan: Oh, they were counted in there, but all the staff there that were in charge of all the boxes and in the counting were all these women with Eastern Star Badges on.


Jackie: And the public wasnít allowed in, while the counting was going.


Alan: No, no.  And Stalin himself said, I donít care who votes for whom, he says.  He says, thatís irrelevant.  He says, I only care about the one that counts them.  Yeah, so, yeah.  So, itís a con game.  It always was. 


Jackie: What I wanted to say before we got on that subject and back off it again, when we were talking about it being our responsibility at least to inform people.  My sis and I went grocery shopping the other day, and stopped and had lunch, and she accidentally put aspartame, or I think it was that, it might have been Splenda, in her coffee cup, and she took a sip and she said, whoa.  So, she asked the waitress if she could please have another cup, and it was a new cup of coffee.  And she says, oh, thatís great.  I use that.  Iíll drink it myself.  And she started walking away.  And I said, ďWas it Splenda you put in your coffee?Ē  ďYeah.Ē  And I said, ďNo Splenda, no Splenda.Ē as she was walking away, and she turned around.  And she said, ďNo Splenda?Ē  And I said, ďNo.Ē  So she came back.  And she asked me about it.  And I said, ďNo.  Itís a real bad move, any of the artificial sweeteners.  I said, just do a search on your search engine for Splenda; asked her if she had a computer.  I said, just do a search for Splenda and you will find out about it.  And she said, ďThank you.Ē  And that was the end of it.  And I mean, she meant it, Alan.  She wasnít just, oh, Iím a customer, so humor me.  She was very appreciative to hear that.  She had no idea.  It took about three minutes.  And anything like that.


Alan: Oh, yeah.  You canít really stop yourself.  I mean, I canít.  Yeah.


Jackie: You canít?


Alan: Yeah.  And thereís so many opportunities. 


Jackie: Every time somebody says something, itís an opening isnít it?


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: It really is.  And then, then there comes a time when you just have to gulp, because everything they say is an opening.  Everything they say.  But when it comes to, when it comes to things like that, itís so, itís killing.  Itís killing.  Itís our responsibility to say it.  Whether they listen or not, it is of course to be their own responsibility.  And you know, I may have said this already.  I may have said it on the air.  But this thought has been in my mind.  If I knew Alan, when I was a young woman.  If I knew what this world was like, I donít think I would have ever brought children into the world.  Alan, I mean that.


Alan: Well, I decided that before I had a woman.  (Chuckle)  Yeah.  I knew it then.  Yeah.


Jackie: You knew it, but I didnít.  And then I think to myself, well you know what, who are we to say whoís to be here?  Because there are people who come up.  And I read some, in fact, I wanted to use it tonight as our spiritual message.  It was spiritual I guess in a sense.  But, basically what it said was that something about today there are so few that are doing so much for so many.  But it had to do with the people who are awake and who are waking up.


Alan: Mm, hmm.  Yeah, because we are at a crucial time.  In the past, it wasnít so urgent.  It was always there, boiling away, simmering away, but now itís urgent, because we know, theyíve published so much on their scientific data.  Theyíve had so many world meetings of scientists of what to do with the public, the type of public they wish to have in the very, very near future.  And we know itís a robotic type society.  So, thatís why itís so urgent now, you see.  Yeah.  Because those who are growing up now are the ones who are going to go through the biggest changes thatís ever been seen here for probably thousands of years.  Yeah. 


Jackie: Do you think this is the end of an age?


Alan: Oh, it is the end of an age.  Thereís no doubt, yeah.


Jackie: Well, I mean, itís the end of the Age of Pisces andÖ


Alan: Yeah.  And with that.


Jackie: Do they? No, but, I want to ask you a question.  They refer to that as an Age?


Alan: Yes.  To them, itís the period of time, in every age, in every age their have their agenda scheduled out.


Jackie: So, is that every twenty some hundred years?


Alan: Yeah, itís over twenty-five and a half thousand, really in a sense.  Now, they knew, if you notice, history went along with the usual conquering stuff, the building up of empires in the traditional fashion, with the backing of the money lenders and the taxations of the conquered people.  It went on quite the same, and so did agriculture and so on, until about the 1500s.  And it was in the 1500s, as though an alarm bell went off.  Suddenly there was this explosion of Rosicrucianism throughout Europe.  And it was always Rosicrucians in amongst around the Royal Families, the advisors and so on.  And they were into the sciences.  Suddenly science was very important to them, because they knew though, it had only about five hundred years left to complete the mission that through science they would conquer all or finish off the period for the age.  And thatís why theyíve had this tremendous rush since the 1500s. 


Jackie: So, youíre saying, according to them, an Age is a full cycle of the zodiacal ages.


Alan: Itís called the Great Zodiac, yeah.


