Sept. 7, 2009 (#402)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 7, 2009:

You Have to Hate the New Mandate:

"New World Order sings New Song,
Doesn't Want Us to Live Too Long,
Now Told This Concoction for the Flu
Has Live Cancer Viruses Just for You,
This New Song for World Congregation
Is All About Depopulation,
This Human Species is Rather Sorry
When it Cares Not What's Stuck in the Body"
© Alan Watt Sept. 7, 2009


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 7, 2009 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 7th 2009.  For newcomers, look in to web site.  You’ll see the others sites I have up there for emergencies.  Bookmark them for future use in case the big sites go down again.  That way you’ll have somewhere to get the latest audios from.  [sites listed above]  There’s also  This last site has all the same audios plus it has the advantage of having a lot of transcripts written of these audios for print up and they’re written in the various languages of Europe. 


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Once again, the people of the planet are grazing into this new world order and adapting, as Skinner would call it, adapting along the way to every change that comes along… until very shortly, they’ll have no memory of how life was before 9/11/2001.  Certainly the children who are brought up now under, basically, a martial law scenario will think it’s quite natural – they’ve already gone through being patted down at schools and going through motion detectors and metal detectors and all this stuff.  So this brave new world of totalitarianism is quite natural to them.  Plus they’ve all been trained that you don’t need privacy anyway.  They LIKE putting up everything on Facebook and so on.  Exactly what tyrants have looked for, for thousands of years, how to gather TOTAL information on EVERY single person at all times.  That was part of the Stasi’s motto, you know.  They were the shield and the sword of the party.  The Stasi said they had to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.  And here they are putting it all up for free… all up for free.  Amazing eh?  And the people just adapt and adapt into this new Plato’s cave where they’ll still think they’re free, as they bend over for every uniformed guard that comes along.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I always think back when I read different reports and newspapers, where things creep out there and they try to play it down, downplay it, into something of insignificance.  Where they tell the herd, ‘don’t worry about this; this will never happen, it will never be used’.  I always think of Arnold Toynbee. 


Arnold Toynbee, there were two of them, a father and a son.  They both had professorships at Oxford University.  They ran the Rhodes Scholarships basically.  They taught the Rhodes scholars for international, new world order status and sent them all over the planet where doors just opened automatically and they became heads of different countries… or at least heads of the bureaucracies if nothing else.  Bill Clinton was one and others have been before him.  There’s lots of them in the Canadian Civil Service and in government.  There’s lots of them in every other country now.  They’re not just in the British or English speaking countries.   The world citizenship was an old, old idea. 


Toynbee, in the 1930s, spoke to the International Socialist Workers Movement.  I think it was held in Denmark at the time.  These characters, these elitist characters at the very top… and they are elitist, like communism was run by elitists at the top as part of socialism.  It’s just a different way of getting there faster.  Toynbee said - in true Fabian style because he was also a member of the Fabian Society and the Royal Institute for International Affairs - “we always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands“.  That’s how simple it is to con the public.  Well, we know this document says this but don’t worry about it; don’t worry, nothing will happen; it will never be used.  That kind of stuff.  They’ve always done that all down through politics from his day onwards as they keep the herd nice and placid and tell us to graze.


People have been talking, for instance, about the quarantines coming up for these mandatory inoculations.  Now, if you go in to the World Health Organization’s web site, you’ll see that at their 2006 meeting they wanted the whole world to have governments force the populations into taking flu shots regularly.  Mandating IT by law.  They wanted it kicked off with a scary scenario.  Then lo and behold, we find out in 2007, GlaxoSmithKline Corporation that has the patents on this green monkey disease, swine flu thing.  In 2007 they had the patent for it, BEFORE IT BROKE OUT in 2009.  Which tells you that this was one their little tests that the World Health Organization ADMITS to leaking out.  I read this on the air last week.  They admit to leaking out live viruses of what they call more milder flues to track how it moves in society and how the public respond to it and so on.  They call it ‘mock-ups’ but they’re live viruses.  They say themselves these live viruses might just mutate from person to person into a more deadly strain.  That’s how they practice on the public.  All it tells you is everything has been set up for future events - that’s what I’m telling you here - with the collusion of these characters because under the new world order we’re the peasants.  We’re being taught to accept.  Most folk unfortunately do accept they’re just peasants now.  Lots of folk like socialism.  It gives them time to play while weightier matters are dealt with by experts above them, faceless unknown people to them.  That lets them play, you see.


