‘Dehumanize the enemy’ - Alan Watt



From a listener

Mon 10 May 2021



'Finding arms'        'Shots into arms'       'Finding an arm for every shot'  


 I wonder how many (sadly, more like how few) are picking up on this mantra being repeated.  How many people are getting creeped out by this phrase.


That of ‘Finding arms’. ‘Putting shots into arms’, etc. I’ve heard it way too many times for my liking. They threw it out there and all the little children in MSM are repeating it like usual.   


 ‘We shall win by slogans.’ – Lenin             


 It’s not putting some unknown, experimental ( or not … ) dose of God knows what into another fellow human being.  Without a clue as to what will happen to them.  What are You injecting into them?


What are You a party to - on another human being -?  Knowing full well they could die or suffer horribly from it.  Can You live with that on your conscience?


           No, no, no.          It’s an ‘arm’ that you are putting that dose into.  The same dose, mind you, regardless of whether the person is 100lbs or 400lbs.  And we’re told to celebrate and worship some of these people as ‘heroes’.



Alan has taught us many times about war propaganda ‘dehumanizing the enemy’.  ‘The Hun’  ‘Japs’  ‘Ivan’  ‘Gooks’   


Dehumanize them and increase the hit percentage.  Video games are part of the conditioning to take that natural hesitation to kill another human being out of the mind.


‘You’ve gotta understand that a War was declared on You a long time ago.’ –Alan Watt


 I owe Alan a debt I could never hope to repay.  Thank You, My Friend.



--A listener



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