Jackie: The Great Zodiac, because according to, you know, what Iíve read, and I think weíve talked about it, during the time when Jesus was here, thatís why they, the sign of the fish, Aquarius.  And that was about 2000 years ago.  So, isnít each of those inner ages about twenty some hundred years? 


Alan: Yeah.  So, thatís really what it is.  Itís broken down.  Now, within the Great Cycle, one particular sign predominates, just as you do in the annular cycle.  And so, they have all the mini ones in-between them. So, at the end of the age, technically, weíre going into, this is Aquarius.  And theyíve been arguing about the exact moment of reaching Aquarius, for the last 60 years.  Yeah.  And the Theosophy Society came out with different debates on this.  Yeah.


Jackie: So, in this Age, this Great Age, thereís one particular sign predominant? 


Alan: Thatís Aquarius, the Water Bearer. 


Jackie: I mean, the Great Age, the whole 25,000 years.


Alan: They do, they do have a sort of symbol for it, occultic symbol.  Some of them have different occultic symbols to confuse it all, because, they claim that every, and I really, I truly believe this, because, if you were to study, supposing the so-called civilization as they call it.  Letís take the standard nonsense weíre fed here.  Life begins at Sumer, or civilization begins at Sumer.  Thatís nonsense.  Sumer came on the scene fully fledged as a system, with its money form, with its even, receipts.  You could get a baked clay receipt at the market within 15 minutes.  Theyíve found millions of them.  And they have all these priesthoods that acted as bureaucrats in governmental departments, you might say, governing all trade, domestic and foreign.


Jackie: How could a humungous, was Sumer a city? 


Alan: It was both city and cities.  Some of them include Maree to the Northwest, as part of the whole Sumer area.  It was really Akadia they called it, the whole area.  Akadia.


Jackie: Could you spell that?


Alan: Some of them use K, A-K-A-D-I-A.


Jackie: Akadia, A-K, okay.


Alan: Other ones use the C, but itís up to the person.


Jackie: But how in the world, out of almost nowhere, how did they gather, this many people. 


Alan: Well, we know they came down from the Highland areas to the Northeast of them, and they brought the seed with them, which meant there was a previous agricultural civilization existing to have the seed.  You see, nomadic peoples donít keep seed and plan.  Theyíre always on the move.  So, these people came from the mountainous areas, and brought this system with them.  So they had to have gotten it not only from a previous age.  Now, to knock out the nonsense that we just sort of evolved from there, piecemeal by good luck or whatever, hereís the clue.  They knew astronomy inside out, even at the beginning of Sumer.  Now, if you were to follow all of the stars.


Jackie: Even fifteen hundred years ago.


Alan: Yeah, even if you followed all the stars, and all the planets, and the risings and settings, and the different comets that come and go, etc, to get one great year, youíd have to have studied it for twenty five and a half thousand years already to be sure it would happen exactly the same way again.  You see what Iím saying?  If you just watched it one time around, you couldnít be certain it was going to come in the same sequence again.  So, man is far, far older, with knowledge, intellect, methods of obviously translating this, or putting this information down and teaching it to others.  To have had that extreme knowledge at the beginning of Sumer.  So, thatís the key to that.  Weíre not supposed to know.  So, getting back to what weíre saying here.  They plan the ages.  Now, the mini-ages are with each two thousand, itís over two thousand years, again another sign will predominate.  So, youíll have within the Great Zodiac, you had Pisces for the time of Jesus.  The fish was the symbol, long before the cross, and even after the cross it was used for two hundred years before the cross was officially made the Christian symbol.  And they had the two thousand years mapped out.  In other words, their goal was mapped out at the beginning. 


Jackie: What do you know about the giants that were here?


Alan: I donít go along with all of that.


Jackie: Iíve been reading some stuff.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: One of the things came from Ohio, and they actually, they actually showed the reports.  You know how the little town halls or the county seats that we have now, where their records were kept.  This was maybe 1800 and some time.  They dug up; they found all kinds of bones.  And this was reported and it was recorded in the public records.  And these people were eight, nine, ten feet tall, large, and they had double rows of teeth.  They showed jaws in them, Alan.  And then, evidently there are some of the American Indians that were here before us.  I donít know, why do we call them Indians, because.


Alan: Oh, itís a Masonic con game, yeah.


Jackie: Right.  Because, they said they thought he landed on India.


Alan: I know, I know.  Itís a Masonic con game, yeah.


Jackie: What kind of words to say for those people.  But anyway, but in their lore, a lot of them said that there were giants here before they were here.  And the one story, of course, itís oral history, so we know where thereís smoke thereís fire, and I suppose it changes down through the years, but there were red bearded ones and black bearded ones.  And then it reminded me of when we had talked about those red-haired people, you know, like in Egypt, the Pharaohs, and then over there in China.


Alan: And even the heads of kings and queens for Sumer.  We knew they wore black wigs, because they found them in their graves.