That’s one thing they wanted the people to do for a long time, was to get them OUT of even watching and following the political arena and just leave it to the experts.  That’s what the new world order is all about.  They tell you to jump and you jump.  You do.  That’s what it’s all about.  Very, very simple.  An ordered society where people will be told what you’re going to work at.  You’ll be told IF you can breed because of your good or bad genes.  Eventually, once medicine comes in… medicine is now an authority.  As Lenin said, they’d bring up all these services that would eventually become AUTHORITIES.  Now they are brought up to full power.  They speak with authority, with government backing. 


They start, maybe, with your body.  Right down to who has the right of your corpse even, or your organs and then they come along and say what they’re going to stick in to your body… and you adapt again like Skinner says.  You adapt and adapt and adapt into a cage.  Eventually, it’s going to be adaptation into sterilization.  And we’ll all accept it… because we’ll read all this, there’ll massive amounts of programs on television, documentaries by the experts and ‘we can’t go on like this; there’s too many inferior types being born and too many people are going to get born with asthma and allergies and things and they’ll cost; they’ll be a burden on society.’  And they’ll adapt and adapt into that.  I can see it all because people DO adapt.


They don’t stand up and say ENOUGH.  They don’t stand up and say, ‘look, this tower of Babel has got to be disassembled and we’re going to do it.’  You can’t ASK the perpetrators to do it themselves because they won’t, obviously.  You got to go ahead and do it.  It’s the same with all these town halls and all the rest of it from your local grassroots right up to the top.  It’s time the public walked in and simply fired them all.  Fired them all.  All these agencies that have given themselves government backing status have to be fired along with them.  You see, it’s either us or them.  I’m not kidding about that.  It’s down to us or them. 


They have a mandate.  They know what their mandates are.  We’ve seen Agenda 2000.  We’ve seen the Millennium Report from the United Nations and the greening reports and all the rest of it, sustainability reports.  They want everyone crowded into already overcrowded cities for the next 30 years as they bring the populations down.  They want all the rural people off the land.  That’s IN their United Nations reports.  They know where they’re going, while the public play.  That’s all they do… play all the time.  These characters are moving steadily ahead and everyone else is just saying, ‘Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  I don’t want to hear about it.  It’s unpleasant.  It’s negative.  Tell me something positive.’  That’s all the new agers, you see.  They’ve been trained that way.


We’ve all heard about the quarantine stuff coming down and how government denied it.  Just like, as I said earlier on, we always deny with our mouths that which we do with our hands.  Of course, we know darned well they were building quarantine facilities for a long time.  This is the Iowa Independent. 



Health officials: Iowa quarantine document not cause for concern

By Lynda Waddington 9/1/09 12:13 PM


A quarantine template created by the Iowa Department of Public Health and accessible through the Centers for Disease Control Web site (Alan:  I’ve check both of them out and it’s up there on the CDC’s web site.) should not be of great concern, according to a press release from health department officials.


“IDPH wants to make it clear that Iowa has not issued any isolation and quarantine orders for novel influenza A (H1N1), and has no plans to issue any this fall,” officials wrote in the press release.  (A:  You know we don’t even need names now.  We just need officials or experts and that’s good enough.  We’re trained.  Bertrand Russell was right.  They’ve trained us in to this.)


Many public health departments prepare such templates “in preparation for public health emergencies,” the agency said, but “isolation and quarantine orders are only very rarely used in very specific situations.”  (A:  Double-speak, you see.)


Questions regarding the quarantine template should be directed to the Center for Acute Epidemiology within the Iowa Department of Public Health, 1-800-362-2736.


The template, which, as expected, contains several fill-in-the-blank information areas, is dated May 1, 2009 and reads as follows:




[full form]


DIRECTED TO: [insert full name and address of subject of order] (A:  You’re now subjects, you see, if they say they’re going to quarantine.  You’re a subject.  That’s how it was in the British Empire, you’re a subject of the Queen.  Not person anymore, you’re a subject.)


[insert case #]




The Iowa Department of Public Health (Department) has determined that you have had contact with a person with Novel Influenza A H1N1. Novel Influenza A H1N1 is a disease which is spread from person to person and is associated with fever (greater than 100.0 F), cough, sore throat, rhinorrhea (runny nose), nasal congestion, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Novel Influenza A H1N1 presents a risk of serious harm to public health and if it spreads in the community severe public health consequences may result.


