Reflecting on

Alan Watt’s Blurb “Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time”



This little blurb is a meditative gem, from the music that Alan chose to put with it, to the long pauses in many places. It takes the careful listener on the most amazing journey;

the journey of our soul’s quest for purpose and meaning.


There is sorrow that many “songs” have been lost, that we are enslaved by an ancient control system that has literally robbed us of our lives, of what it means to be human.

Alan reminds us again of the techniques of propaganda and how fear and constant crises keep us bound to our controllers.


But he doesn’t stay with the tragedy of our stolen lives and lost potential. Alan illustrates how each of us can regain our humanity and find our song –-- our lives.

Death comes to us all. Life is precious and it is meant to be lived.


His story of the beaver is simple and brilliant. The beaver is not overwhelmed by his task. He doesn’t ask other beavers to help him chop the tree down. He doesn’t look for confirmation or applause. He chips away until the job is done.


Alan says:  “When you realize that there is a real war going on, then everything else comes second or even third place...then you start putting your life into something

that’s real and worthwhile.”