Jackie: They were redheaded too.  Well, that reminded me of that, but Iím not so sure, Alan, that there werenít a very large race of people here at one time.


Alan: Itís possible that youíll have aberrations, even within groups.  We still have different aberrations in some African tribes, where they all had six toes, for instance, the whole tribe, every member.  And fingers as well.  So, youíll get these things happening within peoples who interbreed intensively, if thereís already a dominant gene there.  It will get passed on.  And theyíll start losing it, if they start breeding out, you see.


Jackie: Well, Iím going to, Iíd like to look into this further, Iíve found it very fascinating. 


Alan: And the problem with the 1800s, I mean, I know, in the 1800s, there was so many, there was so much going on, there was an awful lot of con games going on in the 1800s too, in the US, and thatís when P.T. Barnum took over, because someone came out and claimed they had found a giant, and they put it on display or something, and then it was stolen.  So, he, or some of his friends came up with one, they made it themselves and claimed it was the real thing, and they toured the whole of the US with it for a few years.  And then admitted it was a fake.  So, there was so much nonsense going on at the time, itís hard to tell, because we werenít there, really you know.


Jackie: I know, well, we werenít there for any of this.


Alan: Yeah, yeah.  So, really we just donít know.


Jackie: I just wondered. 


Alan: And I donít know if theyíve even, if theyíve, if they still had, and even then, after the Piltdown Man that was taught that it was taught as fact, and people had thesis for their universities, and they passed it on this whole Piltdown Man nonsense.


Jackie: What was the Piltdown Man?


Alan: Well, they had it on display to try and prove it was a missing link for evolution, to try and prove.  And then it came out, after years and years on display and taught in every school across the world as a fact, when they eventually did test it, the jaw was that of a pig stuck onto a gorillaís skull.  So, they do these cons in history in a big way.  And itís always the bigger the con the more gullible the people are.  Itís a sad truth, you know.  Itís a sad, sad truth.


Jackie: Were the, the American Indians werenít real small people, were they?


Alan: Oh, some of them were pretty tall, especially up here in Canada.


Jackie: So, see, weíre looking at a different race once again.  What brought that to my mind is weíre talking today about Valley Forge, and I said it was so fascinating to go there, and look in those little cabins, the bunks that they slept it.  It was something that I would have been comfortable in, Alan.


Alan: Well, if you look at a lot of the old buildings across Europe, the people lived in, not only that, go into the castles, thatís what hit me when I was really young.  I went off to explore the castles.  And the regular guards, the armies had breastplates that wouldnít have fit me at thirteen or twelve.


Jackie: Okay, there you go.


Alan: Because, and the normal people you see were starved.  They werenít getting proper diets.  That was the reason for it.  See, you can make people stunted in growth by malnourishment.  And thatís why the nobility grew to their full height.


Jackie: Well, Iím talking though about these people that were here in the US, America, back in the 1700s, and they were meat eaters, Alan.  They were small; they were short.  I remember at the island in Michigan, Mackinaw Island, thereís a fort there.  And we went there to see the fort.  And they said that one of the reasons that they wore those really tall hats was to make them look more frightening.


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Jackie: Because they were shorter.  The average was about 5í3Ē, 5í4Ē maybe.  Well, so, men today are larger.  But the point that I was thinking about was that at that same time, it seemed to be the European whites that were smaller, shorter.  The American Indians were here, and they were of an average or taller height at the time.  So, it seems that from those four hundred years that the males are taller today.


Alan: Everyone is.  You see, when you come from Europe, I was astonished to look at the size of people male and female.  The young people.


Jackie: Is it small or big?


Alan: Big.  Around the 6 feet mark and so on.  And then I caught on to what was the cause.  Thereís a cause for it, because the US allowed the growth hormone in food long before they did in Europe.  And that hormone is not destroyed by cooking.  Itís in all the meat products.  And thatís, it makes you grow, itís meant to make the cattle grow.  Yeah.  Thatís the cause of it, yeah.  But in World War I.


Jackie: Iím not so sure about that.


Alan: Itís a fact.  Check it up.  You donít destroy hormones by boiling them.


Jackie: That growth hormone, from what I read about, they gave it to people a few weeks before market, to fatten them up.


Alan: Thatís what they claim.


Jackie: Yeah.  You now have to look that up too.


Alan: But hereís the thing, with Britain for instance.  They found in World War I, the average soldier that came in, and they were all malnourished, they had the worst terrible diet.  They averaged around the age of eighteen they were around 5í2Ē tall.  And within four months of having army food, the best meals theyíd ever had in their life, the average person sprouted six inches in four month.


Jackie: Weíre out of our hour.


Alan: Yeah.


Jackie: Okay, thanks folks.  Turn into Darren Monday night for sure, and find out more about the vaccine we were talking about earlier.  Alan, thanks.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Jackie: Thanks for listening folks.  Good Night.  God Bless you.





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