The Department has determined that it is necessary to quarantine your movement to a specific facility to prevent further spread of this disease. The Department has determined that quarantine in your home and other less restrictive alternatives are not acceptable because [insert the reason home quarantine is not acceptable, the person violated a previously issued home quarantine order (A:  Like they don’t trust you or whatever.), the person does not have an appropriate home setting conducive to home quarantine, etc. ] The Department is therefore ordering you to comply with the following provisions during the entire period of quarantine:


1. Terms of confinement. You are ordered to remain at the quarantine facility, _____________________ [insert name and address of facility], from ___________ to ____________ [insert dates of quarantine].


2. Requirements during confinement. During the period of quarantine:


a. You must not leave the quarantine facility at any time unless you have received prior written authorization from the Department to do so.

b. You must not come into contact with anyone except the following persons:

(i) other persons who are also under similar quarantine order at the quarantine facility;

(ii) authorized healthcare providers and other staff at the quarantine facility;

(iii) authorized Department staff or other persons acting on behalf of the Department; and

(iv) such other persons as are authorized by the Department.


(A:  So they do exist but they don’t really intend to use them.  I’ll be back with more after this break.)


This is Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Talking about the way that they always lie to the public, basically.  That’s all they have to do is spread their hands out and say, ‘oh, don’t be silly; don’t be silly children; we’d never do that,’ and then they go ahead and do it, of course.  Strangely enough, people will actually see them doing it and still deny they’re doing it because they’ve been told they’re not doing it.  That’s a strange thing, double-think.  Orwell explained that very well.  From there, from the Iowa Independent to Global Research.  It carries on with the same story. 


H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Iowa Contemplates "Forced Confinement" in a "Quarantine Facility"

By Michel Chossudovsky  /  Global Research, September 4, 2009


The last statement of the IDPH is notoriously ambiguous: If indeed isolation and quarantine orders are rarely used, why then was a template prepared which explicitly contemplates an ORDER pertaining to a QUARANTINE FACILITY? Moreover, the template was issued on (A:  listen to this…) May 1st, at the very outset of the H1N1 swine flu crisis in Mexico, barely two days after the WHO declared a level 5 pandemic advisory on April 29th. 


It was all ready to go.  Why is it all ready to go?  Because they want to get us used to this sort of idea… of getting rounded up and put into these places, etc.  This is the new world order.  The new world order is VASTLY different from the old one.  You train… you see, you use SCIENCE to train the public. Scientific dictatorship, as Aldous Huxley called it.  EXPERTS are in charge, you see, of the new world order, NOT any republican idea or democracy idea where people have a say in things.  We’re all to do what we’re told.  The same way as the Soviets.  This is the upgraded soviet system, the new world order.  Designed by the West, the very rich men of the West, and to be implemented worldwide and that’s what they’re doing.  That’s what the new world order is.  The age of enlightenment and reason, you see, where those who’ve got the REASON - the ultra elites - have the right to rule you… and tell you what to do.  You simply jump and obey.  That’s your only job and only duty, JUMP and OBEY.  It says here…


Are we playing on words?


The template already contains the essential features of a formal QUARANTINE ORDER, which suggests that quarantine procedures are contemplated within the Iowa Department of Public Health. The result of these procedures have led to the formulation of the blank template. 


The issue, therefore, is not whether a quarantine order has been activated. The issue is


1) the State of Iowa has contemplated a policy of "forced confinement",  (A:  That’s what it is.)


2) at some future date, in the next few months, the blank template entitled FACILITY QUARANTINE ORDER could be activated with a view to actually implementing the quarantine precedures.   (A:  By the way, every other state will have the same, because it’s from the CDC.  I’ll put the links up for the CDC web site as well, where they also explain this.)


Also of significance is the fact that this template entitled FACILITY QUARANTINE ORDER has been endorsed by the Atlanta based Center for Disease Control (CDC) (A:  They don’t just do it for one state, you see.), which has published the document on its website.  The CDC is the main federal agency responsible for H1N1 pandemic preparedness in coordination with other governmental agencies including FEMA, Homeland Security, State and municipal governments, as well as in liaison with the WHO.  (A:  Which is at the top.  So isn’t that interesting?  …that they declared this back on May the 1st, to get the template to get made at the very outset of the H1N1 swine flu crisis in Mexico, barely two days after the WHO declared a level 5 pandemic advisory on April 29th.)


(A:  Now, WHY would this be so quick and fast?  As I say, at the 2006 meeting of the World Health Organization - who’ve been chomping at the bit to take their rightful place as THE authority over the world in matters of health - they want everyone on the planet to start to get used to taking annual shots of all different kinds right through your life.  They said if we just kick it off with one of them that were mandated, they could train the public to go along with the rest.  That’s why they had the template issued on May 1st.  That’s why GlaxoSmithKline had the patent for this thing before the swine flu broke out.  Why did they have that?  They obviously were the ones that the World Health Organization used to put out this calmed-down, timid flu, as they call it.  These little exercises they do by releasing it into the population to follow up how it tracks.  That’s why there was already a vaccine made for it.  That’s why.  Simple isn’t it.  Very, very simple.)


Once again, about the flu, here’s Reuters and they’re on about the flu drugs.


Flu drugs inappropriate for healthy adults: study

Sat Aug 22, 2009


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza may not be worthwhile to treat seasonal influenza in healthy adults, British researchers reported on Friday.


"Recommending the use of antiviral drugs for the treatment of people presenting with symptoms is unlikely to be the most appropriate course of action," wrote Jane Burch of the University of York and colleagues.


Their study, published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, supports an advisory from the World Health Organization that says healthy patients who get H1N1 swine flu without suffering complications do not need to be treated with antivirals.


But by God, they’ve made billions off the hype in the media.  Ho, oh, haven’t they?  Oh boy, these big fatsos are getting fatter.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  What’s the matrix anyway?  The matrix really is just the reality that’s been presented to you, and you’ve swallowed through scientific indoctrination, that’s been augmented and bolstered daily by indoctrination from media, newspapers and even from your entertainment.  Big one, in fact, is entertainment.  You don’t realize you’re being brain-washed into political correctness.  The whole idea of the Soviet system was political correctness.  That’s where we get the term from.  Today, there’s so many politically incorrect things you can be hammered for saying, you can’t really speak honestly anymore or even innocently anymore without them coming down you.  That IS the Soviet system. 


The exact same one that Normal Dodd talked about when he was doing the Reece inquiry into why the big foundations - the Rockefellers, etc, the globalists - were funding all the left wing movements that appeared to be communistic.  They were told that it was because eventually they’d merge the two systems together.  An upgraded, more high-tech kind of Soviet system.  The New Soviet.  That’s what the world is.  That’s also the collectivist system.  It’s called different names.  Same thing that the Club of Rome advocated.  Democracy was simply too time wasting.  They couldn’t get their agendas fulfilled because people would argue with them about it, therefore they chose collectivism which is a top-down thing.  You just get guys at the top who know the agenda and the peasants beneath them all obey.  Then in between, you have MASSIVE bureaucracies of organizations that didn’t used to belong to government but now they have governmental authority.  THAT’S what you’re under today. 


That’s why every government on the planet since 9/11 suddenly brought all the different experts on board.  They’re UNELECTED.  They’re all appointed for all these NEW positions, like the Science Czars, Medial Czars, even the Greenie Czars to do with the greening and Sustainability Czars and Carbon Tax Czars.  They’re not calling them Czars in the media by coincidence.  THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR THE PUBLIC.  This is HOW they communicate to each other with their little jokes.  It truly is the upgraded, Sovietized system.  IT’S HERE, IN PLACE AND IT MEANS BUSINESS. 


That’s what the massive response after 9/11 was all about, to get this all introduced.   The machinery has all been set up.  We’ve all to be turned into little slaves to save the world and serve the world according to the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Because THAT’S been it’s motto all along.  A WORLD OF SERVICE.  Everyone will be in SERVICE, you see.  Meaning:  A SLAVE.  That’s what it means.  They will call it a utopia once it’s all finished and they’ve got rid of all the inferior types.  Eugenics REALLY is at the top of the tree here.  They’re going to do preventive eugenics which means they will literally, by taking samples of your DNA, decide if that child should be aborted because down the road it might develop this, that or the other… maybe.  That’s where they’re going.  They’re getting you now used to the fact that your body does not belong to you. 


Step by step it all works out perfectly in the end.  You see, you’re actually attacked from different sources without it coming clean out in any ONE source as to where they’re going with it.  However, subconsciously, your brain takes it in and then when they go forward with what they’re really after, you accept it.  Here is from  Right here again, it says here…


Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent

(A:  CZAR, CZAR… that comes from the Soviet system. 

And what is a REGULATION CZAR?)

Friday, September 04, 2009  /  By Matt Cover  /


Cass Sunstein (A:  hmm…) speaking at Harvard Law School. (Photo: Matthew W. Hutchins, Harvard Law Record.)


( – Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) (A:  That’s just like Britain who had a Department of Information in wartime as well.  That’s where they told you all the lies and propaganda.  So he’s the head of Information and Regulatory Affairs), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.


Under such a policy, hospitals would harvest organs from people who never gave permission for this to be done. 


Outlined in the 2008 book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” (A:  That’s a good statement there.  Health, Wealth and Happiness.  See, you’ve got to be stinking rich to get a transplant these days.  So you’ve got to be very WEALTHY to get your health which makes you happy.  I guess that’s how it works.)  Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation.  (A:  They don’t like this in the new world order where you can make decisions.  It’s so untidy when you make decisions.  And here you are with all these mandates, you see, and they can’t get the mandates done because you still have some rights to make decisions.  I’ll read that last part again for the hard of thinking.  Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation.  Oh, what a nuisance, eh?)


Sunstein and Thaler pointed out that doctors often must ask the deceased’s family members whether or not their dead relative would have wanted to donate his organs. These family members usually err on the side of caution and refuse to donate their loved one’s organs.


“The major obstacle to increasing [organ] donations is the need to get the consent of surviving family members,” said Sunstein and Thaler.


This problem could be remedied (A:  I love how they phrase it.)  if governments changed the laws for organ donation, they said. Currently, unless a patient has explicitly chosen to be an organ donor, either on his driver’s license or with a donor card, the doctors assume that the person did not want to donate and therefore do not harvest his organs. Thaler and Sunstein called this “explicit consent.”


They argued that this could be remedied if government turned the law around and assumed that, unless people explicitly choose not to, then they want to donate their organs – a doctrine they call “presumed consent.”  (A:  Oh boy!  These guys certainly must have been studying their holy book in depth to find a way.  Amazing eh?  Isn’t it amazing?)


“Presumed consent preserves freedom of choice, but it is different from explicit consent because it shifts the default rule. Under this policy, all citizens would be presumed to be consenting donors, but they would have the opportunity to register their unwillingness to donate,” they explained.  (A:  So now forget your donor cards.  What you want is a ‘no donate’ tattoo striped somewhere… especially all over your chest where they want to rip you open and take your organs out to keep very, very wealthy people alive.  Or maybe once they’re finished with you, they’ll change that again too and say, ‘so you really want to be hung on the wires with the Chinese corpses?  … after you’ve been soaked in plastic… and put you on exhibit?’  That’s where it’s all going folks.  That’s where it’s all going.  They’re telling us we’re nothing.  We’re just animals, you see… at the bottom level.  We’re just animals.  So that how they’re getting around that and this is where it’s all going.  This is the Czar; they’re calling it a Czar once again.  Something else isn’t it?  Quite something.)


There’s no lack of shocks these days at all, to be honest with you. 


Here’s an article here about swine flu.  Swine flu, this FARCE of a swine flu.  That’s all it is.  It’s Mercola this came  from.  You have to really go down, scroll down quite a ways.  


Another Shocking Warning About Swine Flu Vaccine

Posted by: Dr. Mercola  /  September 08 2009


The swine flu vaccine has been hit by new cancer fears after a German health expert (A:  on the swine flu.)  gave a shocking warning about its safety.


Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals, and some fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells.  (A:  Well, that’s the whole purpose of getting it, dummy.  That’s what they gave the polio shot out for.  And by God, 20-30 years later, everybody who got the shot is coming down with all kinds of cancers.  When will we get it through our thick heads?  What do you think DEPOPULATION means?  ‘Would you please step forward and allow us to annihilate you?’  NO.  It doesn’t work that way.  They go ahead and do it after having world meetings.  They’ve been having them since about 1918.  Can they tell the children what they’re doing?  NO.  All they do is like Toynbee said, we always deny with our lips that which we do with our hands.)


The vaccine can also cause worse side effects than the actual swine flu virus.


(A:  Scrolling down, this goes on to say…)


Vaccine safety advocates everywhere are beginning to make a serious dent. According to a recent Fox News poll, the majority of people in the US now believe the swine flu vaccine may be deadlier than the actual virus(A:  See folks.  There’s hope there yet.  Hope there yet.)


Additionally, there is more good news when it comes to what health care professionals believe. Research published in the August 25 issue of the British Medical Journal reveals that more than half of doctors and nurses in public hospitals would also refuse the H1N1 vaccine, due to concerns about side effects and doubts about its efficacy.


Just last week I reported on the confidential correspondence between the British Health Protection Agency and 600 neurologists, warning them to be on the lookout for cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome once the swine flu vaccine campaign begins.


I’ve published earlier articles about some of the more dangerous ingredients in this vaccine, such as mercury (A:  That’s thimerosal.), and squalene, which has been linked to the development of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  (A:  That’s a fact.  It’s proven fact.  Men never used to get lupus at all until the inoculations really started coming in, in the 50s.  Now we even have juvenile arthritis because they’re all getting squalene in the shots and so on.)


Now, German lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has come out about even more potential health risks associated with the swine flu vaccine. Interestingly, Dr. Wodarg also holds political office, as the chairman of the health committee in the German parliament and European Council.


According to Dr. Wodarg, the swine flu vaccine contains animal cancer cells (A:  This is a top guy speaking.), and there’s no data indicating whether or not this may cause an allergic reaction when injected.  (A:  Never mind the allergic reaction.  I just simply don’t want any cancer cells from monkeys and fetal tissue and all the other concoctions of witches brew they’ve got out there stuck into me.  Common sense if you ask me.)


This is an interesting one.  This is from Spiegel Online.  


'Industrialized Nations Are Facing CO2 Insolvency'

09/04/2009 03:02 PM  /  German Climate Adviser


(A:  Isn’t it amazing.  They create a complete fiction and then tell us we have an insolvency over it.)


In a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the German government's climate protection adviser (A:  Every country’s got these people appointed now to protect the environment.  It’s such a farce, isn’t it?  Such a farce.), argues that drastic measures must be taken in order to prevent a catastrophe. He is proposing the creation of a CO2 budget for every person on the planet, regardless whether they live in Berlin or Beijing.  (A:  I told you.  They’re going to tax you all into the ground.  Every breath you breathe.)


SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Schellnhuber, the goal that is to be set at the climate summit in Copenhagen in December for global warming is to two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels. How can this goal be reached?  (A:  It’s quite simple.  Inject all the people with this cancerous stuff and it will kill half them off… and you’ll achieve your targets.  Have they thought of that, I wonder?)


Schellnhuber: Humankind has to limit itself to emit only fixed amount of carbon into the atmosphere until 2050. (A:  They’ve even got the dates set.  This is amazing.)  The German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU) has conducted an audit to determine which countries should be allowed to emit how much carbon dioxide in order to remain within the two degree limit. The findings are sobering.




Schellnhuber: Because the industrialized nations have already exceeded their quotas (A:  Do you realize that each one of you is already over your quota?) if you take into account past emissions. (A:  So they’re backdating it to the dinosaurs.)  To have a two-in-three chance of reaching that target, we can only emit 750 billion tons between now and 2050. For a three-in-four chance, we can only emit 660 billion tons. If you divide these emissions per person and compare them with the current output you see that Germany, the US and other industrialized nations have either already used up their permissible quota, or will do so within the next few years.


Isn’t this just incredible?  Isn’t it really incredible?  It’s like something out of science fiction they’ve dreamed up.  Or some nightmare that you have and you wake up and say thank God that was just bogus because nothing in it made any sense.  Well, that is what this is.  It’s an UTTER, UTTER con.  This whole carbon stuff is another big battering con to make you buckle under and obey and pay and pay and pay into a new system.  All these carbon taxes go through the Rothschild’s bank in Switzerland.  What a coincidence!  They’ll handle all that cash and make trillions overnight as they switch that money all over the planet.  Amazing.  It’s amazing.  Who would have thought they could have dreamed up such a trick as this?  There’s no, there’s nothing, no length or limits they can’t go to.  Even their whole science is utterly bogus.  Completely, utterly bogus all together.  They know it too.  They know it at the top. 


You see, that’s how the Soviet Union ran.  When they put something into legislation, you HAD TO OBEY AND GO ALONG AND CHAT AS THOUGH IT WAS ALL TRUE.  George Orwell put that in his book, 1984.  See the movie with Richard Burton in it.  No matter how ridiculous the orders were from above, they had to talk about it as though it was all genuine.  And you had to really put on the right expressions on your face to make sure that those who watch you on camera believed that YOU really believed this rubbish that you had to work towards and accomplish.  This is what this is.  This is more sophisticated than the ancient priests of old who told you they were the keepers of the sun.  If you didn’t pay them all your gold and silver, they were not going to pray for that sun to come up in the morning.  This is even more sophisticated than that.  It’s a bag of hot air.  It’s utter rubbish, nonsense.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Zilch.  This is what they’re pushing. 


Only one small clique of scientists at the United Nations, who are PAID to push this communist crap - and that’s what it is - are the ones who keep hyping on about global warming and carbon and etc and etc and the cause.  THIS IS THE MANDATE from the big, rich men of the earthIt’s up to us to throw it all out the window where it belongs.  Take some gas aid, some Rolaids or something.  Get rid of it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  After 9/11 happened, I went on the air and I said that…  I knew the whole agenda was going to get pushed; it was obviously the beginning of a big kickoff for totalitarianism across the planet.  The way that every country went into operation at the same time with the same exact mandate.  I said that the hardest thing you’ll find from now on is keeping a hold of your sanity as we go through the bizarre.  That’s what you’re going through, calculated, psychological bizarreness… scientifically designed, mind you. 


There’s time for a caller and there’s John from Miami there.  Are you there John?


John:  Hello, Alan.  How are you doing?


Alan:  I’m hanging in.


John:  Just calling to let you know, this weekend I went to a concert that my wife wanted to go to.  It was a Depeche Mode concert.  They had this… it was amazing.  Everybody was just dancing on as they came on with the song, A Matter of Time.  In the middle was an all-seeing eye… just looking at everybody and the eyeball was staring at everybody.  It was like a real eye looking at everybody.  Everybody was just dancing around this.  The main thing is, the band was just dancing around this thing.  It was like a sick, perverted kind of dance.  I’m standing there and I’m looking at this.  I can’t believe… there’s no way all these people here are just worshiping this and they’re seeing this eye.  Nobody noticed it.  It was just amazing, that part.  I thought I should let you know about that. 


Alan:  What was the name of the show?


John:  It was a Depeche Mode concert that they had down here.  The song was called A Matter of Time.  When I came home and I actually listened to the song, the lyrics alone are amazing too.  But there was another thing too.  I saw this movie over the weekend also, with my wife, called The Unborn.  There was a part where she was in the bathroom and on the bathroom wall, there was the thing that I’ve heard you say before.  It was an eyeball, an eye, the all-seeing eye, and it said, ‘in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king’. 


Alan:  That’s right.


John:  Again, my wife was like, ‘why do you always see these things?’  I’m like because it’s so amazing, that now I don’t watch as much TV and when I do watch it’s like it’s there.  I can see it.


Alan:  It’s right in your face.  It’s the same with all the logos of all the TV stations and the news services too.  Look at them and you’ll see the peacock there, the different colors and so on, the rainbow coalition, all that stuff.  It’s ALL THE OCCULT stuff.  It’s right in your face.  They did one called River Dance in Toronto.  It started off in Toronto as a musical there as a sort of dancing musical.  I only saw a little bit on TV and they showed you these pyramids in the back.  They were supposed to be in ancient times and where this very white, blond-haired people came from.  It’s all done with a sort of Irish type dancing around it.  They go into the sun coming up over the pyramid and the eyes and the whole… This stuff happens all the time and the public haven’t a clue what they’re watching.


John:  When I was standing there, one thing, I kind of felt like, at that point when I was looking at everybody, and everybody was just dancing and worshiping this thing.  At that point I kind of felt hopeless.  It was like, oh my God, these people, every single person I guarantee you, they don’t know what’s going on. 


Alan:  They don’t.


John:  At the same time I was thinking it’s exactly… we can’t… there’s no way we can fight these people, the new world order… We have to think outside the box. 


Alan:  Outside the box, definitely.  And you’ll find one of the earliest things to see, if you can get a hold of it, is The Magic Flute.  That was written a long time ago and that was in the same Masonic principles, it was all in your face.


That’s it for tonight, folks.  So from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 




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